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Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior

This one is kind of a meh for me. I was interested trying out a Sauvage EDP sample I got when picking up a bottle of Eau Sauvage... didnít have a big impact on me for all the hype surrounding it.

Itís pleasant, somewhat bright and rounded on top of the ambroxan dollop and performs well, but I just donít feel any great emotion one way or another when smelling it.

Canít see a great reason to purchase it over a bottle of, say, Versace Dylan Blue (or one of a dozen other blue fragrances), unless youíre greatly concerned about that extra hint of peppery brightness and about purchasing a scent that came before its copycat (although youíre purchasing a derivative creation no matter what in that example).

The EDT I sampled on a tester strip seemed a lot more fun, if harsh. I may take a closer look at it, but the EDP just didnít grab me.
18th November, 2019

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Not much I can add... at the least I had the interesting experience of testing Sauvage Parfum and EDP when purchasing Eau Sauvage.

Granted, theyíre not meant to be the same and are aimed at totally different audiences, but it kind of shocks me just how much more I like Eau Sauvage. The citrus and rosemary opening is epic - I definitely didnít get any cumin in the opening though, so it was bizarre seeing that listed as a note.

I did notice the hedione that a few base notes reviewers seem to have called out as sickly sweet. It does get somewhat rich in the heart with the basil and iris, but I found it to have an enjoyable, fresh, dapper barbershop vibe, certainly not sickly sweet like a modern ambroxan and vanilla bomb.

I donít mind that it doesnít have much sillage, because I honestly spend most of my days at work and canít be choking people out with a ďprojection beast.Ē

I get the classic status and love having a bottle in my collection. Two emphatic thumbs up.
13th November, 2019

Artisan Blu by John Varvatos

I ended up with this more by accident than anything - there was a 125 mL bottle available at an insanely cheap price, so I thought, fuggit, just buy blind, how bad can it be?

I should like this. I like aquatic leaning fragrances and citruses, but something about the vegetal note from the chayote just smacks me in the face when I try wearing this. It slices right through my enjoyment.

I'll experiment with it later in the summer and see how it goes, because I kind of have no choice. Hopefully someone notices the way it smells and I can set them up for a regift, or I can just acclimate to the chayote and start enjoying this.

Neutral, because your mileage may vary.

Update: Shifted to thumbs up, if a touch unenthusiastic.

I tried this again and get a lot more citrus and the good stuff that I like. The weird, piercing note that hit me when I first tried this hasnít come back. I have no idea if that was just me on the day or what.

This is likeable without really doing much to me emotively.
08th November, 2019 (last edited: 11th November, 2019)
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Viking by Creed

Like andrewthecologne guy, my initial reaction to spraying Viking on my skin was ďhuh, Cinnamon?Ē

Iím honestly shocked itís not listed as a note. Something about the way the pepper, mint and patchouli interacted with my skin definitely gave that impression.

Another wear from my tester may get a better impression from me, but initially all I felt was ďmehĒ .... this isnít a bad scent, it really just doesnít wow me. ironically it has a much better sandalwood presence than original Santal and I do like all of the notes in the composition, so I will give it another day of testing for shits and giggles.

I donít see this getting discounted the way that older creeds do, so I canít come close to justifying the price value proposition.

Unenthusiastic neutral. Just meh.
08th November, 2019

Original Vetiver by Creed

It took wearing this a few times to understand it, but now that I have Iím seriously considering making it my next Creed on the shelf. I picked up Guerlain Vetiver a few weeks ago and itís been in my rotation since. It kind of set my expectations for an earthy, direct, robust vegetal tone and thatís not at all what comes with Original Vetiver.

Now that Iíve let the fresh cut, vibrant grassy accord have a chance, I love it. The floral notes and ginger have been blended gorgeously to contribute to a really solid overall effect. This scent immediately brings back sense memories of holidays from my childhood, and the soapiness from the iris in the dry down is clean and luxuriant.

Thumbs up. I canít imagine it as a night time scent and itís uniquely suited to spring and summer, but your mileage may vary.
08th November, 2019

Acqua di GiÚ Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Oddly enough, given my age and preference for freshies, the original Acqua di Gio was just something I never wore. Somehow as an Elder Milennial/Last of Gen X, I skipped straight from CK One to Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Pour Homme, largely because I didn't want to go from one ubiquitous fragrance to another.

The DNA, of course, is familiar... it used to be in all of the places, permeating all of the things. What surprised me is how much fun it is to revisit with its more balanced composition. Right now this has to be one of the most solid all rounders on my shelf and certainly one of the stronger designer fragrances.

Initially I had some doubts about the value, but I've been quietly pleased with my purchase. Thumbs up.
08th November, 2019

Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue by Versace

Very reminiscent of a Lynx/Axe shower gel on the opening... not in a bad way. I used to really love my blue shower gel... but there's just nothing really imaginative or attention grabbing about this scent to me.

Mister surgery hit this on the nose, this is a fragrance that doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.

Still, it's largely likeable, available at some significantly discounted prices if you shop around and much more versatile and user friendly than Eros.

Unenthusiastic thumbs up (Orange Cassidy style thumbs up, if you've seen his work).
08th November, 2019

Aventus by Creed

Second Creed bottle Iíve purchased, second Iíve been happy with. There have been some great informative reviews, so Iíll try and do something difference and give a novices take to other newcomers:

1) Ignore the BS, toxic masculinity and white noise, just focus on the fragrance

2) Batch variation might be of use to refer to on your second or third bottle, but donít sweat it. I have a 2019 batch that smells great - not super smoky in the opening, leans much more heavily on pineapple and black currant, the birch is understated, but itís definitely balanced. More birch smoke would be nice, and at this price point itís a painus in the anus to know Iíve just missed out, but I have neither the patience nor the budget to go hunting for an elusive unicorn batch. I can live with the slightly fruitier version.

Bear in mind, several long term users report the difference in skin scent may be noticed by the wearer with batch variation, but the overall scent cloud seems to project with a fairly consistent aroma to others.

To keep things simple Iím happy with my purchase, even if Aventus does seem like it would be the signature scent of a modern Patrick Bateman.

I have zero desire to ďconverseĒ with the alpha dude bros who worship at the altar of Aventus, but I can appreciate it for what it is. If you can internally justify the price/value proposition, thumbs up.

Update: Iím not sure if this is unique to me or my current situation (high levels of stress), but Iíve gone functionally anosmic to Aventus today. Itís still projecting well and Iím being complimented, but I canít notice it at all myself.
07th November, 2019 (last edited: 08th November, 2019)

Royal Mayfair by Creed

This was a challenging scent to articulate my feelings about. I can appreciate what the aim was, but itís absolutely not for me.

The opening is brash and unapologetic, just a tonne of eucalyptus and the ďginĒ aromatics punching you in the nose. I kind of get a lime pith feel, but itís more harsh than uplifting.

Ultimately itís the floral notes that kill this for me. Itís far to reminiscent of dried rose petals and pot pourri, definitely comes across as a grandmotherly smell to me. I get that not everyone will associate the same sense memories with these notes, but I just canít get past it. Neutral.
07th November, 2019

Aventus Cologne by Creed

As usual, Zealot Crusader hit the nail on the head - this is Aventus for a climate with killer summers. Iím about to head into an Australian summer and I like Aventus - surely Iím the target market?

Oddly enough a couple of days before I got my Aventus Cologne sample, I got a whiff of Mont Blanc Adventure on a testing strip. I like them both... but I just donít like Aventus Cologne enough to fork out the money for it.

If Iím considering paying well above the going rate for most designer fragrances, I expect some originality on the behalf of the creator, not just good execution.

Neutral - itís not bad per se, but I canít recommend it and canít see anyone but a diehard Creed brand advocate wanting it.
07th November, 2019

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This is quite a challenging one for me because I love fresh scents and bergamot and mandarin feature among my favored notes. Having a freshie that would project nicely for me in winter would be a really nice addition to my shelf, but something about the green tea just doesnít agree with my skin.

For me, this scent projects super feminine, which is a shame because I love it on a tester, along with the idea, the inspiration and the overall composition.

Price, like with all Creeds, represents debatable value, but this is undoubtedly well crafted.

Neutral for me, but by all means worth a decant - if it works for you, this could be an interesting signature fragrance.
07th November, 2019

Original Santal by Creed

First Creed fragrance I have actively disliked. ZC brings the heart of my objection to the fore straight off the bat - thereís no effing sandalwood.

General marketing rant - if ran a Brasserie and put steak frites on the menu, then served a single poached egg with a mountain of fries and salad, how would my customers react?

If youíre naming a fragrance after a note, by all means, add depth and dimension, but donít forget the effing steak.

On the upside, the vanilla and tonka in the base arenít overdone (a la Versace Eros with its rank ambroxan bombing), and while the opening is just on the passable side of cloying, the performance, as expected, is above average.

I donít have the knowledge or points of reference about the fragrances this has followed (Iím only vaguely familiar with montblanc individual), but overall I just found this too sweet, characterless and tepid to be interesting. Steak and sandalwood free thumbs down.
07th November, 2019

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Wow. Mistersurgeryís review is pretty bang on, but I thought Iíd add my two cents because this is a truly impressive creation.

Part of a recent sample selection I received from a Creed boutique purchase and just... wow.

Okay. The depth in VIW comes from its simplicity. Lime and coconut powerhouse with rum weaving in and out. Eerily reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s tanning lotion (which evokes powerful scent memories of some incredibly beautiful women from my youth). You can kind of just pick out the Ylang Ylang and Jasmine from the coconut in the dry down, but only very faintly... and not to the point youíd care beyond the calming effect.

The lime is eerily natural most of the way through and only noticeably synthetic for a fraction of its projection... everything else is simple, but picture perfect in its execution.

It wonít form a part of my collection unless I become an overnight millionaire. But if I had the ducats to spare, the sheer whimsy of this would convince me to keep a bottle on the shelf. Thumbs up, with the caveat you know what youíre buying and why.
07th November, 2019
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Terre d'HermŤs Parfum by HermŤs

Very much worth the hype for the Parfum version and worth testing... this could have been a blind buy tragedy.

This was my first department store purchase in some time. Tried EDT and Parfum, both on strips and skin. The EDT was lovely on the strip, but gave off a hospital antiseptic note on my skin well into the dry down. A real shame, because I wouldnít have minded alternating the two.

The Parfum is just a work of art. Thereís harmony between citrus, wood, earthiness and spice that keeps me bringing my wrist back to my nose all day. Great projection and performance. Currently my favourite designer fragrance, hands down.
05th November, 2019

Legend Night by Montblanc

This is the first Legend flanker Iíve actively disliked. The others have been dumb buys thatís turned into dumb grabs and have generally been utter compliment monsters.

This is just a sickly sweet, contradictory mess with no clear character. Not a fan.
29th October, 2019 (last edited: 10th November, 2019)

Z Zegna New York by Ermenegildo Zegna

Oh man do I have good memories of this scent. This was a completely unresearched blind buy that I picked up after a thirteen hour day at work. I assumed it would be kind of fresh, metallic and sharp because I was tired, bleary eyed and for some reason thought, "That's what New York should smell like."

As someone who's never been, why I made that assumption is kind of dumb. I put it down to multiple sleepless nights, stress and the fatigue of that particular day.

Anyone who's aware of the sledgehammer opening and read the rather reductive note "pyramid" will already by laughing at my exhausted stupidity, much as I do when I look back at this.

To be fair, there is something kind of metallic there in the opening with the big boozy hit of rum... maybe the perfumer was literally thinking "Hammer them with rum!!!"

There's no tobacco listed in the note pyramid, but I definitely do get a whiff of it in the dry down along with a nutty, woody accord. I'm not experienced enough to know if this is from aromachemicals or natural ingerdients... but they do become pleasant. This scent really, really grew on me and I came to enjoy the hell out of if.

This is a really robust woody oriental and a hell of an initiation to the genre for me. Sillage and staying power are both excellent, the scent is undoubtedly masculine and makes a great cold weather fragrance... there were a couple of alfresco dinners I attended where this served as a perfect choice. Thumbs up.
29th October, 2019 (last edited: 02nd November, 2019)

Kiton Men by Kiton

Had a buddy share a spritz of this with me recently, then placed an order online. It had a pretty quick impact and I canít wait for it to arrive.

Ermagerrrhhdd! This is seriously good. The pineapple is fresh and not overdone, the bergamot is gorgeous and well into the dry down this does get very reminiscent of Green Irish Tweed. Sillage and performance are both also great for what smells like a quite natural fragrance (to a fragrance noob).

Unlikely to be a cold weather scent, as it's just so lively and immediately reminds me of spring, but I can see it working in most scenarios. Definitely a safe choice for the office. Canít wait for my bottles to arrive. Emphatic thumbs up.

Edit: Bottles arrived, still very happy with the purchase. I notice the florals a touch more in the heart, but not in a bad way.

Given the price of this fragrance, itís also very hard not to recommend. Yes, itís not as well rounded or as sound as Fahrenheit or GIT... but itís also 1/6 or less the price of GIT and well under half the price of Fahrenheit. And it comes in a 125 mL bottle vs 100. Kind of hard not to love.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 15th November, 2019)

Truth Calvin Klein Men by Calvin Klein

I like this one quite a bit. For the most part I think it's an excellent cheapy to keep in your office drawer or your car. As Zealot Crusader pointed out, as someone who fits the target demographic and digs Star Trek, the bottle design and the general note composition both suit me to a tee.

My only reservation is that there is a whiff of pine solvent, what Jon Remy described as vinyl swimming pool liner, that hits very briefly in the dry down and comes on really strong when it does.

The upside is that this is short and worth persevering through... the faux grassy woodsy vibe gets past the antiseptic blast and the whole thing becomes pleasant once more.

It's not like you're paying much for it these days, so it's not exactly a big commitment to add a bottle to your collection for shits and giggles. Thumbs up.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 10th November, 2019)

Voyage by Nautica

This is my emergency blue juice in the office drawer for hot weather. The nature of my work means that I will often have to head outdoors for a few hours, then return to the office and have a sit down meeting with a client or senior management.

Mister surgery's review is bang on, it's simple, has a nice aquatic burst and fruity lift. It's unchallenging, fresh as fork and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who actively dislikes these notes. If your skin scent and sweat are anything like mine, this will also take the hard edge off them very effectively in the height of summer.

Definitely a good cheapy to keep in the utility belt. Thumbs up.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Vetiver by Guerlain

Old school in all of the best senses of the word. Quality ingredients, really distinct notes to my beginners nose and very, very enjoyable to wear.

Also a beautiful example of balance - there are a lot of notes used in this fragrance that can be overpowering. The tobacco in particular is beautifully done - I've had a couple of costlier fragrances absolutely bludgeon me with tobacco, whereas in this application it is gently and deftly woven in.

I would have bought this at retail and have been convinced of the price/value proposition - at current pricing it's just stunning value.

It is quite different to most modern offerings, so Zealot Crusader's caveat for younger buyers to exercise caution in a blind buy is warranted, but that is the only hesitation I'd have in recommending it to someone. Thumbs up.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Legend Spirit by Montblanc

Once again Zealot Crusader sums up one of my old go to scents beautifully and edumucates me in the process. Tip of the hat, sir.

This was a blind buy that turned into a reliable dumb grab, much like Legend and Starwalker both ended up being for me as well. Used both at work and when going out to good effect.

Much like Legend, this one is also a compliment monster. That's somewhat less important to me now than it was a couple of years ago when this was a regular dumb grab, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice.
27th October, 2019 (last edited: 02nd November, 2019)

Eros by Versace

Really wanted to like this one more... for me itís just too sweet knowing how my sweat plays out with fragrances like this, particularly during warmer months.

If it wasnít so heavy on the vanilla and had a drier or more woody note in the base to balance it out more Iíd probably really enjoy this. The opening is quite lovely and the first hour or so itís just heady and rich, not unpleasant... but once youíre past that it gets thoroughly cloying.

Iíll save my bottle for winter to give it a chance as an evening change up option, but heading into an Australian summer I donít foresee much usage in the short term.

Edit: changed to a thumbs down. The more I smell this, the less I like it. Winter may allow it to be viable, but right now I get mad every time I see it.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 13th November, 2019)

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Blackcloud's description of "Rainy Forest Vindaloo" is unnervingly accurate. Big shame, because I'm an Issey Miyake fan, but this just doesn't work for me.

I really want to give this a chance, but it looks like this will get regifted some time soon.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 10th November, 2019)

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This is a somewhat reserved, almost neutral rating. It's a thumbs up with a very big caveat - that you've never worn it before the reformulation.

L'eau D'Issey pour homme has become a great lesson for me in respect to the effect of reformulation and the effect of scent memory upon a buyer's expectations. It's probably not for me anymore, but I still think it's good, and I'll explain why.

This was my daily driver for some time, an easy dumb grab for the office and a fragrance I really enjoyed. Fresh as fork, went really well with my skin and that yuzu note... woof. I love me some yuzu and this was just magnificent.

I donít know if Iíd be as harsh to say it's now lemon pledge, because let's be honest, this was never subtle or gentle in its delivery. It always punched you square in the nose with sharp, dry freshness. For me, this is now Sad Panda pour homme, or just straight up Líeau Disappointment.

So why the thumbs up? I went in to my local cafe wearing some of the reformulated juice a little while ago and the owners (husband and wife) came out for a chat with me. I've been a customer for over a decade. They've both admired some of my fragrances before, but they immediately fell in love with L'eau D'Issey and the husband chose to purchase it right then and there. They've both been stoked with it and keep thanking me for letting them know about it.

I've recently acquired Guerlain Vetiver for the first time - to me it's magnificent. There is, however, a gentleman who's reviewed it on Basenotes and has been quite scathing of the modern reformulation, because he regularly purchased and wore the original. The current version simply doesn't measure up to his expectations.

After having this experience with L'eau D'Issey, I completely understand his point of view... but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the current Guerlain Vetiver fragrance I've come to know. In this case, ignorance truly is bliss.

This is still quite wearable and I have too many good memories to trash it. I won't enjoy wearing what I have left and may regift it soon, but for a new buyer who's never experienced the original, it's a worthy purchase.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 09th November, 2019)

L'Homme Idťal Cologne by Guerlain

I was initially a bit hesitant about this fragrance, but itís really grown on me. The opening is stunning with juicy grapefruit and bright peppercorn being the stars.

The white musk and almond, however, do go from creamy to kind of powdery, almost soapy... not a nice, old world luxury soapiness like with Guerlain Vetiver, but quite a sweet, synthetic soapiness.

Having said that, this seems more a skin scent than something that projects unflatteringly - this has proven to be a spring/summer compliment monster that Iíve paid almost nothing for.

Currently an insane bargain now that it is discontinued.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Starwalker by Montblanc

As Javijabs has pointed out this is a perfect work fragrance and generally a great all rounder.

The name isn't the best, but I find the bamboo really calming... this is something I enjoy wearing for myself as much as others.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Love this fragrance. I held of purchasing for some time... partly due to the price point, but also due to the multiple Cool Water comparisons. Forking out good money for an upmarket version of my daily driver from the days I was young, dumb and broke would have been an expensive step backwards for me.

I had a colleague convince me to take the plunge with Green Irish Tweed and couldn't be happier with my choice.

I am a relative fragrance novice just starting to build my collection, but the Cool Water comparison... I do get it, but it's a rather superficial similarity. For me, Green Irish Tweed legitimately lives up to its reputation.

My only advice for a fellow novice - this won't be a compliment monster for most people, so if that's your motivation for increasing your budget for a niche fragrance (or a high quality mass market fragrance, depending on how you see Creed), then there are better choices available for significantly lower price points.

Having said that, to me the subtlety isn't a weakness, it's one of the great strengths of the composition. It's low key, understated, complex and nuanced whilst having a lot of strength and depth. It puts a smile on my face and reflects who I'd like to be, so for me this fragrance is absolutely worth the dubloons. Emphatic thumbs up.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

Legend by Montblanc

Zealot Crusaders review was educating, entertaining and honestly quite definitive. While I canít add anything informative, I hope my anecdotal experience is useful:

I fit the last of Gen X/elder millennial demographic to a tee... and yes, this was a scent I found immediately suitable and pleasing as soon as I sampled it. This was a regular dumb grab for the office in most seasons. Versatile, inoffensive and gets more compliments than one would expect for the price point, especially from ladies in their twenties.

Even to my novice nostrils, this wasnít something I thought of as complex or packed with quality ingredients, thereís definitely numerous synthetic notes that are immediately obvious.

There are more interesting and original offerings at this price point... but very few perform as reliably as Legend at their intended purpose. Given that this is regularly compared to Parfums de Marly's Percival and is significantly cheaper (and arrived on the market before Percival), I honestly find it hard not to recommend it. Thumbs up.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 02nd November, 2019)