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Vegas Cologne by Wiseguys Cologne

This is a gem! If you like niche-quality at a good price tag this is hands-down the best deal of the for me.

Projection/Longevity: 5/5
Scent: 5/5
Price: about $55-65
Bottle: very impressive in person than it appears in pictures. Atomizer has a really high output. The label seems to be laser printed onto the glass. The color of the juice and the simplicity of the glass make it look really elegant.

If you wanna know more details. It is a mixture of sweet tobacco, lavender, tonka bean, and booziness. It is well-blended, and you can smell each component individually. As the fragrance evolves I find myself deeply appreciating how good the tobacco note really is. It smells like a high quality sweet pipe tobacco represented in technicolor as fragrance.

The opening is pretty much this elixir, and, in the mid, a camphorous quality emerges within the blend giving it a effervescent sparkle. I sprayed two sprays and it easily lasted for 10 -12 hours on my skin. As mentioned earlier, this is niche-quality juice for peanuts, and the message it evokes is one of simple elegance. It is one of those fragrances that will keep you smelling yourself because it is that good.
07th December, 2019