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Replica At the Barber's by Martin Margiela

I dislike like this fragrance for the same reasons others like it: It smells like a barbershop in a bottle. It's extremely overpowering and powdery. It lasts for days on clothing. It's almost nauseating it's so strong. If I want that "barbershop" smell, I can slap my cheeks with a few splashes of Clubman aftershave by Pinaud.
11th February, 2019

Acqua di Giò Absolu by Giorgio Armani

I'll keep this short: This is Acqua di Gio with maturity. I could easily discern the original, with a new spicy / woodsy addition. The opening quite clearly has pear and apple notes. The dry down reveals Geranium and Lavender blended together so well they're difficult to identify individually. Rosemary adds the rough spice note as it leads you into the base notes of Rock Rose and Tonka Bean. The "woody" note(s) I think may be Cedarwood & Sandalwood...subtle and not heavy-handed. I think for Acqua di Gio fans, this formula would be appropriate for evenings out or in the boardroom. It's still ADG, but with some seriousness and maturity added. The price is a bit high because it's new...most high end stores will give you a sample vial. Give it a free test drive.
20th December, 2018

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I wore this scent back in the early '80s through the early '90s and got away from it with the introduction of New West for Him, by Aramis. Recently, a wave of nostalgia came over me and I decided to give Polo another chance. I purchased a new bottle (spray), yet still had a drop or two in my original Polo (splash) bottle. This new Polo is most definately reformulated. The top notes are quite noxious and overpowering, unlike the original formula. There is a very strong scent of Ylang-Ylang combined with a dollar store version of a pine scented household cleaner. That being said, once the top notes evaporate (30-60 minutes), the original Polo fragrance comes forward. The dry down most definately leaves the signature fragrance pleasantly on the skin. I'm giving this fragrance a thumbs up because it's still a classic, but Ralph Lauren should really consider going back to the original formula. The initial spray / spritz can be a big turn off to a potentially new customer base. After the dry down, the scent is pleasant and well worth the compliments.
11th February, 2018
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Cerruti Image by Cerruti

First off I'd like to state that I do not use any toiletries that are scented. I like having clean skin, hair etc. without the synthetic fragrances that alter the scents I choose to wear by way of colognes. After all, don't we wear fragrances to make a statement? Or to say something about ourselves, who we are? That being said, I've been wearing Cerruti Image since its introduction. It is a very light, playful fragrance. I wear it in any season whenever I want to express a lighthearted, playful side of myself. I've received compliments by both men and women and that's an uplifting feeling in itself. This fragrance reminds me of homemade Italian Lemonade straight from Chicago's Little Italy neighborhood. It is the perfect blend of sweet and heat. A very masculine scent without screaming testosterone here! Cerruti hit a Grand Slam with this fragrance. It lasts all day on my skin and doesn't leave a long trail that says, "Kilroy was here" hours ago! There are many other similar scents on the market, none of which, in my opinion, have the personality as Image does.
02nd February, 2018 (last edited: 07th February, 2018)

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

I stopped wearing this fragrance in the early '90s when I discovered a few newer fragrances being worn by my peers. Recently, I decided to revisit this old friend and found a greater appreciation for its complexity. Everything about this fragrance, from its Top; Middle; and Base notes, is like dining at a 5 Star restaurant. The Top notes last a little bit longer than a good number of fragrances in this price range. In this case, about an hour. Plenty of time for an introduction. Then the Middle notes emerge making the statement, "Let's find someplace to sit and get to know one another." When the Base notes finally take center stage they say, "This is who I am." Each level of fragrance notes exquisitely compliments the next. Fragrances are very individual and communicate something about ourselves.For me, wearing this scent says, "I'm glad to be here, I'm in no hurry, I'm enjoying the moment." I personally believe that this fragrance has a place with this younger generation and their preferred fragrances. I was in my mid-twenties when I started to wear Drakkar Noir. I wore it for years. Now at 56 years old, I'm enjoying the maturity of this fragrance without the, "Gee, you smell like my grandfather's aftershave," so many people seem to assign to these '80s fragrances. I think that this is both a contemporary and nostalgic scent, and deserves its place on any cologne shelf.
02nd February, 2018