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That Man by Revlon

Very satisfying chypre, I actually enjoy this more than Chanel Pour Monsieur vintage. Isn't as complex, but more enjoyable.

Well worth the price of admission.

13th February, 2020

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Smells pleasant at first, but after 8 hours of linearness, my stomach turns from something deep down sickly sweet. It's not noticeable at first, but it's just too much, even in an office environment and out of the heat.

Between this and the Platinum Egoiste, it's getting hard to find a summer resistant office friendly scent that doesn't turn my stomach...

For vetiver, I'll stick with Kenzo Air Intense and Lalique Encre Noir.
13th February, 2020

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Really getting to me after 7 hours of repetitive, linear, aquaticness. The sweetness is not edible, and not noticeably cloying, but after so long it really needs to stop!. And I eat frog legs, gator, raw oysters, sashimi, sushi, etc...

Well blended, but boring, pedestrian, and done before a thousand times.

Great for Mad Men types, maybe?

Pass me the Boss, Ho Hang Club, or Woodcut and get me out of this 90's commercial nightmare, pronto!
05th February, 2020
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Woodcut by Olympic Orchids

Awesome woodie, smells like I came in from sawing pines in the backyard, but without the sweat. I don't get much oak, but maybe the supporting role keeps it hidden?

Cedar is detectable, but not overpowering. The pine weaves in nicely. I don't get the burnt sugar, which is good, I think sweetness would detract from this elixir. As would too much vanilla, which is hidden from my nose as well. Maybe these, along with the oak, simply prevent the cedar and pine from overwhelming the senses?

Built on the "house sauce", which Olympic Amber had as well. But I like this base juice, so that's a plus for me.

Lasts all day, and although leaning linear, I do not grow weary of the scent. I get to enjoy this blend for 12+ hours.

Wonderful product from a great house, FBW in my opinion.

31st January, 2020

Le Club de Balenciaga / Ho Hang Club by Balenciaga

Less honey & civet(urine) than Boss (no number one),
not as dark as Dali Pour Homme,
sits perfectly in the middle with good blending, quality ingredients, and additional notes.

My splash bottle decanted into an atomizer was lacking in longevity, but with only 2.5 sprays maybe I just needed another full squirt.

4.5/5.0. Worth every penny at today's prices.
31st January, 2020

V pour Homme by Valentino

A stunning example of the tragedy of modern perfumery:


A tad powdery, but not in the classic dandy barbershop fashion.

So faint I must bury my nose in it.

Soft and feminine.

Glad this one bit the dust, let this unicorn fly away.


14th January, 2020

Olympic Amber by Olympic Orchids

Awesome performance and longevity, one spray lasts all day.

The transitions are subtle, but also last all day, so it stays interesting. From smokey, to resinous, and back again.

The smoke is never burnt smelling, and the Amber is never powdery. A wonderful build, with quality ingredients.

Very satisfying, an outstanding scent. Only detraction would be, I think this may be limited to cooler/colder weather. YMMV.

4/5 or higher
09th January, 2020

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Almost a neutral, and solely for the strength. Which is terrible. And I sought out a vintage bottle.

However, the scent itself is fabulous! Soapy-ish, but not powdery. Lemony, but not abrasive. Spicy, but tame. Clove is listed, but dialed way back.

This is very classy, very office friendly, and very versatile. Quality juice, just needs some oomph behind it.
03rd January, 2020

Bijan for Men by Bijan

This is a cross between Chanel Pour Monsieur and Lauder for Men, but I'm not sure of the vintage of my bottle so YMMV.

Loud opening, and "classic" or "dated", though not powdery. Monster projection for an hour or less until it draws near. Then maybe a 3ft scent bubble.

Even while clearing land and burning brush, I could smell this 8-9 hours later.

I prefer Lauder for Men, but I'll take Bijan for Men over Chanel Pour Monsieur. 6.5-7.0/10

02nd January, 2020

Rush for Men by Gucci

Pros: A pleasant incense aroma that's not challenging. I get a hint of vetiver to boot.

Cons: Poor longevity on skin, average on clothes. Linear. Prohibitively expensive for what it is.

At a $30-$40 per 50ml price point, maybe a buy.
01st January, 2020

Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Almost a neutral, as this leans feminine. Powdery as well.

However, this is quality juice and has a pleasant ambery ambiance. But the powder and feminine side detract from what could be a Grand Slam. Instead, a ground rule double.

Scent: 6/10
Longevity: 8/10
Silage: 9/10
25th December, 2019

Leather Blend by Davidoff

I really enjoy the fruity(from juicy rose?) leather interpretation, but the synthetic backbone kills it for me.

This synthetic accord is not near as headache inducing as say, Dior Sauvage, but it is quite noticeable and detracts from the enjoyment of the scent.

Pretty linear to boot. But I could look past this if the profile wasn't so apparently artificial. Not bottle worthy for me.

Good Longevity though.

23rd December, 2019

Intoxicated by By Kilian

Bought the ticket, enjoyed the ride, glad I didn't buy the season pass! Not worth the price of admission, IMO. YMMV.

Almost a neutral, probably should be when price is considered. Will let someone else enjoy the rest of my sample.
18th December, 2019
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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Thumbs up for the 2007 version: very beast mode, 1 spray lasts 12 hours with longevity and silage, 12 more as a skin scent. Sweeter, but not too heavy.

Thumbs down for the current version: too heavy, tobacco leaf is too prominent, just smells cheaper or has less craftsmanship.

Either way, it is linear and can be cloying. For my money, I'll take vintage D&GPH, vintage Dreamer, or try something else.

Poor Tom, he tries soo hard. But he never can make it across the finish line on his own team. He played much better on other teams....
18th December, 2019

Carven Homme by Carven

Classic! The Envy reference is there, but this is better IMO. The patch is dialed down, and cracks of cinnamon shine through. Lavender sits at the back and stays quiet, while tarragon and ginger timeout in the corner. Everyone plays nice, this is a well blended fare.

With 1 spray to each side of my neck, I can get through an 8 hour work day enjoying this throughout. Even after 12 hours, I'll still catch a waft here and there.

FBW, with backup, IMO.
18th December, 2019

Chergui by Serge Lutens

There is an interesting "cola" type smell in the background, maybe the tobacco, honey, and incense/amber? I would like to smell more of it, but a boot full of powder(iris?) is curb-stomping it into submission. This is not the "makeup bag" Dior Homme type of iris(my preference), but a tin dish full of powder type of iris.

Unisex is an overstatement, this is full on feminine. I'm not waiting for the "cola" smell to reveal itself from under iris' boot, this is getting scrubbed....
18th December, 2019

Nuit d'Issey Pulse of the Night by Issey Miyake

Almost neutral, but as far as modern synthetics go, this one is actually OK. If you're a fan of BdC &/or DS, you'll eat this stuff up.

Not headachey
Pleasant, light incense detected

Leans feminine, or at least too far unisex

6.5/10, sold my bottle. Not stable worthy.
17th December, 2019

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

This one's almost a neutral, as it leans too far feminine. I love the scent, but I probably enjoy the EDT more. Even though it leans feminine as well.

Somewhat linear, and I definitely wouldn't want to wear this in the heat and humidity. Good evening scent, wish it was more masculine though.

Full bottle worthy? Hard to say. When winter hit, I was longing for the EDT I had previously sold. Would I feel the same if I sold the EDP and the next winter hit?
15th December, 2019

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

Creamy, buttery lemon.

Lasts all day, with 2-3 sprays.

And on my clothes in the mornin'.

Great juice, the wife loves it. The only gripe would be that it's fairly linear.
04th December, 2019

Santal Royal by Guerlain

Red Door for the 21st century, but "unisex".

This is a scrubber.... Glad it's only a sample.

Honestly, this is the absolute last Guerlain I'll ever try.

Edit: After 15 minutes of pure olfactory punishment, I wrapped a washrag around a bar of soap and took a few mils of skin off in the shower.

And I may need to repaint my bedroom, as there was a thick fog of Santal Red Door Royal hovering over the bed. AFTER the scrub session..... So if nuclear beastmode Red Door is your thing, well roll around for a week with a spritz of Santal Royal.
03rd December, 2019

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

Chemical mess, scent notes clash, something doesn't fit well at all with the tobacco, and the (sort of) raspberry is very synthetic.

Glad I was gifted a sample, which saved me from a(nother) bad blind buy..
02nd December, 2019

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Thumbs up for a great scent, great longevity, average silage.


Thumbs down for ripping off Kenzo Air Intense a year after its release.
02nd December, 2019

Gold Knight by By Kilian

Maybe it's my skin chemistry, but I get a near carbon copy of Creed's Royal Oud, with a powdery twist.

I'll definitely take the Creed, every time.

02nd December, 2019

Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

To me, leans strongly feminine, so the "Unisex" label was a misnomer.

Very powdery, and I do get a slight medicinal cherry, but not a familiar cherry. Sharp, medicinal, cherry-ish scent?

I don't get the Tonka. Or vanilla. Or cocoa. Or woods.

Maybe praline? Maybe caramel? Not much of either, if any.

This was a big disappointment, as I had high hopes given the house, the nose, and the note pyramid. Maybe my chemistry just doesn't jive? For the money, there are much better choices.
26th November, 2019

Blu Mediterraneo : Bergamotto di Calabria by Acqua di Parma

Wonderful fizzy/effervescent citric intro, one of the best I've experienced! The intro was truly spectacular for this novice nose.

However, projection was extremely poor - especially for an EDT at this price point. Longevity, as a skin scent, was average. I could smell faint wafts throughout the day.

There wasn't much progression throughout the life of this ADP, so if that's important to you try to sample first. I love the character, so the linear feel to this one was acceptable, today. Though that aspect may make for less use over time.

In my opinion, not full bottle worthy at any retail price I've seen. A good deal on a partial with box & cap? It would have to be a real good deal.
10th September, 2019

Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

I much prefer this to Tobacco Vanille & "effing" Fabulous, I only wish Noir Extreme was as well constructed.

This is a beautiful date-night scent, which suffers from a synthetic let-down. This should cost half as much, or less, for the quality you get.

Nonetheless, it is the only Tom Ford creation that I would actually spend currency to purchase. The vanilla is much more enjoyable, for me, than either T.V. or V.E. But alas, my wife does not care for the scent so currency will be apportioned elsewhere.

Overall: 6/10
Longevity: 7/10
Projection: 5/10
08th September, 2019

Jimmy Choo Man Blue by Jimmy Choo

A pleasant, clean, fresh, synthetic, office-friendly scent.

Not near as headachy as Dior Sauvage EDP or Bleu De Chanel, but I was ready to get rid of this one by the end of the day. Not that this is similar to either, but that the modern synthetics that appear in the new Dior, Chanel, etc. "blues" makes a similar, albeit faint, appearance in Mr. Choo's Man Blue.

Nothing memorable here, the samples are off to another home.
08th September, 2019

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I was really looking to enjoy this one, but the hype simply isn't worth dropping the coin on a bottle of well constructed Coolwater by Davidoff.

I'm very sorry that this came first and Coolwater was very "inspired" by GIT, but I can't justify a ~$300 purchase of something that smells so similar to a very prominent, widely distributed, hugely popular $30 scent.

The Neutral rating is due to the name; there is nothing about this fragrance that invokes Irish scenery, Green scenery, or Tweed style perfumery. I get Fresh, Aquatic, and Clean. Maybe this should be called Fresh River Dance?
08th September, 2019

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

The entrance is too powdery and soft for me, if that's your gig you'll enjoy this one.

Faint hints of sweet and fruity notes that I'd like to smell more of, but they hide in the background.

Poor strength and weak silage, which is great as I won't have to work hard washing this one off for an evening scent.

If this is what women "Desire" to smell on men, kindly count me out.
08th September, 2019

Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

Far better than the EDT, while behaving like an EDT. The projection is pretty magnificent, even after 8 hours of running errands in the Texas swamp in the summer this still filled up our CUV. Much more than a skin scent after a full summer day, this is high quality performance from an EDP.

The Terre EDP does not have near the "earthy" (B.O.) drydown that the current EDT has. Very pleasant transition into the base, while keeping a citrusy quality far longer than any other citrus scent I've tried.

Teetering at the edge of "heavy", balancing the vetiver away from the "earthy" side, all the while staying clean, masculine, and dark in a scent that is summer and humidity friendly, with fabulous longevity and projection? Wow. Just wow. Hats off to TDH EDP for pulling this feat off!!
25th August, 2019