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    Dioressence by Christian Dior

    I agree that it packs less of a whallop than Miss Dior, which is good for me. I can wear this to work, whereas Miss Dior has people coming from upstairs (I work on the first floor by myself) asking, "What are you wearing today?" Not complaining, but that makes me feel like it is a bit much.
    It is still the oakmoss chypre of Miss Dior, only far more subtle. All Dior's last forever on me, something in the composition of Dior's goes with my skin chemistry. I get no rose from this at all.
    I have only a decant, but plan to have a big bottle soon. This will become a second stringer in my stable. I so wish I could locate some of the vintage juice.

    10th May, 2008


    Miss Dior Originale (previously Miss Dior) by Christian Dior

    Do not confuse this with Miss Dior Cherie!
    This is one of my all time favourite, "grown-up" scents. I do not at all understand the person who said they wore this in their teens and twenties, but couldn't now. This is not a teen's scent, imho. I wear this when I want something that will last all day on my dry skin and when I want to smell something I love alllll day long.
    Oakmoss doesn't agree with everyone and once this has gotten to the drydown, that is what you are left with, mostly.

    12th April, 2008


    Lazy Love Super-fume by Perfume of Life

    It's not Lazy Life, it's Lazy Love. I liked it so much I bought anther two bottles. I am not good at reviews, but to me, it is light but lasts, flowery but not overwhelming and a good price.

    03rd May, 2007


    Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

    I don't like rose perfumes, most make me sneeze, but this one is good on me.
    I wouldn't buy it again, but I will use up and decant the bottle I have. My mother (in her 60's) loves red roses and perfumes that smell as such and she would love this!
    It's not smoky and mysterious for me, but on those days I need something clear and bright it is nice. It is a much more complex rose perfume than most, I will give it that. I sometimes layer it with Nu lotion for depth, that helps.

    28th April, 2007

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