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Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

It first gave me an impression of bubble gummy playfulness. This lingers, but it is better than that. There is something balsalmic in the formula that slightly alters the flavor.
Take the cardamom, leather, and tonka from Code Profumo, add in the booze from Fahrenheit EDP, a dash of MFKs medicinal fake oud, and a touch of iris. You have Man in Black.
I'm going neutral here. It is okay, but I feel like other fragrances do what it is trying to do better. Also, my grade takes into account that the others that I mentioned perform better in all facets. It is a good fragrance for the price, for sure, as all the others are more expensive.
21st February, 2019

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

It starts with a pungent blast of fruity pebbles as opposed to the pineapple, apple, and bergamot. Aventus birch is traded for an application of cedar, becoming a bit more astringent than smoky. Lasts a bit longer than its competition. To me, this gives the same impression as Aventus. I could see using them interchangeably, in similar situations. But, it is a different scent altogether, and not a clone.
20th February, 2019

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Similar concept and feeling as the EDT in the opening. But I smell the rose here. The jammy rose takes this to a sweeter, bit more sultry and luxurious area. Reminds me of Dior's Ambre Nuit. It sort of sparkles. I see red strawberries, dripping with water and a glass of champagne. The fake cedarwood from the original is replaced by incense. I couldn't smell any incense until over an hour in, at which point it came through subtly, not overwhelming the rest of the fragrance. Sits closer to the skin, would prefer a bit more push. Prefer the EDT overall.
20th February, 2019
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L'Homme Idéal by Guerlain

My first thought when I sprayed this was that it was reminiscent of Valentino Uomo Intense. Sweetness with a bite that I guess comes from the biter almond and citrus. Tonka citrus leather, is the order I'd go here. Something hints at powderyness without fully committing to it. The more I wear it, the more I like it. At first I considered it a bit too sweet, but as the woody base becomes a bit more prominent in the heart it is quite nice. When the citrus burns off it unmasks the cedarish fake wood smell. This adds a bit of a nose twinge to the tonka to round this flavor out a bit more. The vetiver in the base also gives it a bit of a dryness that I enjoy. A bit more casual than the EDP. Sweet and contemporary, with a classy Guerlain drydown. Thumbs up.
20th February, 2019

Civet by Zoologist Perfumes

This opens up with a blast of florals. Tuberose is one I can pick out prominently. After the initial blast of flowers spicy resin incense comes out... and there it sits. I guess this is just a floral incense fragrance. The civet in this is a quiet background player, its shines a little more in the heart, but never rising to prominence. The incense hangs on after the florals have burned off. I would not call this at all animalic. Floral opening feels feminine, drydown of incense and quiet quiet civet is unisex. Performance seems good on all the Zoologist fragrances I've tried, each performing well for the type of fragrance they are.
19th February, 2019

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist Perfumes

A roaring monster T-Rex stomping on a apocalyptic volcanic ashy land, drool dripping from between his teeth, his leathery hide singed. This is the image that comes to mind here.

Scent wise, there is a lot of smoke. A LOT of smoke. The smoke piggybacks in some cedar and pine. I feel like this can be classified as a leather fragrance. I just don't really think "burnt" is its own category, so I'm gonna say this is a burnt leather. There is just a small pinch of something sweet that I can't pinpoint, and whenever I'm smelling for it I can't find it. It does smell a bit like burning plastic, which is super interesting, though not always pleasant. Performance is just beyond. 12 hours easy, everyone can smell you. I could never see myself reaching for this bottle if I owned it, but this is an nevertheless, a most impressive scent. Was an experience to wear, that I would recommend to enthusiasts. Thumbs up here for Zoologist.
19th February, 2019

Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes

This one was challenging for me. Not in the normal challenging way that it does not smell good. This just took me a couple samples to understand what I was thinking. It is leather, strong, and in your face. This one is not playing around, and is far from the common fare. No sweetness here. There is a medicinal quality that I thought at first maybe was a facet of the fake oud, but it turns out it was wintergreen. Wintergreen and leather is the basic definition of what we have here. There are background players of little booze, and little smoke. I applaud this creation. This truly feels like a rhinoceros themed fragrance to me. I totally get it. The longevity and performance in general suffer from its bombastic opening, and I'd saw 1-10 they are a 4 on both, with the caveat that it opens for the first hour at a projection 10. Thumbs up in the creative category!
15th February, 2019

Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

The overall impression here is STILL... a dirty orange. The original is well known, so I will give my impressions after a arm by arm comparison. Openings are similar. Similar feel. The parfum does not feel as dry, less vetiver. There is some fake wood/incense/ambroxan something or another in the background of the drydown that I particularly like. It leans orangier than the edt. Stays stronger longer. I like the parfum version more than the edt, enough that while the edt got a neutral, the parfum gets a slight thumbs up.
15th February, 2019

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

The overall impression is dirty orange/grapefruit. It's filled out with cedar and pepper. Drys down to a dry cedar vetiver. I assume this one has been reformulated from its heavier early days. I get moderate longevity, and low/moderate projection. More of a summer scent to me. Better than average, but I'm grading this against others that are batting in it's league. Neutral.
15th February, 2019

Oud Extrait de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The medicinal synthetic oud from all of MFKs line is here again in extrait strength. I don't get vanilla in this, to me it is their oud plus saffron, which is a note I enjoy. The cedar, muskette, and elemi are there in the background, playing softly to bolster the composition. It is strong, but not as strong as the Silk or Satin extraits in my opinion. Longevity and projection rates a third in both. But, that being said this still rates as a good performer, just never quite reaching nuclear status. Probably the least feminine of the MFK ouds I have tried. Wearable and interesting.
14th February, 2019

Beaver (2016) by Zoologist Perfumes

Quite obviously from the get-go I got the 2016 reformulated version, which does not seem to align as well with my tastes. It is a floral airy watery concoction. It is noticeably soapy, coming from a cleansed version of laundry musk. Easy to wear, but lacking in character. A few hours in I am able to smell the castoreum, but it is faint. Still a bit player in this fragrance. I would have thought, if you said a beaver smell, it would be castoreum, musk, wood, leather, water, in that order. Instead what we get is flowers, water, soap, and castoreum. It doesn't smell bad, and could maybe stomach it from a designer brand, but I had higher expectations from Zoologist. Performance is good for a floral. The white musk lingers. Thumbs down, not interesting or creative enough for me to excuse the misnomer.
14th February, 2019

Oud Satin Mood Extrait de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Rose, white medicinal oud. Smells of great quality to me. The whole thing has a softened feel from that background vanilla. That is all that really needs to be said about the scent profile. Projection and longevity are large. Leans feminine. The longer I wear it, the longer it seems to fit fine as a unisex, and the more I feel like I can pull it off... but, I think that is just me becoming acclimatized. I'm pretty sure this still reads as feminine to anyone who smells it.
13th February, 2019

Déclaration Parfum by Cartier

Leather fragrance. Cardamom, cumin, and fake cedarish wood all mix together in such a way so that no one stands out, in a non-positive way. Oriental leather. The cumin is not the sweaty stinky variety, which is a positive. There are worse things in the world. It is not disgusting and does not stink. It does not make me want to wear it either, though.
13th February, 2019
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Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

If you are not ready for it this one could be something of shock to some. It is strong leather and dry smoky vetiver. Not something that you come across in the common mall fare. Some say it smells of bandaids, they are not wrong. It brings that association if you are looking for it. It smells to me like a clean gym coaches office. The leather and rubber from the balls. It smells really good and manly. Longevity is plus, though it sits down on the skin after about 4 hours, still this is pretty dang good in this day and age. It doesn't project super hard, and you probably wouldn't want it to. It is not something that one would wear to chase the ladies necessarily. Though, it is definitely versatile in my opinion. I'd wear it anywhere, anytime, any weather.
12th February, 2019

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Tar, coffee, carmel, and patchouli give this a distinct opening. Strong and heavy. Winter only. Not a closed quarters fragrance. Was not impressed back in 2003 when I first smelled this, but it has grown on me. Worn more for myself as my wife does not like it. Good longevity and heavy projection.
10th February, 2019

Norne by Slumberhouse

Sticky smokey pine resin. The sauce is this and stained my skin green. After it dried for a few hours the pine burned off a bit faster than the smokey incense. High quality, natural smelling. Strong strong. Not full bottle worthy full me because it is price prohibitive.
07th February, 2019

Russian Musk by Areej le Doré

The first thing you notice... is musk. Glorious beautiful full flavored musk. It hits with a lemon/bergamot combo reminiscent of the juice from a lemon/lime snowcone. The lemon marries to the pine early, and play together beautifully. Strong profile. If I bury my nose in I get just a small tinge of clove in the back. It smells better than this, and is more complex than this, but to get a feel for it, this could be described as a musky lemon pine scent. About 2 hours in I smelled a hint of smoke. It feels like it evolves in the intensities of the notes, while none disappear completely.
07th February, 2019

Tabac Vert by Rogue Perfumery

The initial blast I get is akin to paint thinner. But this blast is short lived (say 90 seconds) to an acrid tobacco leaf. Over the next hour the tobacco cedes to the cedar, and both mingle closely while not joining together in an accord. About an hour and a half in it reads to me as a dusty cedar. Elegant.

I get the wood paneled cigar room motif mentioned. Its close, but to me it smells like a wood paneled study in a rich old house. The same décor and ambiance, but there has not been anything smoked in this room except maybe a nightly pipe in a long time. Nothing ashy or burnt, just many leather bound books on the wall and assorted trinkets from a life well-lived.
I enjoyed this more each time I smelled/sampled/wore it.
I saw someone mention a makeup bag, or powdered makeup. This is one of those things that if I think about it while I smell this, they do smell similar. But if I am not thinking about it, it doesn't draw that to my mind.
06th February, 2019

Mousse Illuminee by Rogue Perfumery

Now this is something else. When I was a young lad my mother would buy us a bar of soap on a rope every year for Christmas. One year I hung a bar on my wall and used it for target practice with a blowdart gun. Little pieces would fall off all the time. It hung in that room for over 10 years. This smells exactly like that soap. I remember these smells deep in my brain somewhere.

Sweet moss with a stripe of pine. To be honest I have a hard time breaking this one down. It is blended well so that the scent seems to be one. Strength is beastly. Longevity is forever. Smells more natural than anything I have smelled in a long time. This is a HARD thumbs up for me. The quality is off the charts. I would recommend this to anyone who is in to fragrances.
06th February, 2019

Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Very very good. Regular Gio, vintage strength, plus a touch of incense. That is what this smells like to me. It reminds me of the original when the original first came out. It seems to have lost something through the years. This is the one to have, if you are going to only have one.
06th February, 2019

Exceptional Because You Are for Men by Exceptional

This smells like a bar of generic soap. I cannot remember which variety. It is not impressive in the slightest. A few steps below Axe in complexity. Alcohol blast to begin, puerile scent profile, poor longevity.

05th February, 2019

Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

The initial blast is cardamom hard. The first thing it really makes me think, though, is this floral. The rose/jasmine combo combine into a "pretty" assault. Definitely unisex. I haven't heard many people say this, but to me it leans a fit feminine, though, I don't think this would be very hard for a man to pull off. Good quality, good performance. If you enjoy the scent and it fits your personality I think the value is there.
05th February, 2019

Aventus by Creed

This is a iffy thumbs up. I'm not blown away by it. It smells good. It gets waaaaaaaay too much attention. My wife does likes it, so there's that. Pineappley citrus smoke. Drys to a musky "ambergris" base. The citrus actually stays present for a significant amount of time for what it is. Projects 3 to 4 hours, skin scent maybe another 3. Not neccesarily bad longevity, but not great, imo. Price is high, but people seem to feel confident wearing this. It smells good. Females like it. Thumbs up.
04th February, 2019

Invictus Intense by Paco Rabanne

Very pleasant scent. Mass appealing addition to the mass appealing line. A boozy, ambroxan, cardamom. Pepper is slight. The orange blossom mingles together with the cardamom to make a sweet accord. Wife likes it. Performance is fine.
I'm going neutral, in that I'm judging it against the other fragrances in its own category, and I like this one. Don't really find myself intrigued enough to ever consider buying it.
03rd February, 2019 (last edited: 20th February, 2019)

Aoud Leather by Montale

Smells like lime and leather. A bit of saffron twinge, and the small elusive medicinal oud maybe? Whatever it smells like when analyzed, blah blah blah, the basic impression is it smells like Tuscan Leather (and Golden Boy, and La Yuqawam). I would think if you like one of these you'd like them all. The raspberry and the bergamot (smells more like a lime to me) each play off of the leather in a similar dance. Not groundbreaking by any means. Strong performance, very strong. Last and projects.
02nd February, 2019

The Fir Tree by CB I Hate Perfume

This smells very similar to Vicks Vaporub. Camphor and maybe some pine. I like Vicks, but is not a smell for a fragrance. Lasted about 4 hours, projection mild for 1-2 hours. Skin scent until 4. Think if your Vicks had less longevity and came in a spray, that is what you have here.
02nd February, 2019

Méharées by L'Erbolario

This is definitely reminiscent of Musc Ravageur. They are more like cousins than twins, though. Side by side, MR opens with something a bit jammy or fruity that Lebolario just doesn’t have at all. Also, it has no clove. Some have said this is also reminiscent of LDDM, I can see that. But this is more pudding and less spice that LDDM. Lebolario is a smooth concoction of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. When people say it smells like jumping right in to the MR dry down they are not that far off. Because it is missing the spices, or clove, it loses some personality. It is a generic version of a scent in the same vein as the other two. It is a good quality for the price paid, if you can find it. Not as strong as the other two (cannot speak for reformulation speculations), but not a dollar store weakling. It can hold its own with most designers out there.
Thumbs up based purely on its own, thumbs down as a replacement for the original.
01st February, 2019

Cardinal by Heeley

Indeed, it does smell churchy. I get frankincense, myrrh and patchouli. Very close to the catholic incense smell, with a patchouli balsamic twist. Not something I would wish to smell like. Performance does not seem beastly, or weak. Middling. Something about this one, in the balsamic vinegaryness of it kinda makes my face scrunch up. I do not find this pleasant.
01st February, 2019

Patchouli by Martine Micallef

A very small head shop aroma. 60 seconds in, it is vanilla labdanum benzoin. The patchouli is there blended in with the vetiver to make a little dry patchouli accord. The violet leaf sharpens the patchouli specifically, and almost gives the earthiness a metal edge. Strong projection for the first hour and a half, then a present skin scent. The namesake patchouli seems to fade a bit from the presence in the heart.
Neutral in that it is not really my cup of tea.
01st February, 2019

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Lemon chocolate powder. Not a milk chocolate sweet gourmand. More like unsweetened baking cocoa mixed with lemon juice. The patchouli rounds this out with a bite of earth. Some sandalwood gives this a sort of fuzzy feel. Performance is ideal. Longevity good, projection hits the sweet spot. Pretty strong. While the projection is not off the charts hard, it projects for an extended period of time. A well blended Guerlain fragrance.
31st January, 2019