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Hacivat by Nishane

I just blew through a sample of Hacivat that I received with a recent order from Luckyscent. The scent is dominated by a hyper-realistic pineapple note and oak moss. Extremely well blended and natural smelling. Performance is beastly, but It smells so good and mass appealing that I have no problem wearing it in the office. I would love to make this my signature scent. I am even considering selling several niche bottles from my collection to afford a small bottle of this stupidly-expensive perfume. Hacivat is not unique, but it smells so natural and performs so well that I honestly think it justifies the price. If you don’t mind dropping $250 on 50 ml of something that may elicit compliments like: “You smell good, I love Aventus,” then this is definitely for you. Sarcasm aside, 10/10 fragrance.
11th July, 2019