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100 - 1914-2014 by E. Marinella

Make no mistake, this is no Aventus clone. This is fine craftsmanship. Italian quality and made with the very finest ingredients. Starts off with a gorgeous bergamot opening, followed by amber and cypress with thyme joining in adding depth to the entire composition but never overpowering the cypress. Then the leather comes into play, neither harsh nor transparent, just perfectly blended. Overall, 100 is bright, warm, slightly leathery and herbal due to the pine and the thyme and at the final dry down, it becomes all about sandalwood. An all season fragrance for me but I prefer to wear it in the fall.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Vespero by Jeroboam

If you remove the resin, saffron, and overly done sweetness found in Tuscan Leather and replace it with cedar, musk and patchouli you get Vespero. An instant love for me since I never liked TL for it's loud stickiness. What you get here is smoke and leather, a touch of florals, and musky woods headlined with a touch of bergamot and apple. Starts off a little fruity at first but once it dries down it becomes dark, mysterious, and very classy. Performance is great also, but sits close to the skin - which is what I prefer anyways. I love it.
24th October, 2019

Tsar Cologne by Van Cleef & Arpels

My bottle looks exactly like this but it's not labeled cologne, its an EDT. It's also not a woman's fragrance and leans masculine so Basenotes please fix. There's definitely more than what the note pyramid states as well. This is dark, green, leathery, piney, mossy and soapy. To my nose, THIS version indeed reminds me like it could be a cross between Vintage Polo Green and Nobile. Excellent elegant stuff.
12th October, 2019
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