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Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

I have the reformulation and I have never smelled the vintage nor do I care too. This is some quality juice for the price. It’s light, manly, spicy and for a gentlemen. From daily, casual to dressy, it’s very versatile and can be worn year around.

Longevity is not great so big deal, I carry an atomizer. Silage is perfect for the office. You will get noticed but it’s never a punch in the face.
24th June, 2020

Cool Water by Davidoff

Big thumbs down, I literally hate this stuff on my skin that’s the problem. Smells good on my brother so I gave it to him.

Aspen and Tres Nuit are so much closer to GIT. I do not detect any grassiness in CW. Smells cheap and bland on my skin. In a word, literally, yuck.
15th June, 2020

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

I love Vetiver and this is a unique take on it. It’s fresh on the start and the dry down is perfectly balanced between wordiness and Vetiver with a hint of lime and mint. Great all year around. It’s great for the office but can be worn casually. This is not unisex in my opinion. It’s a mans cologne.
26th May, 2020
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