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Blush by Marc Jacobs

It's soft, subdued and delicate. However, there is a unpleasant spicy note to it that almost smells like curry. Unfortunately I don't care for curry that much. Maybe it's just my nose tricking me, since I've been asking my friends if they smell curry on my wrist but none of them did.
21st November, 2008

Pur Désir de Gardenia by Yves Rocher

If you love gardenia, go try it. I'd even urge you to grab a bottle asap since it is probably the most exact portrayal of Gardenia in the perfume world. To me, it smells very much like the gardenia bush that my mom grows in her garden.

The scent is very "white flower", i.e. stong and heady. Interestingly, its longevity and sillage is very poor at the same time (as mentioned by previous reviewers). Thirty minutes after application, you can bearly notice it 1 meter away. I guess that the tradeoff for an extremely low price.
21st November, 2008

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Delicate, romantic, feminine, pretty, bright... Paris is one of the "loudest" perfumes I've ever owned. I wouldn't recommend it for day wear, unless applied very lightly. The first time I tried Paris, it felt like a big bouquet blossomed right in front of my eyes, with all the roses, violets, jasmines going on. The floral opening note struck me so much that I purchased a bottle right away. However, when I came home, the dry down kicked in, which is not as bright and cheerful. With my skin chemistry, the sandelwood smells like a scented soap.

I still love the floral quality of this fragrance, and just wish it'd stay true to the floral scene throughout. The drydown feels a bit too mature and gloomy.
21st November, 2008
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