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Monocle Scent Two: Laurel by Comme des Garçons

It was difficult to acquire a decant of this in the UK. I had to order from First in Fragrance and pay heavy postage as they are outside the UK. Thank God I did.
It has been compared to French Lover by Frederick Malle and the latter has also been compared to Creed's Spice and Wood. Think of them in that order.
CdG is a rather sour (like really rancid cantaloupe melon) fragrance. It may suit some. It does eventually dry down to something more powdery and gentle and less challenging. French Lover is brilliant in almost every way apart from being slightly too austere, so not for cold days. Creeds Spice and Wood is warmer but not as accomplished as FL but lacks that austerity so suits cold days better.
If you are wanting a nicer CdG fragrance which is similar to this then Hinoki is the one to go for. Still slightly challenging and reminds me of dentists mouth wash and Lawrence Olivier but its likeable. Is it safe?

Fragrance: 2.5/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
04th April, 2018 (last edited: 05th April, 2018)

Heritage Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

This the best Guerlain fragrance I have smelt.
It has the normal depth of the EDT but it's creamier and more subtle and emminently more wearable. Lavender corriander patchouli in the dry down. Could not sense the pepper indeed raising that to the level of awareness would have added to the masculinity. A solid like which may mature to love or fade gracefully.

Fragrance: 3.75/5
Projection: 3.75/5
Longevity: 3.75/5

EDT would be 3/5, 4.5/5, 4/5 respectively.
06th March, 2018

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Hint of citrus in the opening rapidly evaporating.
Smooth warm creamy with a touch of pepper and spicy rose and vanilla. Fairly linear after that. Gets up your nose far less than the EDT therefore far better.
Nice but not love. Reminds me of Ferrari Uomo in the dry down but classier.

Fragrance: 3.25/5
Projection: 3.75/5
Longevity: 4/5
06th March, 2018
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Full Incense by Montale

I don't like the classical ecclesiastical incense fragrances. Most whatever their opening end up transporting their wearer to the bishops enclave at the Vatican during voting time for pope. I would love to find a bright citrus incense but the closest I have come is Heeley's eau du Tigre which nails it for the first half hour before dumping you back amongst the bishops. Now , however , Montale have given us this . Instead of bright citrus we get a subtle baked bergamot which has been given time to cool down and which remains a faithful companion to the incense. Marvellously wearable as the incense by nature of having to co star is slightly more subtle, soothing, reflective and enriching. You can see my reviews. I am usually a heckling skeptic. If you like incense this is a no brainer. I am still looking for a more playful one that has staying power. Any suggestions anyone?
26th February, 2018

The Dreamer by Versace

Starts off potpourri and a bag of sherbets in other words unbearably sugary and fougere. The dry down of course settles a bit but its sweet tobacco although the sweetness does tend to eventually fade only to be replaced by pepper which begins to get up your nose. Lots of pain for little gain. That said I can see the attraction for some.
Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 3.5/5
21st February, 2018

Ferrari Cedar Essence by Ferrari

This is a double thumbs down.
After a mediocre fresh but jarring opening when you are thinking it could go either way in the dry down ie disaster or jackpot it takes a dive.
Think lemon fresh windowlene sprayed on Ikea varnished cedar with potpourri on top. Unfortunately is projects and lasts. Not quite a wash off job but almost.
Enough said.
Uomo is much better -if you must have a Ferrari fragrance- but that's relative only. Even the Neroli is preferable and thats cheap and cheerful but without class.

Fragrance: 1.5/10
Projection: 3/10
Longevity: 3.75/10
17th February, 2018

Ferrari Uomo by Ferrari

There seems to be considerable batch variation if you read the reviews.
I am more on the negative side.
Opens slightly citrusy and woodsy and dries down quickly to woodsy and earthy.
Nice enough. A restrained masculine cologne but projection is very weak. More of a skin scent. If you fall on hard times this is a cheap safe office fragrance.

Fragrance: 2.75/10
Projection: 2/10
Longevity: 3/10
16th February, 2018

Ferrari Bright Neroli by Ferrari

This is a pleasant synthetic neroli with lemon. Quite light and fizzy.
Quite generic though and this is a theme running through the recent Ferrari releases.
In isolation a certain thumbs up. And it lasts.
However, Hermes tres fraiche , Cartier Declaration Eau (and bleu bois) are both more accomplished and classier and the same price. Creed's Neroli Sauvage is the ultimate but is overpriced and has unforgivable longevity issues.

Fragrance: 3.25/5
Projection: 3.75/5
Longevity: 4/5
12th February, 2018

Givenchy Play by Givenchy

Starts off unbearably sweet and peppery then patchouli joins in and sweetness dials down without disappearing and there is some freshness but with paradoxical pepper which keeps on getting up your nose.
Nothing playful about that. To be fair the offensive part dials down leaving you with a peppery sweet fresh fragrance which is not too bad. But what a journey to get there and not very masculine.
Similar but done much better is Dunhills Racing Green which is fresh without being sweet and slightly peppery. Good masculine daily wear and its one my wife came up to me and oooooo d at.

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
08th February, 2018

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

Reluctant thumbs up partly as I really am quite severe in my consumer (as opposed to connoisseur) reviews. A bit too pinstripe and dark suit. Slightly too much pepper and patchouli I can imagine an elderly barrister wearing it as he dusts off his wig. Yet just dial down the spice ever so slightly and this would be a superb masculine fragrance and real breath of fresh air (literally) compared to all those emasculated unisex fragrances plaguing us in this post modernist wave. Creed Viking once you get over the sharp opening gets it spot on. Fresh masculine without needing to lean back too much on spice.
Nope just changed it to neutral. Fair is fair.

Fragrance: 2.75/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 4/5
07th February, 2018

Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Christian Dior

Either my sample is a fake or this is an instantly forgettable faceless fresh aquatic. No depth at all. I will order another sample to be sure.

Fragrance: 3/10
Projection: 3/10
Longevity: 3.5/10

I ordered a second sample from Notino instead of ebay. This one is completely different to the original. It is still fresh but not unbearably soapily so and its depth seems to come from pepper which is almost overdone.
Still don't like it though. Fresh yet gets up your nose with pepper.
06th February, 2018 (last edited: 09th February, 2018)

Loewe 001 Man by Loewe

Agree with the previous.
A fresh sweet linear woody cinammony amber and relatively linear.
As their new scent it really is too non descript and unisex and needlessly so as they also have a women's version of this fragrance. Feminism gone too far as per Jordan Petersen. Wife turned her nose up at it. She also likes me to leave a bit of stuble. The message is clear. Men to be men and women to be women. Same rights but enjoy our differences.

Fragrance: 2.75/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
06th February, 2018

Solo Loewe Cedro by Loewe

This is neutral for me instead of a thumbs up as it could have been so much better. Call it Sport and it would be OK. It is fresh air through a tangerine grove and soapy with a hint of cedar. If it was less soapy and more cedary then it could be a winner, indeed the previous reviewer says this is about the situation with the EDP versus the EDT that I am testing. Interesting. Unfortunately the EDP is a lot harder to get.

Fragrance: 2.9/5--its almost there lets see what the EDP is like
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 3.5/5
06th February, 2018
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Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

What a pleasant surprise after the over rated Life Essence.
This one has a fresh ish spicy opening and settles into Cardamon, woody with a hint of pepper (but only a hint so it does not get up your nose) middle and stays there.
It is nice enough with some depth, but nothing to write home about.
It is a non committal scent. You'd probably wear it where you want to be polite just so without the wish to get particularly close such as meeting an ex or going out with some of your wives less interesting friends or mother-in-law.
As such its not for me as I would never let my standards drop so if I want not to be totally irresistible I would not wear anything at all.
You can see from my ratings that this fragrance just misses the mark. Shame.

Fragrance: 3.25/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 4/5
04th February, 2018

Life Essence by Fendi

A fleeting fresh opening followed by a fougerie peppery middle. Not refreshing, not masculine not feminine just gets up your nose. Fortunately the pepper does settle over time but why should you be grateful for that? So more feminine than masculine. I am trying to find it a place.
Perhaps for the very young on dance night who want to give the impression that they know how not to over cologne themselves but fail. Phew.

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 4/5
01st February, 2018

Musgo Real No. 1 Orange Amber by Claus Porto

A lovely bitter citrus opening as fleeting as mist then just a damp citrus smell with a touch of pepper. I don't want to smell like damp scented tissue. That's not even a clean smell. So Hermes tres fraiche beater sadly it is not.
The only Musgo cologne of the whole lot (Oakmoss, Orangeamber, Limebasil, Classic) which does what it says it does ie is fresh is the Oakmoss but you have to let it settle down for 30 mins otherwise its too artificial .
The best smell by far is the Classic Shave Cream. Why couldn't Musgo just replicate that in a Cologne? They would have a real hit.

Fragrance: 2.5/5
Projection: 2.5/5
Longevity: 3/5
01st February, 2018

Oud Palao by Diptyque

I don't like Oud. Hammams and sand dunes just don't go with every day life for me. If I want that I will jump on Emirates and go and visit the Al Maha resort get sprayed with it in the spa and and rent a Nissan Patrol or Mitsubishi Pajero and rumble off into the desert or go sit in the bar at the Burj Khalifa and smell it on everyone there as they get hunted down by the Russian prostitutes. Or indeed do the same in the jacuzzi at the Jumeirah Carlton Towers here in London.
But this is a comforting moorish yet subtle Oud with a paradox of freshness lifting it and preventing it from becoming cloying and turning it into a real treat.Not quite dry as i read in another review but I know what he meant. I would say perfectly focused. Still not sure if I would wear it but I really like it.
This is perfectly unisex and for me I would love to smell very small amounts of this on a lady. Sweet, sexy, earthy yet subtle.
Nicely done.

Fragrance: 4/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
28th January, 2018

Cologne No.5 - Lime Basil by Claus Porto

Perhaps I am being unkind with the neutral rating.
It is a fragrance of integrity in that it smells E-X-A-C-T-L-Y like lime and basil. But therein lies the problem. These is little interpretation and poetic licence considering that this is a men's cologne from a niche producer. And not a budget bottle either.
It then dries down to almost exactly the same as Musgo's Classic Scent which disappoints in that this makes it appear more like a flanker than a scent in its own right. You are left with a boring slightly abrasive patchouli peppery note tinged with lime and basil.
I just talked myself into justifying my neutral rating.
Musgo, you should have done better!

Fragrance: 2.5/5
Projection: 2.5/5
Longevity: 2.5/5
26th January, 2018

Five by Bruno Fazzolari

A lovely fresh opening citrus with spice.
Then increasingly floral with even more spice and there is the problem.
Slightly effeminate but gets up my nose.
This is probably a perfect one for the dandy amongst us and that's OK. Bruno caters to all our needs and all of us deserve something which suits us and our tastes. Just not for me this one. Phew. I don't know who thinks this is an office scent unless you are talking about the OOOO Darling film industry. Almost wash off territory.

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 4/5
26th January, 2018

Feu Secret by Bruno Fazzolari

This is the nicest incense mens cologne I have tried. Better than Marly's Eau du Tigre.
It starts off fresh yet not obviously mentholly with a touch of spice. Wonderfully masculine and light. I would not class this as unisex.
It rapidly drys down to just the incense which remains light and non irritating to the olfactory passages unlike most incense fragrances.
The opening is the winner and if were thus linear it would be an instant full bottle.
As it is its not for me but if you like a very nice light incense which you can wear work/play, day/night this is worth a try.

Fragrance: 3.5/5
Projection: 3/5 It rapidly becomes a delicious skin scent.
Longevity 3.5/5
25th January, 2018

Musgo Real by Claus Porto

This is nothing like the shave cream which is barbershop fresh.
The cologne starts off nice and fresh and masculine but this rapidly fades and you are left with a peppery patchouli which is not what I expected at all. OK if you like that sort of thing but not OK according to what one expects from Musgo Real. My full bottle is going straight on ebay.
(note it actually smells like its notes indicate it should but not if you are buying it on the strength of the lovely smelling shave cream).

As an aside the Oak Moss cologne is much nicer. Stays fresh and Oakmossy, ie exactly what one expects from Musgo Real.

Projection from both is 3/5
Longevity from both is 3/5
18th January, 2018 (last edited: 27th January, 2018)

Musgo Real No. 2 Oak Moss by Claus Porto

This is exactly what is says on the bottle. Fresh and oak mossy.
Much nicer than the Classic cologne which is peppery patchouli and not what the equivalent shave cream smells like.
Of the two go for the OakMoss if you are looking for a fresh barber shop scent.
I have the Orange Amber shave cream coming in so lets see what that's like then may try the cologne.

Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
18th January, 2018

L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Cloying Iris powder. What a let down especially after the superb French Lover.
15th January, 2018

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This fell out of Louis XIV powder case.
A real let down especially after the superb French Lover.
15th January, 2018

Enigma pour Homme by Roja Dove

This is a masterpiece. I had forgotten about this in my collection as my favourite special occasion cold weather /evening cologne is the unbeatable Amouage Journey Man but I thought I'd try this for a change. My wife loved it immediately. Prunes and armangac indeed that lasts all day with sterling projection. I could smell it on myself all day in a fairly linear fashion.She still prefers Amouage JM which is almost as intense less long lasting but more masculine. First impressions were a close call until she sniffed JM again on me.JM got the nod descisively.
Performance of Enigma alone brings this back to bearable value as a couple of sprays comfortably last all day.
I have tried the Parfum which is double the price yet more subtle . Less rich. Paradox.

Projection: 5/5
Longevity: 5/5
25th December, 2017

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

This is a double thumbs up considering the price.
Without the low price its a semi thumbs up.
This is a solid inoffensive office fragrance which will also work round the clock. Fresh and spicy but rather peppery for me after the opening.
Lasts a couple of hours only so take the bottle with you.
Well worth the money and one of the best budget fragrances I have smelled.
See also Chopard Noble Vetiver (and Noble Cedar) which you can find reduced going for a song!

Fragrance: 4/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 2/5
23rd December, 2017

Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo

This is a surprisingly nice fragrance from Kenzo. Although considering the price perhaps it should be.
It starts off as a tutti fruitti hit of lime. Rather feminine and off putting but this rapidly settles into a more smoky spicy yet paradoxically fresh aroma with the lime nestling coyly in its arms winking at you.
I am note sure what it is but there is something lacking. Either a lack of harmony or an innate cheapness of ingredients. It lacks class.
As it is inoffensive its a safe any time scent for the teens and twenties yet considering the price it is unlikely they are the target market.

Good try Kenzo.

Fragrance: 3/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
16th December, 2017

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

This is Mancera showing Creed how to do it as far as green woody fragrances are concerned Cedrat Boise is far superior to Aventus. Its more focused, cleaner, fresher, more of masculine edge to it, less 'damp and green'. The difference between walking in a fresh cool sunny meadow versus one that's just been rained in. Or a picture perfectly in focus showing that is what the scents meant to be versus someone who's gone to photoshop. And it's better value for money.
At the other extreme there is always Armaf Club de Nuit which is a budget incredibly accurate clone of Aventus. Mancera however is pure class.

Fragrance: 4/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
15th December, 2017

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

I don't like smelling of leather but I almost find this a delight. Another reviewer described it as more like suede and I think I get it. There is a subtly and depth and almost a freshness. It is quite linear.
Certainly this is far superior to Tom Fords Tuscan Leather.

Fragrance: 4/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
14th December, 2017

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

This is a complete joke. If want to smell like leather buy Rasasi La Yuqawam which is more subtle and fresh (as much as any leather can be) and is almost a delight.
If you want to be ripped off with a lower quality fragrance then Tom Ford it is but rest assured no one who smells it will know. Maybe you want to feel you smell like the inside of a Veyron? After all art should be for you not the beholder. In this case Tom Ford's bank account.

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
14th December, 2017