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Jaïpur Bracelet by Boucheron

It's beautifully light and herbal. Basil and cypress gives it a calm, aromatic scent. At first I thought that it's a bit similar to Pure Poison, so I tried them side by side - and yes, they have their similarities. Pure Poison seemed better executed and smoother to me, but I enjoyed Jaïpur Bracelet's scent profile a bit more. A great and delicate daytime scent.
However - at least with my 5 ml mini bottle - I could feel hints of alcohol when applying it. When I dabbed it slightly, the scent was very sheer and fleeting. But when I dabbed heavily, it was a bit headache-inducing to me and made me sneeze. It was quite hard to apply it just right.
Because of these issues I gave it away. I might rebuy it in the future, who knows, as it really is a pretty perfume, but so far I don't miss it yet.
14th October, 2019

Kenzo World by Kenzo

A review for Kenzo World EDT (the pink bottle).

Top note: Pear
Middle: Peony and Almond flower
Bottom: Orris
(according to the packaging of the spray vial).

This sweet fruity floral happened to be a total horrorshow to my nose. I had to scrub it off after an hour because I really started thinking this might make me sick. The sillage/projection is definitely there, and I think its staying power is also quite good, since after all the soap and water I STILL was getting small hints of the stuff from my skin. It was sweet, flowery and fruity in the worst imaginable way - to my nose. I'm not saying the scent itself is bad, it should definitely have its fans, but I'm staying away from anything pear related for a looong time, since it's not the first time I find pear scent so unpleasant.
14th October, 2019

Wood pour Femme by Dsquared2

Was given a spray tester vial from the shop. They say it's "Floral-Woody" on tester's package, but all I was able to smell the first several hours was sweet light floral with a touch of fruits. (notes written on package: mandarin, muguet, osmanthus / magnolia, jasmin petale, raspberry leaves / ambrox, cedarwood, white woods.) I didn't like this at all during those two first hours. Smell is indistinctive and uninteresting, smells like anything you'd get as a gift from relatives through your teenage years and just wear mindlessly because, well, you have it on your shelf (at least I think I had some similar fragrances or tester vials to this through the years). And, to top it off, there is something in it that makes me a bit nauseous - but I'm sure it's my nose and my sensitivities and not the fragrance's fault.

After 2,5 hours it gets less sweet/flowery and the woody base starts showing up and it's getting a bit more pleasurable (for me), but not enough to want to wear it some time again. The smell is very very light, I had to spritz it on my wrists several times to be able to smell it, and I have to practically dig my nose into my wrists to smell it on me, too.

Not recommending this. Though it might be a nice light summer scent for a teenage girl, especially as a casual scent when you want to feel fresh, as it's very light and youthful.
14th October, 2019
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Black Musk by Body Shop

I've read how this is similar to Black Opium and wanted to see for myself. At first I didn't see the resemblance, but when it dried down a bit, yes, they have enough similarities for Black Musk to be an adequate cheaper substitute for Black Opium. It's not as boozy, not as potent, not as rich and not as loud though, and I don't feel coffee in it, but it has some nice cocoa in it and feels both sensual and very cozy.
Quite nice on its own and not only as some substitute!
14th October, 2019

White Musk by Body Shop

I disliked this one and I blame ylang ylang, that vile stinky flower. After ylang ylang was gone it started smelling like soap, but I'm not sure if it's in a good way. Could be good for layering though.
Or it might be possible that I just dislike the washing-detergent kind of white musk, as I found CK One very similar and similarly displeasing.
14th October, 2019

Lait et Chocolat by Chabaud Maison de Parfum

I spritzed this on paper and just instantly HAD TO spritz it on my skin, too. I was absolutely positively shocked how it conveys the gorgeous, natural-smelling, real and delicious scent of hot chocolate! After some time, some cedar is starting to show (so this chocolate is kept in a wooden box or a cupboard!) and it gets milkier with time. I do feel vanilla in the base, but I don't feel the musk and jasmine much (doesn't mean they aren't there, but probably quite muted). I think I feel a hint of caramel that's not listed in the notes, I guess it's just milk mixing with chocolate and vanilla and giving me that effect. It's very soft, very sweet but not cloying at all to me. It definitely is present but not loud and stays quite close to the skin (or at least I think so, I wouldn't go asking other people if they can smell me). If chocolate can be considered being elegant, this one is.
I would absolutely recommend it to all chocolate lovers. It's a non cloying, subtle and very natural smelling gourmand.
14th October, 2019

Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

A Fahrenheit that is sweet! I was shocked at first how sweet and feminine it is – at least for Fahrenheit. But it is beautiful. Gasoline with vanilla and leather and some booze. And patchouli!
I would wear this gourmand Fahrenheit with ease and joy, especially in autumn. Seems very unisex to me - maybe even leaning slightly feminine. It also reminds me of something I have tried and liked before, but I don't remember what it is, maybe something from A*Men range (they also felt quite feminine/unisex to me), maybe something from Les Senteurs Gourmands fragrances or even Burberry London for men? Or maybe I'm feeling this because of this unexpected combination of Fahrenheit and warm boozy and slightly spicy patchouli sweetened with vanilla. It's like Fahrenheit meeting Black Opium in a way – I am sorry for this comparison, but I do like both, and with this scent I can actually wear both at once.
I could see myself with a bottle of this warm and sensual Fahrenheit in the future.
14th October, 2019

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Beautiful beautiful boozy slightly spicy cinnamon on tobacco and some leather or resins. Very soft, sweet-ish, but in a nice and comforting way. Not very masculine to my nose, seems very suitable for a woman. I like how spices mingle with sweetness and booze, this feels and smells like Friday or winter holidays to me - Christmas in a bottle indeed. Would wear again and again and again. Unfortunately, longevity is very short on me - after 2 hours it's only a faint skin scent, after 2,5 hours it's almost completely gone.
14th October, 2019

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

So how did people smell back then, in 19th century, after grooming themselves?
They smelled fresh - but not piercingly so. The freshness is muted and blurred. A bit aromatic. I couldn't get much citrus - maybe only a tiny tiny bit, almost unrecognizeable to me - did they do citrus differently back then?
What I was getting the most was lavender. A bit too much lavender for my liking - but still, it was really great to be able to smell history in a bottle.
14th October, 2019

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

It is dusty, oldschool and sophisticated. Quite mature and unsweet; it's not exactly sexy to me, but it does have sensual and boudoir-ish feel. I read it should be mostly about the rose, but I do not perceive (or don't recognize?) the rose under the cover of dusty musk. Maybe it's because I've been dabbing from my mini bottle, and not spraying? It's not exactly dirty, but it's not clean either. I get the dusty wardrobe feel throughout - somehow it's very common in oldschool scents, I do not understand why. After a while a tiny whiff of spices reaches my nose, and that's when I say - aha! - I can like this after all.
I would not want and would not recommend to wear it to work, somehow it doesn't feel appropriate here. I wouldn't wear it to a party or a date either, though, as I suspect nobody would enjoy it there on me either. I will use my two 10 ml minis at home when alone though - I can't say I really like it, but it has that something that's hard to pinpoint, but it draws you in and makes you sniff your wrists through the evening - and then even reapply some for the night.
Stays until you wash it off, and sometimes even after you wash it off in the shower.
14th October, 2019

Versace Versense by Versace

Fresh, green, citrusy, fizzy, light and bright. Very likeable. Very spring-like. Very uplifting. I applied it on the back of my hand and could feel the joyful sparkly lemony and a bit herbal whiffs of it through the day - I was surprised to see it's quite long lasting. It doesn't shout, but you can feel its presence without sniffing your hand directly. Smells youthful, but definitely not immature - I imagine a professional woman with short hair, glasses, trouser suit, comfortable shoes (as she's always on the run), witty smile and curious attitude rocking this.
14th October, 2019

Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

What a beauty. I'm not surprised it's their most popular one. Very fresh and uplifting, with aromatic twist. Great for summer. Great for anyone. Too bad it's so fleeting - would be amazing to smell it all day.
14th October, 2019

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

I chuckled when I first smelled it, because it has everything to turn me off - it's pink, it's girly, it's obnoxiously sweet, it's candy like, it's Barbies, unicorns, vanilla clouds and candyfloss in a bottle. And, with all that said, I wanted to sniff my inner elbow again and again - because it's childhood memories, rainbows, ponies and happiness in a bottle, and you sometimes want such things bottled and ready to use. And that makes it a perfect guilty pleasure - but a pleasure nonetheless.

It's a fun - if a bit childlike - little scent, it's sweet, oh yes, but in an enveloping, soothing, calming way. It's like a hot cup of cocoa and warm blanket all at once. I feel strawberry underneath, and the vanilla/candyfloss is indeed a bit smoky. And somehow very addictive.

Yes, I got myself a bottle. For such a low price it would be nonsense not to take this little joy home.
14th October, 2019
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Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Lots of lovely spices! I get lots of cinnamon, some cardamom, also something resinous and boozy. There is some rich and sticky sweetness underneath - but not too much sweetness. Quite mature, but in a very very good and sensual way. It's not for little girls - it's for a woman grown, strong, confident, a bit wild, a bit fiery, and, why, smelling delicious.
14th October, 2019

Baptême du Feu by Serge Lutens

Probably my favourite Lutens so far. His scents seem to turn on me a bit, and this one doesn't. A beautiful, rich, fiery, spicy, yet deep, dark and seductive perfume. I'm getting lots of cinnamon - or is it that gunpowder impression that appears cinnamon-y to me? Maybe there are some dried fruits under that to give it some slight sweetness, too - but overall fragrance is not sweet. It does feel like fire - a bit. And the name - Baptism by Fire - is both so beautiful and so fitting here. I couldn't wear this all the time, but I can definitely see myself growing to love it a lot.
14th October, 2019

Trussardi Donna (new) by Trussardi

The EDT version is a bright and light floral with some fruits underneath, but I wouldn't exactly call it fruity. It feels subtle, elegant, clean and calm. Subtle woody base underneath. A lovely daytime scent.
I would gladly wear it to work if someone gave me this.
14th October, 2019

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

I absolutely love it on paper strip and the first minutes on my skin. It's a tobacco gourmand, yes - but never too sweet. The opening is perfectly unisex. Later it dries down to a more masculine scent - a beautiful woody tobacco and spices + some lavender and greenery - I still could pull it off and it's quite nice on me, and I'd gladly wear it if I had it, but I don't feel the need to buy it.
Would be great to smell it on a man - so getting it for your significant other and then snagging some spritzes here and there seems like a really valid option indeed!
14th October, 2019

cK be by Calvin Klein

Much better to me/on me than the blandness of unscented washing powder that is CK One, that's for sure. Though I thought I'd like it a bit more, especially according to the notes. Probably there's a bit too much lavender for me. Clean, simple, easy going, non-intrusive and never cloying daytime scent. Can recommend if you're searching for exactly that though - it has a great price, too.
14th October, 2019

Venezia (new) by Laura Biagiotti

An oldschool big and bold floral, quite mature, a bit cloying on me. After a while all I perceive is jasmine - it's not like there's nothing else going on, there is, but that jasmine is huge on me. Definitely try if you like jasmine-centric florals, stay away if you don't.
14th October, 2019

Pierre Hermé : Pamplemousse Rhubarbe by L'Occitane

A gorgeous juicy and sweet grapefruit sitting here in a bed of some herbs and spices and some lovely floral sweetness - there are no florals in the notes, but I somehow perceive their aroma instead of woods that *are* in the notes. Is this sweetened-with-fruit lavender talking? Ahhh. Anyway. I like it. A must try for every grapefruit freak like me.
14th October, 2019

Pierre Hermé : Jasmin Immortelle Neroli by L'Occitane

Very lovely neroli fragrance. Slightly sweet, sweeter and sunnier than L'Occitane's Néroli & Orchidée. Lovely, very feminine, very spring-like. It seems like these white petals are edible - as if you could chew them. They are almost meaty - for the lack of a better word. Not my style, but really pretty.
14th October, 2019

Herbae by L'Occitane

Opening notes are just cheerful perfection to me. I feel sparkling citruses (probably lemon or bergamot?) and some herbs, it feels very cheery, sunny and summery, slightly sweet, but not too sweet. But then it goes to the absolute soapfest of a soapiest rose I have ever witnessed (okay, haven't tried that much!), and I DO NOT like it at all. If I want to smell like soap, I use soap. The problem is, I never want to smell like soap, so I'd rather conceal the soap smell under some other fragrance or use gel instead. After a couple of hours, fortunately, the soap is gone and the drydown is beautifully green and a bit herbal. Overall it's a very pleasant and subtle fragrance that gives off a vibe of summer fields and sunshine. I do recommend it, especially if you like cheery green herbals and some soap.

Honey wasn't prominent to my nose, the sparkling citrus, various greens/herbs and rosy soap was. Though it does give some subtle sweetness to the scent. If you want prominent honey, L'Occitane's Terre De Lumière is the way to go. The scent leans slightly more feminine to my nose, but feels very suitable to be unisex scent if green, soapy and cheerful is your thing.

I didn't like it enough to buy a bottle because I dislike soapy fragrances (I'm still considering a mini or a small gift set though, because the top notes are simply gorgeous and drydown is really nice), but if I was given one, I would gladly use it as a fresh and cheerful spring/summer daytime scent.

Overall, this seems like quite a safe buy as a gift for a loved one - it is as suitable for a teenager as for a senior, especially if they want some bright summery cheerfulness in their life (and it's hard to find someone who doesn't). And the bottle is really lovely.
14th October, 2019

Chamade Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Current formulation.
Very oldschool and sharp at first, a bit bitter/sour, but the longer it goes, the softer and more beautiful it becomes. It starts off punchy and chypre-like and then later becomes this enveloping, welcoming, purring and soft scent. The start is a bit difficult and a bit too loud and intense to me, but later it gets softer, warmer, creamier and very slightly spicy. Overall I really like it.
14th October, 2019

Aqua Allegoria Passiflora by Guerlain

A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sparkly and juicy grapefruit and lemon from the start. Then the passion fruit comes in, and some flowers - lightly. A watery accord creeps in later - it better didn't - but it doesn't ruin the vivacious fruity happiness. It gets softer, calmer and more watery when it dries down, but remains fresh and lighthearted.
A fruity, joyful and carefree fragrance. Fresh and light, very subtly sweet. Stays around 4 hours on my skin. Best suited for summer.
14th October, 2019

Rabarbaro by L'Erbolario

I think I got the rhubarb and lemon only the first time I tried it - I either am/became a bit anosmic to the top notes or they are really not too pronounced.
On me, it's mainly a subtle and pleasant black tea scent with some subtle spices, clean musk and very very slight sweetness (but it doesn't make the fragrance sweet).

That slight subtle sweetness to it makes it lean a bit more feminine - but overall it's a clean, subtle and pleasant scent that should fit both young and mature people of all sexes and I can't imagine it offending anyone ever.

Great as a daytime scent. Great for those who don't love florals. Not interesting enough for those who want to make an impression other than just being clean and pleasant.

Stays close to the wearer and lasts 10 hours easily on my skin.
13th October, 2019

Itislove by Salvador Dali

Review is for the EDT - who knows, hopefully EDP is better.
I get no grapefruit, no amber and no sandalwood here, only powdery and nose-tickling iris, iris, and more iris. Yet I cannot recommend it for iris lovers either, as the iris here is somewhat flat, hollow and not too interesting.
It was my most unsuccessful blind buy (luckily it costed me just a couple Euros for a mini lip-bottle, so no big deal) ever and was quickly relegated to bathroom spray. Yet, I don't enjoy it much at this position, either. And I usually like Salvador Dali fragrances. At least the bottle is quirky and cute.
13th October, 2019

Twilly d'Hermès Eau Poivrée by Hermès

I thought at first - oh, an even more pink bottle with more boring notes. No ginger that made Twilly so lovely! Ah. But I still tried it next to original - how could I resist?

The interesting thing is that they actually used these completely different main notes - pink pepper instead of ginger, rose instead of tuberose and patchouli instead of sandalwood - to achieve the same mood, the same idea and the same feeling. I mean, you spritz each on your different wrists, and you smell them, and you get the feeling that these are two paintings of the same landscape (or portrait, or nature morte), just done with different colours.

They are very different, but they still are sisters.
I really liked that.

I think I even liked the new Poivrée version a tiny bit more than original - but of course, my favours may change in the future. The original is still probably more unique with its sour ginger, as pink pepper is really prevalent everywhere nowadays – as is rose. But I thoroughly enjoyed the really punchy pepper (it starts off stronger than it's usual for pink pepper, it's similar to black pepper to me at the start, though it mellows down and softens later, unfortunately) and I liked the slightly sour combo of rose and patchouli probably a bit more than slightly sweet and creamy combo of tuberose and sandalwood of original.

For now, I'm not planning to get myself neither one of the sisters, but I'd be really glad to get any of them as a gift. They both are pretty cheerful and energetic, and optimistic, and young, and carefree, and stylish, and pretty. Just like the ad says.
11th September, 2019

Puma Woman by Puma

This was my first fragrance ever - a thoughtful and loving gift from mom and dad to their tomboyish baseball-cap, sneakers, hoodies and oversized t-shirts wearing daughter, a basketball fan, an amateur light athlete and a voracious reader on her 12th or maybe 14th birthday.
And what better fragrance could there be for this kind of teen, if not this full-on sporty, bitter grapefruit (and maybe some bergamot?) smelling and very mossy Puma Woman? There couldn't be. I never thought if I liked it or not during my teenage years, I just sprayed it when needed, it was a simple, no-nonsense scent without fluffy romantics and sweetness, it was a scent of a strong, active and straightforward teen.
Much later on I started getting annoyed by its bitterness and some facets of it reminded me of sweat and dirty sneakers too much so I put it away for many years to discover it again.
And here I am, a woman grown and changed, already learned to embrace my feminine side too, but haven't lost the drive to live and to explore - and to me this bitter mossy grapefruit is a reminder of years past, of that skinny basketball-playing girl with loud laughter, dirty sneakers, oversized t-shirt and dreams too big for her.

top notes: pink grapefruit, apple blossom, green tea
middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley, violet
base notes: cedar, sandalwood, oakmoss
17th June, 2019

Flowing for Women by Puma

I do get some very synthetic and plastic berries, overall impression - a sticky Barbie leg resting in a plastic cup full of the cheapest kind of fizzy raspberry drink.
The tester vial I found running through my old stuff is probably 15 years old though - it might be that Flowing just didn't age well.

Top Notes Freesia, Raspberry, Mandarin, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Mimosa, Violet, Iris, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Musk
17th June, 2019

Black Opium Nuit Blanche by Yves Saint Laurent

I really like Black Opium EDP, the smell of its sweet orange blossom vanilla syrup with a pinch of coffee just makes me happy. And what is the best quality for a fragrance if not making you happier? I just always secretly wished - if Black Opium was a tiny bit less sugary, a bit more spicy and a bit less flowery, and the coffee was a bit more prominent, then it would be just perfect.

And finally, I found perfect.

Black Opium Nuit Blanche by Yves Saint Laurent is exactly what I wanted - it's all creamy vanilla latte, it has less flowers (only some orange blossom), more coffee, more vanilla, more pepper (or at least I feel it more), it's still very sweet, but its sweetness isn't the loud berry-ish sweetness of Black Opium (and not the totally unbearable sugar dose of EDT and Floral Shock!), but the creamy and soft sweetness of vanilla and latte foam.

The first 20-30-40 minutes I'm overwhelmed by vanilla and Nuit Blanche seems even sweeter than Black Opium EDP, but you actually feel coffee all the time. And it's not black coffee or coffee beans, this is creamy foamy milky latte in all its glory. As vanilla gets softer, the latte comes out more and more, and its smell covers you like a cosy blanket and makes you feel all warm and happy.

Sillage seems quite big especially the first hour or so, later the scent gradually becomes softer, but you always get that vanilla latte smell. Longevity is medium, but it seems like on me it lasts longer than Black Opium EDP.

I can't stop sniffing my wrists because they smell like vanilla latte and freshly baked pepper cookies.
Now I know how happiness smells, at least for me. For me it smells like creamy vanilla latte and pepper cookies, or like Black Opium Nuit Blanche by Yves Saint Laurent.
09th January, 2019