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Lui by Mazzolari

Like any perfume over familiarity will breed ennui. Lui deserves all the praise it gets but shouldn't be worn every day.
All the powerhouse scents grate if they're overused and Lui should be used as a tougher more masculine L'Ombre Fauve. Use with care and discretion for best effect.
26th July, 2011

Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire

How to make an incense that doesn't smell like all the any other incense.
Not happy with the cold stone note of Avignon or Cardinal?
Don't want to smell like a religious ceremony, Kyoto?
Don't want to fade into obscurity?
Don't want it to get lost in a bunch of other notes, Jubilation XXV?
Do like woody resinous smells?
Wazamba is my answer.
26th July, 2011

New-York by Nicolaï

When I first tried New York, I went Meh!
I tried and tried and still went Meh!
As time went on I just got used to it and then I started to look for it, and then quelle horreur my 30ml bottle was more than half empty.......then I had to start rationing... then it was all gone and it's emptiness started to haunt me, how could I not own a full bottle of this masterpiece.
So I bought one.
If anyone is looking to niche perfumes for men and needs somewhere to start, this is ideal.
26th July, 2011
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No. 5 by Chanel

Just imagine for a moment that a scent was a piece of music, No. 5 would to my mind be The Flower Duet by Delibes, now every woman wearing it is hearing the Flower Duet in their mind and they're entranced, floating along lost to the outside world.
It's lovely but everyone else has to listen to the music too, and just once in a while we'd like to hear something else.
A great scent but overexposure has dulled it's beauty.
26th July, 2011

Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

There are some scents that aren't deserving of their praise but Laporte does for Amber what he did for Sandalwood in Santal Noble, not a bum note or a missed step any where in this scent.
You may prefer your amber served in a different manner, think of it as a beautiful woman, to say that there is another more attractive across the street is shallow and callous, appreciate the beauty in hand for what it is.
26th July, 2011

Sandalo by Lorenzo Villoresi

I find myself agreeing with all the reviewers below, positive, negative and neutral.
Everytime I wear Sandalo the result is different, some times harsh and crass at other times divine, how much I put on does have an effect, too much and it's "Whoa, easy there big boy!" But when I get it right it's delight.
There are far better noses than mine to describe the scent itself so I will only add that while I give this a thumbs up, Santal Noble is still King of the Mountain for me.
26th July, 2011

Larrikin for Men by Mount Romance

I want to be very clear about this scent as in my opinion is a very fine rendition of a sandalwood. Much closer to MPG's Santal Noble than Tam Dao and unlike Trumper's Sandalwood cologne a very true sandalwood creation.

According to their own literature. “Top Notes: Fresh green with bergamot, pine and clary sage. Heart Notes: Spicy and and resinous notes of Fern and Cinnamon combine with just a touch of floral Rosewood and Carnation. Base Notes: Woody, Leathery, Powdery with Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli.”

The top notes and heart notes seem to be present in the nose of the beholder, every one that sniffs me when I'm wearing Larrikin, will find one of these, but the true beauty of this scent is the creamy sandalwood.

My real problem is with the marketing, if any one from outside Australia looked up what a larrikin is, the most common definition is a that of a street thug. If you come from the land down under a larrikin describes an anti-authoritarian humorist. Some one that likes a drink, a punt, a good laugh and a good woman. The company's literature and marketing point to the ANZAC spirit and rugged individualism. Curiously these would all be apt descriptions for how I see Trumper's Sandalwood. Larrikin is far more cultured and refined, the bracing top notes and the wonderful base, so reminiscent of Santal Noble which is the only Sandalwood that I have smelled that is better. Yet Larrikin is available for $AU55 per 100ml and Santal Noble will be about $AU155. A better buy dollar for dollar, even if it only lasts 4 hours.

While there are some oddities in the literature, like - the largest plantations of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) which it delivers to the perfume industry, - while the wood in Larrikin and indeed every product is advertised as “Australian”, I have no idea whether this means that Santalum spicatum is the ingredient or not. It may not matter to me but for Sandalwood buyers it can be an issue.

They have worked with Jean La Porte to create the Santalia range of products and are working with Michel Roudnitska to develop more frgrances, so they have some creative depth behind them and great hope for the future.

To sum up, a company with prospects and ideas and a great scent for the money that I feel lovers of the note should buy for it comes straight from the growers. So buy it or I'll send some Larrikins around to make you! Either that or they come up with a better marketing plan.
25th April, 2009

Gold Man by Amouage

One of the great mysteries to me. This smells great on my sister as does Gold for women, it is just ok on my mother (as is women), but on me it's just a disaster. Offensive when it first goes on, it then dries down it a baby powder, then it just gets nastier in a way I can't adequately explain.

I gave this 24hrs and it just got worse, it can be said that it has excellent staying power because I had to scrub myself twice to get rid of it.

Lovely on some, just plain nasty on me. Try before you buy!
26th December, 2008

Cuir by Lancôme

I bought Cuir as a gift for my sister and it is one of the few scents that I catch myself breathing deeply to get some more of it into my lungs. Ok I get that it isn't one of the greats or one of the classics bbut then I wasn't paying that sort of money either. For me this is a scent that is warm and gentle and invites people in, it isn't too smart for it's own good nor does it scream "try hard".

A good scent at the right price, just not a masterpiece.
29th November, 2008