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31 rue Cambon Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I own and like both the EDT and EDP, though the emotional valence of this fragrance makes it a tough one to truly love.

31 Rue Cambon is relentlessly tasteful: powdery, airy, abstract, and rather cool (almost chilly) in manner. It's definitely feminine and classic in tone -- a friend called it old-ladyish, and there's certainly nothing girlish or seductive about it. This scent reminds me of someone who is invariably well-attired, is always pleasant, makes good conversation, and never gives you the slightest insight into their inner or emotional life. Good armour for work.

Both EDT and EDP are quite persistent, lasting a good 8+ hours on skin. This stuff is potent -- one spray will do, two will make a statement. The EDT is a 'larger' perfume, wafting around me for the entirety of its stay; the EDP is more polite, hugs closer to the skin, and has a tendency to disappear for a while before popping up again.

Differences: the EDT is ever-so-slightly sweeter than the EDP. In the EDT there's an almost caramelly richness in the drydown that's nevertheless not sugary or heavy -- nothing gourmand here. I suppose that's the labdanum. The drydown of the EDP is the world's chilliest, politest, least obtrusive patchouli -- how anyone could call this dirty is beyond me. (It's even more well-behaved than the drydown of Coromandel, which at least was once acquainted with fun.) In the EDP, the drydown seems deeper and more bitter --perhaps a more pronounced vetiver note?

In both EDT and EDP, it's a radiant, soft, well-blended fragrance in which the notes become very difficult to distinguish until the last hours.
04th February, 2020

Hermèssence Cèdre Sambac by Hermès

At first: a clear, unfussy, bell-like jasmine, not screechy, not sharp, its edges rounded off with soft woods. Simple! Serene! Elegant! Not going to rock anybody's world, but enjoyable to smell and easy to wear. Perhaps the jasmine I've been searching for...?

After 6 hours: mothballs.
13th January, 2020