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Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

I really wish this performed better as it's quite pleasant. I like the mandarin and other citrus notes, and they mix well with the tobacco and spices. But it just doesn't project. I usually expect citrus scents to jump off the skin a bit more, but no luck. After an hour I have to put my wrist right up to my nose in order to get it. There's bound to be much better options out there for the same price or less.
08th July, 2019

1 Million Privé by Paco Rabanne

I remember I used to like the OG One million when I was at uni. Now I take a whiff of the original and am assaulted by all the bubblegum sweetness. For me, part of the problem there is it being so sweet I can barely tell the notes apart. Sadly, this version isn't that much better.

As far as powder bombs go it's a good one, but those just aren't my style anymore. It's certainly more pleasant than the original, especially once it tones down a bit after the first hour. But I was hoping to really get the cinnamon and tobacco in a distinct way, where they ended up drowned in sugar.
03rd July, 2019

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

I simultaneously love and am disappointed by Oud Wood. It's beautiful. Spicy, woody, and sweet. It's not harsh by any means and is just as much a gourmand as it is an oriental. It's not in the notes, but I almost get a bit of cinnamon, like someone's baking snickerdoodles in a dense sappy forest. Has me periodically taking sniffs of my wrist throughout the day.

All that said, like others, for me the performance is not great. Two hours of projection, followed by another four as a mild (albeit still nice) skin scent. Must have been weakened as many with older bottles claim it to be beast. For what it costs, I deserve the beast I'm not getting. Wouldn't pay retail for it as it stands, but keeping my eye out for cheap decants.
03rd July, 2019
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Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

I was really hoping to like this one a lot. It's still pretty nice but not exceptional. I've worn the original AdG a lot. I'm not a freshie guy at all but AdG does it well. My complaint with the original is a hint of soapyness and poor longevity.

This was described as (and is for sure) the original, just made richer and darker with incense and patchouli. Not sure if those are the two notes I would have picked for the job, but I still do like it more than the original. Didn't last THAT much longer. Faded from my arms in about four hours. But all in all I enjoyed it. Certainly worth a shot if it sounds interesting to you.
01st July, 2019

Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge by Jacomo

The creators deserve credit. They recreated Le Male (and did a good job of it) for a third of the price. That said, I'm not a fan of Le Male in the first place so that isn't winning any points for me. Hard to pick out any notable differences between the two without having the other in front of me. In the opening I almost feel like there was a bit of a cherry cough syrup vibe. But maybe that's just mental association with the color of the bottle. Was hoping the listed praline note might be a bit more prominent but that wasn't the case for me. Just lots of powdery bubblegum sweetness. Not my thing, but it may be yours.
27th June, 2019

Versace Man by Versace

Ordered a sample of this one because others have said it reminds them of grape Swishers. Sounded lovely to me. The grape is there but I don't get much of it. It’s a pretty good sweet and ambery tobacco. Pleasant and definitely worth a try if that sounds like your jam. But it didn't wow me.
27th June, 2019

Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

This one was interesting for me. I put it on both my wrists and my chest, and both smelled different. On the wrists I more or less got what I expected. A little rum, but not terribly boozy, and some sweetness and dark spices to go along with. On my chest though I got an interesting sweet and powdery yet sour and sharp combo that I wasn't expecting. It reminded me a bit of the USA Smarties candy. Interestingly enough, that's the same feeling I got when I tried Tom Ford's Black Orchid (which was mistakenly put in the men's section of Sephora). I'm not sure what could have caused the diverging scent profile, but both scents were interesting in their own right. Nothing truly special either way however.
25th June, 2019

Versace pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace

I'm very new to the world of oud so my opinion isn't worth too much. But I really enjoyed this one! Definitely assertive, felt a bit risky wearing it in the office but I like taking risks. It also really soaks into the skin and projects. After about six hours I thought it was done and then I broke a sweat and it was back just as strong as before. Certainly would come back to this one if I don't find other ouds I like more.
25th June, 2019

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This is really pleasant, and to me, inoffensive. I get the feeling that others consider it a spicy, assertive fragrance better suited for a night out than a casual setting. But, I could completely see myself wearing this at the office. Maybe it's because this plays with lavender and I already have a boozier sophisticated lavender scent in my collection (Fahrenheit Parfum), that I'd use for those special occasions.

Not sure if the projection or longevity are particularly awesome as it did feel like a skin scent within a couple hours. Overall it smells nice and is certainly worth checking out, but right now there's nothing about this that screams "I need a bottle!".
23rd June, 2019

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

I was really excited to try this one. From looking at the notes it really seemed up my alley. Amaretto is one of my favorite liqueurs and tonka is always great. But this was really a disappointment. The opening really does nothing for me at all. It's simultaneously sharp and powdery in an unpleasant way. It comes off strangely floral and almost feels like an old woman's perfume.

After 30 to 60min as those notes start to die down I get to notice the almond and a tonka a bit more. But after such a sharp opening it's actually hard to appreciate them, like my nose has gone numb to it. Maybe if I could skip right to the drydown this would be wearable. But, I can't stand the opening enough to try this again.
22nd June, 2019

Kouros Silver by Yves Saint Laurent

The original Kouros was a musky civet affair. Not knowing anything about it at the time, the first time I smelled it at the store I put my nose right up to the strip, took a big whiff and audibly gagged. Kouros Silver is something completely different entirely. Less gagging, more rooty-tooty Fresh and Fruity.

Makes me wonder why they even bothered to call this Kouros? Fans of the original (whoever they may be) will be disappointed by the lack of animalic notes, and those that hated the original might be turned off from trying any flankers in the first place.

On it's own I'd say it's fairly inoffensive, nothing exceptional to bring me back though. Does still manage to remind me of an older man's fragrance, without having any of the notes I'd normally attach to that sentiment. Not bad, but it's not for me.
22nd June, 2019

Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior

I was expecting to like this more than the EDT but I'm actually fairly disappointed. The opening with the anise and the sichuan is definitely sweeter, but to me it's not very fitting with the rest of the scent. This version also appears to hit the ambroxan note much harder, which I am not into. Just comes off artificial and soapy. That said, it's still wearable and not inherently a bad scent. Just not what I'm into.
21st June, 2019

Gentleman Cologne by Givenchy

This doesn't smell bad by any stretch of the imagination. But to me it almost smells like absolutely nothing at all. I get the iris and a little bit of citrus right at the start, but that's really about it. If you're looking for something subtle then I'm sure this is fine. But to me it's a waste of time and money to put on anything that doesn't stand out more than my fabric softener.

The only one I'd really recommend from this "new Gentleman" line is the EDP.

EDIT: Today I decided to spray on twice as much as before, both to use up the rest of my sample, and also to see if I could get anything more from it. It certainly smells clean, and sticks a bit longer. Not terribly soapy. But there's just so many other more interesting things out there.
17th June, 2019 (last edited: 18th June, 2019)
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Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

This is a special one. How do you take something lavender fronted and make it mature and masculine? By loading it up with warmth, booze, and vanilla, that's how! The rum note is great in this.

And speaking of warmth, it's impressive how this can be a wholly distinct scent from the EDT while still connecting in your mind through that heat. There's something a little smokey or metallic (I think it's from the violet leaves) that is ever so slightly evocative of the original, while still being sophisticated and not smelling like you just got off work at the auto shop. I do love the original in it's own right though.

As some other Fahrenheit flankers have gotten discontinued over the years, I made sure to grab a 75ml, which I'll cherish as long as I can.
17th June, 2019

Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss

Fair warning: I'm new to the world of oud. So I can't describe how "real" the note I get out of this is. All I know is that I love the pungent opening of this. And it has just the right bit of sweetness to balance.

I'm actually surprised that others have said that the apple and other fruity notes fade away quickly. For me I actually got less oud and woody notes in the drydown and more traditional Boss Bottled scent, which was a disappointment. Longevity and sillage were both strong on me. For now I'll put this as thumbs up, with the potential to switch to neutral if I find other ouds which I love from top to bottom.
16th June, 2019

Eau de Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

This is really lovely. It's 100% beachy suntan lotion vibes as others have said (which does make me wonder if I should just slather on the real thing for much cheaper). But, it's a very pleasant scent, and as someone who has looked through every "blue" fragrance for something I liked and come up with nothing, this feels like a very good summer frag to me.

Some others have said that it comes off too feminine. And yes I do get more floral notes in the drydown, but I think it's certainly unisex. I don't want to live in a world where men can't put on something that smells like coconut.

I do feel that the longevity is lacking, but I have yet to find a summer frag I've loved that lasts any longer so that's not a great concern. Would like to try the EDP soon but haven't gotten the chance
15th June, 2019

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It may not be astounding or incredibly inventive, but AdG is pleasant and wholly inoffensive. Fresh, marine, and clean without being soapy. It makes an easy day to day scent, and it's no wonder it's the only thing I wore during a month-long bout of depression when I couldn't be bothered with anything else. That said, now that I'm feeling better and actually taking a closer look at it, I do have issues with the longevity. Today I wore it on my wrists and neck. After 3 hours it was completely gone from my wrists and barely hanging onto my neck. That to me is a shame, since it has a lot else going for it.
14th June, 2019

Sauvage by Christian Dior

As a big fan of the original Eau Sauvage and the EDP, this is a little disappointing to share the namesake. Was soapy on my first try but the notes have started to separate more on my second wear. I get the bergamot, some pepper and a bit of a nondescript floral note, but its still fairly muddled. It's certainly not a bad fragrance by any stretch of the imagination, it seems wearable in any situation, so I can see why it would be someone's go-to. But for me, I like something that stands out a bit more, and I don't think this quite deserves the hype.
13th June, 2019