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Intense Pepper by Montale

The idea of using pepper may be a good one but i think they spilled too much of this spice in the perfume's recipe.

The opening is nothing close to interesting and brings me memories of my grandma spices jars (pepper in this case).

After 1 hour it changes a little in a fresh lemon notes but the pepper is still trying to sit on the throne.

Not for my taste, thanks but no thanks.
30th May, 2018

Honey Aoud by Montale

Cinnamon, vanilla, honey and amber make this one a very pleasant piece by Montale.

Initially i don't get too much honey but after the dry down a warm locust tree honey gets in, along with a dark amber smell.

Sillage - 7/10

Longevity - very strong
30th May, 2018

Eaux Delà : Fortis : L'Eau Forte by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Similar to Black Afgano? Not really?

Fortis is darker (not stronger) and more religious. The notes are also different and the dry down is not even close to BA.

It's a very complex, sophisticated and very gothic scent.

The price is ok for this perfume's abilities.
29th May, 2018
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Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

A good mainstream fresh scent. It smells not that so synthetic as others said.

During summer hot days this could be a very good choice.

Longevity is above medium but sillage is not that good.
29th May, 2018

Tobacco by Franck Boclet

A more elegant brother of TF TV. The opening is almost the same but smoother on this one.

IMO is better than TV and more classy and smells more natural. Not to mention the tobacco notes are better here and the vanilla is not an atomic bomb like in his brother.

Prunes + honey notes mixed with tobacco leafs, amber, vanilla, tonka beans and benzoin makes Tobacco the best from all Franck Boclet's perfume list.

On my skin it lasts 10 hours + and i always get compliments.

Projection - 9/10

Sillage 8/10

Longevity 9/10
25th May, 2018 (last edited: 04th June, 2018)

Myths Man by Amouage

Wait a moment, is this perfume really made by Amouage? I still hope not and this is just a bad dream.

Have you ever been in a rural area? If so, there are big chances that you know how cow's feces smell like. I mean it and trust me, i've tested Myths 3 times and i always got the same smell: cow feces (dominant smell) mixed with a few drops of rum, ashes and bulgarian rose. YUK!!!

I did hope after the dry down i'll get rid off that sick and disgusting smell but not a chance.
25th May, 2018 (last edited: 31st May, 2018)

Laudano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi

Gothic, dark, mysterious, smokey and very complex. When i sniff it, all the images and feelings that come to me are in black, white and grey.

I get absinthe, camphor, smoky vanilla, labdanum, tobacco, frankincense, amber, rose, honey, sandalwood and cognac.

Dark, dark...dark. Maybe too dark. If archangels do smell good I imagine Lucifer smells like Laudano Nero.

Black Afgano copy? Not at all.

Projection - 8/10

Sillage - 8/10

Longevity - 9/10

24th May, 2018

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Time passed and i am still thinking if Gucci staff had anything in their heads when they discontinued this superb masculine perfume. I assume they didn't.

Wood, smoky and mysterious. The incense is also present in this elegant and warm masterpiece.

24th May, 2018

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

It smells like a construction worker who accidentally sprayed a fake sweet perfume on his dirty clothes. It is the first scent where in a matter of seconds after the first sniff i almost puked. The biggest mistake was that i also sprayed it on my wirst. I felt like a skunk in a perfume store.
24th May, 2018

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Let me in a chemistry lab and i'll do my best to produce a fragrance close to this one. I'll randomly mix some substances and then i'll add benzoin and some orange+lime juices on this cocktail.

On the top of my "masterpiece" i'll add some Raid spray foam against crawling insects.

So my perfume is done and i can name it Terre d'Hermès Clone.

How in the world Terre d'Hermès is classified as a perfume?
23rd May, 2018

Casamorati 1888 by Xerjoff

Thumbs up 100% deserved. Casamorati 1888 is one of the best floral fragrances ever made.

The opening is luxurious and sharp sweet but after less than 1 hour is becoming smooth and elegant. I smell lots of spices in it, red carnation, neroli, birch, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, amber and cinnamon dipped in honey.

It is absolutely delicious but not too feminine. A very complex and versatile scent with top quality materials only. This spicy&sweet masterpiece is for 30+.

Projection - 8/10

Sillage - 9/10

Longevity - very big ( after the first shower remains on your skin)
23rd May, 2018

Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

Fresh? Not at all, it smells like citrus and grapefruits made artificially in a lab.

Wood? I cant get any wood here.

It smells cheap,soapy and too spicy. Nothing special about this scent. Not to mention the longevity is under medium and sillage is almost nonexistent.

The only thing ok is the bottle design.
16th May, 2018

Safari Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

If you like arabian scents, you'll love Safari Blend. If you are into blends/oils/attars, then this is a must try!

In his category, this mix of wildflowers, vanilla, jasmine, white musk, ylang-ylang, tea leaf and spicy notes is close to perfection.

It is very complex, creamy, intense and luxurious. In the opening the vanilla notes may seem too powerful but in a matter of minutes it calms down and very complex notes are rising like arabian knights on the top of dunes.

The presentation (box and bottle) is absolutely superb. It looks like a gift for a sultan or an emperor.

Longevity - Above medium

Sillage - Medium

Projection - 8/10
08th May, 2018 (last edited: 06th June, 2018)
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Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Nothing special about this one. The opening smells like a taxi driver who wears an used leather jacket. All the notes are synthetic to the bone.

After the dry down it is like the taxi driver sprays a cheap deodorant on his leather jacket and now he also smells like raspberry. Strange and illogical mix.
24th April, 2018

Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

One of the best arabian fragrances ever. A sensual perfume, where floral, smoky vanilla and spicy notes are mixed with suede and wood in a manner only an arabian house can do.

The so called similarity with Tuscan Leather or La Yuquawam is a nonsense. Safari Extreme is 3 classes over those 2.

From the first sniff you can tell it's a luxurious scent and top quality. I can also smell Oud in it but not too much. Some say it is Unisex but IMO is 90% masculine.

Longevity - Medium (at least on my skin)

Sillage - 8/10

Projection - Medium
23rd April, 2018

Interlude Man by Amouage

An event similar to Apocalypse from a good horror movie, everything is on fire (trees, buildings, cars, etc), devils and demons howling ready to feast from human flesh, people screaming and coughing from the dense smoke, lots of cries for help, the fire is rising and the smoke becomes too dense and dark.

Suddenly a high priest appears, he walks confidently directly into the fire and he start shouting a powerful prayer. He strongly smells like incense, leather, myrrh and sweet berry. Terrified people can hear his prayer and can smell him through the dark smoke and everybody is gathering at his feet to feel protected. For the moment humans are safe but not for long...

This is what i see when i sniff/wear Interlude Man. Dark, spicy, very religious (thanks to incense and especially to opoponax), sweet, mineral and smokey. A masterpiece and the best scent from Amouage. Interlude Man is not for everybody. And when you wear it you dont need/want compliments cuz you already know who you are and people should step aside when you appear.

Sillage and Projection - giant.
Longevity - it lasts forever
12th April, 2018