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Prada L'Homme Intense by Prada

I like this. Something different about it.

Powdery, a strong note of iris, and a charcoal/slate type vibe. Almost metallic at first, with leathery notes, also patchouli and tonka bean developing later.

Rich, dark and luxurious: like the smell of walking into a high end store or boutique. Feels very modern, urban.

Lasts a long time on the skin, and perhaps more for the cooler months of the year.
08th November, 2017

Aramis by Aramis

The trick with Aramis is to apply it very sparingly.

It is less synthetic than many modern fragrances and the complex leathery note that appears in the dry down is long lasting and very appealing.

It smells expensive, and even for those who wouldn't know a base note from a bank note (and I include myself in that) can pick up that the fragrance evolves over time on the skin in a very satisfactory way.

In production for over half a century and always a big seller: the world is not mad, Aramis is indeed something special. A cologne classic that is a masterpiece of its type.
07th November, 2017