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Santal 33 by Le Labo

Pickle dust.

Its got dry chemically dill in the opening. One little bit on my arm three different times. I just don't think this is very persistant or heavy. It is airy and fades out in like 5 hours. I know that is not the baseline, but that is my 2020 experience. Fairly pleasant for what I did smell. Not particularly sandalwoody. Stupid expensive, and I wouldn't purchase it for $30. Thumbs down, solid.
26th February, 2020

Red Tobacco by Mancera

Power frag

Sweet fruity thing. Think tobacco in the same vein as Spicebomb tobacco, ie not smelling like tobacco. Sweet, ambrox, and just way to strong to make any sense. One small spritz on my belly pounded my nose all day. Just impossible to wear. The sweetness does seem to have other facets, but who can tell? Wagner played at the volume of a fighter jet loses some nuance. Still, value is good, ive seen secondary market mid $80s. And its not rose/oud or Invictus. My standards are low enough for this to graze the up. Thumbs up.
09th February, 2020

Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

Leather iris

Reminds me of if Dior Homme and Chanel No. 5 had a baby. Powdery, floral. Saw someone mention a lhuere bleu feeling, i feel that. Beautiful. Not super masculine, unisex. No rough edges, good blending, good quality ingredients. Thumbs up. Not fbw for me though.
09th February, 2020
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Mon Patchouly by Ramon Monegal

Sweet candy flowers.

I dont find it heavy on patchouli. Its sweet and floral. Fruity floral amber, with maybe a smidge of oakmoss. Its a full fat fragrance, but just too sweet. Doesnt smell like poor quality. Its overly potent, so a little goes a long way. Unisex, but not my style. Neutral.
09th February, 2020

Montana Black Edition by Montana

80s fragrance.

Its got that aromatic 80s smell. To me i get lavendar/pine/jasmine. Its got something that gives it an anise flavor. Kinda smoky. Would go well with a pack of cigarettes. Bottle is ugly. Performance was good, but not huge. About the same as a reformulated 80s fragrance would exhibit. Price is cheap. Going thumbs up.
08th February, 2020

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

Boozy amber plastic.

Its boozy. Real boozy. Most of what i get is a amber labdanum fragrance flavored with booze. Cedar, sage, and patchouli are there. The whole thing seems very 2D. Kinda like a print of a beautiful painting on a plastic poster. Its got fine strength. Im not huge on boozy notes, and there is something that smells a bit cheap. The price is good, and the presentation is alright. Neutral.
08th February, 2020

Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Neutered

It smells alright. In the realm of white floral musk mens cologne type frags it is pretty darn good. I just am not huge in that space. Its got some judicious ambrox underneath to give it some undue legs. Just citrisy and clean enough to be neither and both at the same time. Remarkably unremarkable. Actually would make a pretty good hot and humid vacation scent. No rough edges, and blended well. Demachy is in his wheelhouse here, IMO.
01st February, 2020

Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme by Gucci

Im split between up and neutral. I'm going up. It has a nice seafoam green bottle that looks like it is retro, but also updated. Its got a white floral, zesty ginger lavender thing going on. Teetering on sporty, but classy sporty, if that makes sense. It does bear some resemblance in my memory to Guilty Black but less sharp, though I haven't tried that one in quite a while. One thing I will say here, the hipster retro chic adverts and packaging for these things will probably turn off some of those who would be right in the wheelhouse. This thing will die a quick death. I actually might buy a bottle if I see a good deal on one.
01st February, 2020

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Femme by Gucci

Feminine rose done right.

Opens with the blackberry rose over woods. The rose comes forward in the heart. The longer it dries the more feminine it gets. It is distinctly "perfumey" later on. I really like how this smells, and if I was a female it would be in my rotation. As is, I will try to get my wife to like it, but all else failing, will just smell the atomizer in the store as I walk by. Good job here, Gucci.
01st February, 2020

Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

Sweet, minty vetiver. I'm having trouble placing the sweetness. It is not entirely unlike the facet of L'homme Cool, except that is mint with something a bit rounder. This is a sharper sweetness akin to pink pepper. It feels energetic, so i'm thinking aldehydes. Initially very pleasing. Two hours in and I don't really feel it changing. Intensity has died down, but it is still pretty strong, and the sweetness has taken a bit of a half-step back, but mostly it seems fairly linear. 5 hrs in its pretty quiet, and still smells the same. That is gonna pretty much wrap up that one. Id say next time i check it will be too faint. Seems like a people pleaser. It hit me just now, it kinda reminds me of Metalique.
01st February, 2020

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

It does smell similar to some of their other aquatics. That salty, Bvlgari Aqua aquatic smell, but this one has a huge dollop of incense. It really comes forward in the heart, in that this ceases to be an aquatic and turns into an herbal/incense frag with aquatic echos. I like this one. It has really drastic development, which can be good and bad.
01st February, 2020

Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors

I think this one is some kind of citrus, gourmand, patchouli. Uninspiring.
01st February, 2020

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

Smells sorta like burning sage. I could draw a parralell to other ultra smoky burning fragrances, like TRex. I feel like Trex does it better, with some leather and burning plastic thing. This one smells more like bonfire residue. Less industrial. If you ever went to bonfires, then went home, that smell that your clothes and shoes have the next day is the smell of this fragrance. It comes on strong, with a nose searing blast, but settles in to just very strong.
01st February, 2020
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Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

Rose/Oud. pretty standard. Stupid strong. The medicinal oud almost has a camphor feel. Just too overpowering. One small spray filled the room for hours.
01st February, 2020

Falling into the Sea by Imaginary Authors

Starts with a big citrus, smells like mandarin to me. But then it drops to a sweet aquatic with a hint of sage. Interesting evolution. Falling into the sea seems like a decent name. I do quite enjoy their literary panache.
01st February, 2020

The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors

Ugh. Its a dusty fougere. Smells like a potted plastic fern in the worst way. The ones with the fake crumbly moss glued to styrofoam in the pot. It is dry, so thats good. It doesnt overly sweeten itself to acheive its structure, and is completely devoid of moss or anything approximating. I understand where this was going. Just a failed execution to me.
01st February, 2020

Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors

Sparkling citris.

Really vivid grapefruit opening. Very refreshing. Didnt notice any other facets. Just quieted, then quit. Kinda weak, but the opening is really juicy and sharp. Neutral.
01st February, 2020

The Cobra and the Canary by Imaginary Authors

This is my favorite from Imaginary Authors. Kinda smoky oud suede. Really early i felt there was a bit of a gourmandy sweet note mixed in that i wasnt quite digging, but that died about an hour in. For some reason it reminds me of dusty old books.
01st February, 2020

Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors

Sweet gourmand.

Something of the gourmand nature here. I get something akin to orangey citrus, with coffee and caramel. Rounded, thick, and sweet. At 5 hours in its a pretty standard amber frag, so maybe tonka labdanum. I reapplied in a different area, im getting maybe some of that candle effect from Dior Homme Parfum, whatever that AC note is.
01st February, 2020

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel


It does smell like the original. But it is different. Sort of like taking a different route to get somewhere. Its got some more strength, and to me its a little sweeter. It has a textural difference. The tonka cream is enhanced by the sandalwood. The aldehydes are gone. I suppose it smells like todays man, but to me it smells like a girl. Blending and ingredients are good. I prefer the original. Neutral.
30th January, 2020

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel


Opens up with citrus, tonka, and aquatics. Copied many times in style, I seem to smell a worse version of this all the time. The difference here is the aldehydes. Its got some jump, snap. I always enjoy them, but they do tend to veer a fragrance into the feminine territory for me. I could wear it, but it would not be out of place on the feminine counter. People will think you smell good. Tough call between up and neutral. Blending is nice, ingredients smell pretty good, but the price is pretty high, since all discounted ones are fakes. Thumbs up.
30th January, 2020

Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

Sweet Iris Honey.

Opens with the beautiful iris. Dior has a really nice iris note that they use. It smells natural and kind. The iris is about matched with the patchouli and other. But this is attempted to be balanced on the sweet side by using honey. And that combo of iris and honey, bringing it sweet and powdery drives this into the territory, in my opinion, of being squarely feminine. It does have some balsamic properties, overarching the whole composition. The heart brings the patchouli myrh forward, and its balance trends back toward unisex. It reminds me something of Shalimar/TF Noir. The honey takes the spot in the olfactory experience of the civet. I suppose this is more of a personal thumbs down, and an impartial neutral. It doesn't smell like it is bad quality, though it is reportedly a big weak legged, it is not overly sheer, and I found the longevity to be average.
23rd January, 2020

Spice Blend by Christian Dior

Niche Spicebomb.

Opens up with the same sweet bubblegum pink pepper as Spicebomb et all, which reminds me of the bubblegum mouth rinse fluoride from the 90s, or just the ambiance of a dentist office. Much lighter and airier than Spicebomb. Really, this is a mildly spiced sweet fragrance, easily capable of being worn by either sex. Smells good, no rough edges. Pretty expensive, it is close call between neutral and thumbs up. Right down the middle.
18th January, 2020

Patchouli Impérial by Christian Dior

Patchouli dressed up in a tuxedo.

It marries the wet patchouli with dry coriander in the opening. The two notes are really complementary, balancing each other really well. It smells premier and dressed up. In the heart the patchouli takes a step back, blending in, and the smoky aspects step forward, still keeping this very balanced and handsome. It is quite expensive, but smells of nice quality ingredients and blending. Thumbs up.
16th January, 2020

Lalique pour Homme Equus by Lalique

I know I put some on. I watched the little vial pour out on my arm. I can't smell it. Nose right up to the skin, and there it is. Projection is tiny tiny. Immediate skin scent. But that skin scent is nice. Fresh wood. Smells like you are sipping a sweet tea after laying cedar mulch around your house. Its nice. Longevity, I don't know. I can barely smell it when it starts. Value, it is stupid cheap. Like under $25. At that price, this is quite a nice smelling fragrance. It doesn't smell cheap. Neutral.
15th January, 2020

Al Oudh by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The opening vascilates between a soft sweetness, from the cardamom and pink pepper together, and a balsamic leathery saffron. It is not heavy and oppressive, but feals somewhat clear. As it dried, say 15 minutes in, I get some of the dates and incense. There seems to be quite a bit of blending here, and it smells like a nice quality fragrance. It has a similar feel to Declaration by Cartier, but with some background sweetness. At discounters I see this right now at about $45 for a 50ml bottle. At this price, if this is to your tastes, it seems like about the right price for quality.
11th January, 2020

Complex by Boadicea the Victorious

Dry, sage and violet.

Opening, it is bone dry, and the immediate hit is violet, cold and aloof. Sage, I also find to have a cold nature. In terms of smoked burning smells, it is the coldest, and among the driest. But it is very clean. The musk here is crystal clear, without a hint of dirt. Its like they took the most sanitized note from each category and then built a fragrance from it. The effect is something of a refined, ultra clean and posh. Maybe a wealthy old woman who feels like she's better than you.
08th January, 2020

Interlude Man by Amouage

It is just so strong. Oregano incense. Smoky, ashy, something sweet real deep inside. Its a commitment, it lasts so long, and scents everything you touch. Its more pleasant in the second half of the day. It just smells really good to me. Thumbs up. Fringe bottle worthy.
06th January, 2020

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

Smells similar to the raspberry opening of Tuscan Leather. But its funny, it only smells similar right off the top. It changes, and becomes a floral leather, then ultimately a dash of ambrox. At times it smells dry and floral like Dia, others its clean smoke patchouli. Its really good, and been an enjoyable wear every time. Lasts about 10 hours. Thumbs up!
06th January, 2020

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

This is really attractive. Dark seductive fruity floral patchouli mix. I like the blend, it just melds all together. Performance is giant. Last all day. Projects prerty hard. Leans feminine. Could probably be worn by the right man. Smells like good quality. Doesnt drastically change.
06th January, 2020