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Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

I do not consider myself a parfum expert; however, I know what I like and that which I dislike. I am always reluctant to leave such a negative review 'cause I do not wish to offend. But there are enough positives on this here it is:

In one word: Blecccchhhhh!

Bought this with a few other incense, patchouli, woodsy, rose, floral, etc samples. Was recently re-introduced to Le Labo after staying at a hotel that supplied us with Rose 21 items. So, among Rose 21, I figured I'd sample a few other coveted Le Labo fragrances...

On me, on my husband and on the dog (who gagged), this fragrance was absolutely horrible awful. Burnt motor-oil, hot rubber, smokey ash, dead body...smells like the bottom of an ashtray that someone spit in...just horrible. Cannot imagine walking around smelling like this!

Sadly, the sample is in the trash, never to be inhaled by any of us again...ever...just awful IMHO!
04th July, 2017

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

WoW...that's all I can say when I wear this perfume...and that seems to be what others around me say, as well. On one of the first days I wore this perfume, I had about 12 strangers or acquaintances come up to me and say "what are you smell incredible!"

I was turned on to Coromandel when someone told me it might be a more affordable alternative to "Portrait of a Lady" or "Musc Ravageur" both by Frederic Malle. Does it smell similar to either...yes! Is it an affordable alternative to either...sadly, no!

It's the jasmine that captures my nose (I adore Creed's Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie) but this is "thick" or heavy jasmine, which at times smells almost like rose. I'm sure the introduction of patchouli is what makes this stuff smell so "heady" to me...not hippy dirty like heady...heady in a good way! The overall blend and balance between all the glorious notes is what makes this fragrance work so well, IMHO. And (fortunately) on my skin, I do not detect many gourmand notes (chocolate?) at all...don't even wish to think about it...the chocolate that is...a bit of vanilla in the dry-down is there for sure!

To me, at no time does one singular note seem to over-take or overwhelm the fragrance (okay...perhaps the patchouli does try from time-to-time). However overall, this fragrance is a wonderful balance of all the main notes, beginning to end.

And YES...this stuff is costly but longevity is great, silage is (obviously) superior and the overall experience is lovely.

I love this fragrance and I've taken to wearing it 3-4 days a week.
03rd July, 2017

Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal

Ugggghhhhh...almost a scrubber. Whoever categorized this as an Incense Fragrance when packaging a recent sampler of "Incense Fragrances" that I ordered really missed the mark.

Perhaps if the anticipated myrrh was center stage, well then...incense perhaps. But OMG...what IS this? Root beer...I wish. Myrrh...none to speak of (not to my nose).

Only scents I detect are a sour benzoin and Gaiac wood. On me, this fragrance smells like I am camping in the woods for days (un-bathed) when I finally trip over a discarded rubber tire and a wood log, promptly falling face first into the ivy and dirt ground underneath me.

Awful. Fortunate for me (and those around me), the fragrance has little longevity and therefore, didn't linger.
10th May, 2016
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Eau Lente by Diptyque

Oh no...just not for me. Received this fragrance in a recent sampler of Incense Fragrances. Incense? Perhaps I'm missing something but this fragrance has little to do with incense, IMHO.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves...not in a good way. Smells like Glade Air Freshener, yes the cinnamon type.

Thankfully, it all fades away within 45-60 minutes. Uggggh. Not sure who would want to walk around smelling like this.
10th May, 2016

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto by Comme des Garçons

Wasn't initially certain about this one upon receiving it in a sampler pack of "Incense Fragrances." To me, Kyoto wears more like a straight Oriental Floral versus an Incense fragrance. Despite not being what I expected and as time wore on, I grew to adore this scent.

It's funny 'cause upon application, I essentially smell nothing, really...blank's odd. Within a few minutes, a blanket of pine forest grassy green takes over, which isn't at all my thing. Soon afterward, a combination of resins, amber, vanilla, some smoke, woody teak, etc rises...but not a lot of incense. Frankly, the wafts of smokiness managing to rise are almost offensive...ashtray like.

But the hours and hours of dry-down are my favorite development. On me, Kyoto morphs into the sweetest, subtlest resinous woody floral one might imagine. The fragrance is almost ethereal and meditative. Wafts of amber, teak, sandalwood combined with everlasting flower play for hours...some patchouli. Truly the beautifully balanced sum or combination of the parts is what works for me.

Not yet certain but this may be full-bottle worthy at a cost of approximately $95 for 50 mls (1.6 ozs).

Surprisingly, I like this fragrance a lot. In many ways, CdG Kyoto reminiscently reminds me of Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental, a fragrance I loved 'til it was discontinued (may be in reproduction).
10th May, 2016

Evening Rose by Aerin

Aerin Evening Rose...someone directed me to Aerin Fragrances because I recently decided I LOVE rose fragrance when well-blended or grounded with darker scents and notes. Unlike it's relative "Rose De Grasse," which is actually a quite nice, linear rose soliflore, Evening Rose is extremely different from almost anything I've ever tried but a fragrance I do not like at all.

Evening Rose opens with a definite blast of discernible jammy blackberry booze...sweet blackberry cognac, as listed in opening notes. Like Rose De Grasse, Evening Rose is not a complex fragrance but a very straightforward EDP with clearly identifiable phases and notes.

The mid phase is rose, rose and more rose; however this fragrance is not harsh, loud or shrill in any way, as many rose fragrances tend to be. If anything, this fragrance smells "absent" because I can hardly detect I am wearing it and neither can anyone around me.

Honestly, I find the mid-notes of Bulgarian rose (or any rose for that matter) hard to detect. And when I do sense wafts of rose, I smell older, weak and rather nondescript blossoms that frankly, smell past their prime.

And I love incense fragrance when well-blended with other notes. But sadly, I detect no incense or smoke in the dry-down (hours following the initial application). To me, Evening Rose wilts into a barely detectable, powdery & (slightly) sour floral-musk fragrance of "I cannot tell what it is I am wearing and what I do detect is not pleasant." Close to the skin, the scent is unbearable...a scrubber! I finally decided to wash off the scent because I feared I was about to become ill.

Silage is poor; longevity is fair. Was hoping this might be an affordable alternative to my other beloved fragrances, something I could enjoy and afford to wear every day...

On a bright note, while waiting for this generous sample of Evening Rose to arrive, I decidedly purchased 100 ml bottle of Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady-YES!

While I like Rose De Grasse, this is a pass. Evening Rose is totally forgettable and I am extremely disappointed.
26th March, 2015

Rose de Grasse by Aerin

I have never been a huge fan of singular rose fragrances because on me, they all seem to morph into cheap department store scents. And while Rose de Grasse is primarily a soliflore, this is a very beautiful perfume.

As others have reviewed on various websites, Aerin Rose de Grasse is very unique when compared to other rose scented perfumes. Opening notes are very appealing with fresh green, slightly watery (but not aquatic, not salty) and light ethereal rose notes. The opening is quite linear with lots of green, fresh rose.

Shortly after application, a full rose note is dominant. Not your usual synthetic, harsh, overpowering or shrill rose note equated with most rose fragrances, the mid-note of Rose de Grasse is mature, smooth, velvety and kind.

The dry down finishes with a dominant rose note that only slightly recedes to reveal musk and very faint amber (thankfully). Silage is great and longevity is superb, too.

Rose de Grasse is a lovely fragrance, particularly for those who love rose scents. Definitely worth a try!
23rd March, 2015 (last edited: 24th March, 2015)

Black Aoud by Montale

So...this is my fourth Montale experience and I hate to buck the trend but I just do not get it. I really want to LOVE one of Montale's offerings because I am searching hard for an affordable dark rose fragrance. And I like oud when blended (not as a solo note). Unfortunately, this fragrance is a major no-go for me.

In one word, this fragrance seemed "messy" when applied. Like others, I was curious about Montale's "ouds" and I hoped to experience a few fragrances...try to understand the hype. Like ALL the Montale fragrances I try, the opening of Black Aoud smells like an aldehydic, alcoholic, almost medicinal concoction that literally hurts my nose. Sensing a headache, I feel confused & dizzy...almost sick. I can barely tolerate the development of this fragrance on my skin because for nearly 30 minutes, Black Aoud is all over the place but consistently harsh harsh harsh...LOUD and almost vulgar.

After 20-30 minutes, I detect a bit of rose and BOAT LOADS of patchouli (which I really dislike as a primary note). As others have noted, Black Aoud is a loud, over-whelming, synthetic rose-oud fragrance that is not dark, rich, complex or mysterious. Resinous patchouli...that's about it. Pretty linear in the end with little development and no complexity.

But unlike the other Montale fragrances I tried, the longevity on Black Aoud is strong and silage is pretty high. Hate to say this but I had to scrub, eventually shower and wash all my clothing. And still, this fragrance persisted.

The house of Montale and I do not get along. This is another definite pass.
20th March, 2015

Aoud Damascus by Montale

Thought I would try another Montale fragrance, as I am in search of an affordable, resinous, "dark rose" (with oud, which I like a lot but not as a stand-alone note) fragrance. I guess I am missing something because I do not get what all the excitement is with Montale fragrances but this is just another "no-go" or "meh" for me.

I agree with RennGrrl that Aoud Damascus is a relatively common woodsy-rose-oud fragrance and rather "old school" in nature with a "been there, done that" character.

This is my fourth Montale try and like the others, I found the opening notes extremely harsh, almost aldehydic and very synthetic in nature. Overwhelming rose notes (which is alright 'cause this IS a rose fragrance) blast onto the skin with no mercy. Montale fragrances actually hurt my nose. With lots 'n lots of rose, frankincense and spicy notes try emerging. The entire potion is quickly grounded by a resinous wood. That's about it. After 90 minutes or so, it was all over...done.

Expecting great silage and incredible longevity, I experienced adequate silage but poor longevity. Also similar to RennGrrl's experience, the entire concoction landed as a powdery, rather linear, cloying rose fragrance that ended quickly.

Perhaps it is just my chemistry but Montale fragrances and I do not seem to get along. This is a pass.
20th March, 2015

Les Nombres d'Or : Violette Fumée by Mona di Orio

Soooooo...not quite sure about this one & the jury (the one in my mind) is still out! But the fragrance DID grow on me after a few days. Still, I'm giving it a "THUMBS UP" after wearing it.

The opening of this fragrance is a bitter, sour, earthy citrus-fruit approach that is akin to an orange peel thrown on a dirt pile. Bergamot-yes. Oak-moss-definitely! Opening notes are quite sour and acrid...not the best, frankly.

Eventually, mid-notes develop that (for me) are not quite lavender but GRAPE. At one point, I detect notes mimicking Stewart's Grape Soda in the most definite way!!! Eeeeeeew, I thought. Definitely detecting notes of leather, some tobacco...but dry, old grape SODA!

After an hour or more and with continued development, violet notes emerge but not in the way I hoped for or imagined. Not dreamy, dark, Gothic, mysterious or complex, this fragrance dries in a rather linear, faint, dusty violet manner.

The fragrance definitely lands with slightly acrid, somewhat (very faint) citrus-y violet notes. What's interesting though is a smoky, gray cloak that embodies the violet fragrance, toning it down and balancing the violet out in the nicest way. Also, for a rather "linear" dry-down, this fragrance is "still" complex and quite lovely, actually.

This is NOT a sharp, potent, shrill or pitch-y violet fragrance. In general, this is a very subtle, gentle wear. I applied a LOT to detect any fragrance, which isn't a good thing. And with all this said, silage is low and longevity isn't great. And the price? YIKES!

Guess I was expecting more of a flowery incense fragrance, which this is not. Smoke-yes. Violets-yes. Cashmere-yes. Incense-no. But please note: this is NOT our grandmother's violet perfume! This is different & unique! It's the reason I love niche fragrances!!!

Reminds me of a cloudy, gray day. Don't think I will be purchasing a full bottle of this at the going retail price of (what???) $350.00/3.3 ml.
19th March, 2015

Incense Rosé by Tauer

This fragrance is the real deal and IMHO, the reason why niche perfumes & their designers/creators are so special (way beyond commercially prepared & marketed mainstream fragrances). This is a very unique, special & beautiful fragrance. In general, I like this fragrance a whole lot!

I eagerly awaited a rather large sample of Tauer Incense Rose and applied it on a few consecutive days. I did this after (sadly) experiencing a few Montale fragrances. The opening is quite strong and to my nose smelled like fizzy wet earth, dewy grass and citrus. Upon application, I detected lots and lots of bergamot, clementine & orange that was well blended with fresh green grasses (definitely vetiver), earth and a little bit of spice (cardamom).

The opening quickly morphed and the well-blended fresh, dirty-green, citrus fragrance developed into a barely detectable mustiness, which I imagine was the beginning of the oud & cedar notes. Quite resinous, this was not my favorite part of the development; however continually changing, the fragrance continued to amaze.

It takes a while and (for me), it was difficult to detect; however after 45-60 minutes (or more), the musty-woody almost moldy aroma receded into the background giving way to one of the most gorgeous antique, dark, dewy, dirty rose incense fragrances I have ever experienced.

On my skin, the dry-down and basenotes remained pretty constant with wood, patchouli, frankincense, resin and rose notes. The darkness prevailed, which I liked a lot. For several hours, I detected faint but pleasant wafts of creamy & subdued patchouli, frankincense, cedar-wood & spicy dark rose...all perfectly blended and balanced, practically harmonious. Fortunately on my skin, any ambergris or amber that is present never choked out the other fabulous notes.

Unlike many other reviewers, Tauer Incense Rose played very close to my skin with minimal silage. Of course, longevity was great.

Without doubt this is a gorgeous fragrance that is never vulgar or cloying. Not certain yet if this suits me (or my pocket book) but I really do like Tauer Incense Rose a whole lot.

In conclusion, I too will say this is NOT a fragrance that is suitable for everyone! Give it a try because it definitely is worthy!
18th March, 2015

La Liturgie des Heures by Jovoy

Ugggghhhh...I do not want to go against the grain here. And I love my fellow Basenoters, I really do. I especially love reading Darvant & Colin Maillard's reviews (and others). But I gotta go along with my buddy, Odysseusm on this one. Awful! And after my FOURTH Jovoy try...I'm done.

Perhaps my nostrils are cluttered with my last (latest) Jovoy (Psychedelique) try prior to La Liturgie but I am detecting AMBER...again! C'mon Jovoy! Because of the quality ingredients evident in Jovoy fragrances AND the staying power (longevity), I REALLY want to love ONE of this house's fragrances; however, I'm done.

Well, if it's all "in my head," than it's all in my head; but I swear this fragrance opened with notes of sweet, cloying AMBER and if not, definitely some sickly sweet, granulated something...some sweet gourmand note, perhaps. Trying to push through the opening, I felt dizzy with confusing mixed notes of God knows what...incense, myrrh, smoke, berries, jam, jelly, fruit-cake. I don't get it. I literally felt nauseated and as if I was developing a colossal headache.

After several hours, I couldn't bear it anymore, so I had to scrub...and scrub and scrub and scrub.

And f all Jovoy fragrances...I could not get this one off. Finally washed all clothing and took a shower.

I'm done trying Jovoy fragrances :0(
15th March, 2015 (last edited: 16th March, 2015)

psychédélique / Psychedelic by Jovoy

Purchased a sample of this EDP and wore it all day. I'm not disappointed in the fragrance; not in love. In general, I had another "meh" experience.

I am beginning to think I may be anosmic to rose & floral notes (notes I seek in darkness, only when combined with wood resins, musk, earthy notes), ESPECIALLY when rose is blended with dense woods (oud, amber), or strong plants (patchouli, vetiver) or spices, I fail to detect ROSE!. Once again for me, the promise of a "complex, rose & floral patchouli fragrance" ended on a linear, rather singular note...straightforward patchouli.

Psychedelique definitely opens with a sweet, STRONG, candied-booze note (like many Jovoys) and I even thought I detected honey and chocolate at one point (honey...a note I REALLY dislike in fragrance). Within literally 5 minutes or less, the fragrance develops into a very heady, deep, dark & STRONG patchouli, again with notes of amber, candied honey & a wee-bit of musk...very bold & dark, rich. After 15-20 minutes or so, I "thought" I detected some rose or other floral but the notes (if present) seemed fleeting.

Throughout the dry-down, I may have detected wafts of that elusive floral...a very deep, dark resinous rose cloaked in amber & smoke, almost incense like...but wafts only...not sure. As the fragrance evolved, I smelled patchouli & amber over any other note or scent.

Silage is great, projection is great, longevity is superb...again rather typical with all Jovoy fragrances.

I wouldn't say I loved this fragrance and I definitely didn't dislike it. Not sure but it is definitely on the "Neutral" side...initially thought about giving this a "Thumbs Up" but couldn't do so..

Going to try the fragrance again on another day, with another mood. All-in-all, this is an alright fragrance; however for me, it developed into a very linear, non-complex patchouli that reminded me of the stuff we all sniffed 35 years ago in head-shops.
14th March, 2015 (last edited: 20th March, 2015)
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Portrait of a Lady by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I imagine there is not one perfume I would (likely) not adore that is designed & manufactured by Frederic Malle. I'm on another quest to expand my limited "signature" and "go to" fragrances, Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile (to name my favorite two). I like incense, I like vintage rose, I like musk, I like patchouli; however as I've often noted, I do not like solo scents or linear fragrances one little bit. I prefer dark, moody, complex fragrances with a few precious notes that play on my skin and favor my nose (and others' noses, especially my husband's).

IMHO, this potion is about as perfect as the above mentioned notes can get. Definitely the Holy Grail of a rose-incense-patchouli-wood-musk fragrance. Diamond flame said it well: a lush rose opening obscured in a cloud of incense and smoke with an under current of black currants.

Lush, luxurious, rich, enigmatic, fragrant, delightful, passionate, complex, sexy. What more can I say??? Like all FM perfumes, silage is divine and longevity is great.

I LOVE this stuff! So why am I having trouble justifying $395.00 for a 3.5 ml flacon? I'll make it last, I swear I will!! Ugggghhhh...seems like such an indulgence. One of my VERY FEW vices...expensive niche perfumes.

I am going to try Ex Idolo "Thirty-Three" before I purchase this fragrance. Thirty-three has recently been compared by some as a "less expensive" PoaL. Waiting for my sample to arrive. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it does; however, I sincerely doubt anything compares to this divine delight. Seems to me NOTHING can hold a candle to this stuff.

Thanks, Frederic Malle.
08th March, 2015

Mandragore Pourpre by Annick Goutal

I am happy I waited a long time (throughout the day) to review this one! A few hours make a whole lot of difference! Mandragore Pourpre grew on me, it really did...especially when my husband returned home several hours after I applied it and said "VIOLETS...I smell flowers and violets." Who would have thunk?

Someone on another perfume review website summed this fragrance up with "Dies before it gets started!" And YES...that was my INITIAL impression. But oh no...surprise surprise. So, I waited with eager anticipation for this one to arrive in the mail. Happily spritzed on a generous application from a large-ish 2 ml sample. And then I waited some more.

Opening notes of STRONG anise and BLACK pepper...not pink pepper immediately emerged upon application! Strong anise, black licorice & black peppercorn definitely dominate the opening. Okay. But wait I did...and within 10-15 minutes, the perfume seemed to settle down onto my skin as I anticipated the emerging mid-notes, base notes and dry-down.

This IS a pretty fragrance and yes, it IS hard to describe...perhaps because while there SEEMS to be a whole lot of nothing going on, there IS a lot of subtlety occurring.

Unfortunately, I found the mid-notes to be somewhat harsh & unpleasant...not my favorite part of the application. The mid-notes struck me as dirty, earthy and nearly animalic...dirt & moss...little green and lots of dirt. Is this perhaps the much referred to and nondescript aroma (smell) of the elusive Mandrake Root (mandragore)?

The dry-down, which takes at least 30-60 minutes is where this fragrance literally blossoms. Ditto to what others have stated. Not at all perfumy or "BIG," Mandragore Pourpre landed as a soft, powdery, peppery, slightly dirty anise fragrance with faded floral notes. Definitely subtle, the fragrance wears very close to the skin. As "happyscent" stated, I did detect wafts of this 'n that throughout the morning; however not one single not ever seems to dominate this fragrance (after the opening).

Unfortunate for me, I never detected base notes of patchouli, nor did I ever note frankincense or incense or smoke of any kind. Still undecided about this one. More WITCH than GOTHIC, this is a pleasant, very unique interesting fragrance. I can definitely see how this might become someone's "signature" scent.
07th March, 2015

Mon Parfum by Martine Micallef Not at this price!

Tangerine, orange blossom, vanilla, fruits, patchouli, musk, toffee. Notes come, notes stay (shortly), notes go. A pretty, gentle, delicate, utterly feminine fragrance. Lots of orange blossom, lots of tangerine. Dries down to a warm, creamy, fruity vanilla scent.

Wears completely close to the skin. Zero silage, zero staying power. Barely detectable. Totally unforgettable.

There are thousands of fragrances on the market exactly like this one for a fraction of the price.

This is definitely a pass.
04th March, 2015

Cologne Intense Collection : Velvet Rose & Oud by Jo Malone

Eagerly awaited the arrival of this (rather large) sample of Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud. A very very pretty & easy rose & oud wear. I could see this one becoming a real hit with someone just experimenting with oud fragrances.

Overall, this is a lovely fragrance but disappointing. Not much to say. Opens with moderate oud & rose notes...some spice (clove). Remains pretty constant through dry down with oud, rose & clove. A bit creamy in the end, which I suppose is the praline.

Fell rather "flat" on my skin. Pretty but not great. Not much projection or silage, which I like in a perfume. I do not want to be over-bearing when I wear perfume; however, I want to know I have some fragrance on (especially at these prices, which are moderate actually).

Longevity is average to not great but typical based on my experiences with EDP in this price range/category. Wears close to the skin. Definitely great for someone who is a bit shy about wearing perfume, especially an oud. Delicate all the way. After 30 minutes or so, I could barely tell I had applied perfume.

A lovely perfume. Just not distinctive enough for my tastes. Do not think I'll be purchasing this one.
04th March, 2015

Rose Oud by By Kilian

Other reviewers have summed it up nicely and said it all. A nice enough rose oud with a rather sweet, jammy berry & herbal opening. Saffron & cardamom (not my favorites) rip through before the fragrance of a rubbery & resinous oud prevails. Spicy mid-notes seem mis-placed at times and appear odd at first.

The basenotes and dry-down are light, airy, unremarkable notes of rose, herbs, moss. Not a heavy or dark "antique" type rose-oud. More of a light, airy, unremarkable floral-oud scent.

Like other "By Kilian" oud's (and most oud perfumes, EDP, etc) this EDP is made with synthetic or lab-created oud, due to the problems and expense associated with utilizing natural agarwood resin (oud) in fragrances. With that said, neither By Kilian's Rose Oud or Oud Incense smell synthetic to me. But I've never sampled true, natural agarwood (oud) fragrance (scent). At least I do not think so!

In conclusion, I imagine this is a nice enough rose oud fragrance. Longevity is just okay (nothing in comparison to Incense Oud) and per usual with Kilian, silage is good. Just didn't do it for me. Not remarkable or memorable enough for me to put out nearly $400 on this one.
03rd March, 2015 (last edited: 03rd July, 2017)

Gold Rose Oudh by Tiziana Terenzi

My FIRST FULL BOTTLE of this extrait perfume arrived and I am in love! Standing out from the many other rose oudh perfumes currently on the market, Gold Rose Oudh is wearable and a beautiful entree for anyone wanting to try a floral-rose-oudh perfume.

The initial notes of this perfume are intense chypre with spicy, almost harsh balsam, evergreen, moss, IMHO. I detect bergamot, fir-tree, moss, evergreen & earthy notes that eventually recede but remain throughout the entire application. Within 3-5 minutes, the opening morphs into mid-notes that land HARD. After the initial application, I definitely smell strong notes of oudh, Bulgarian rose, earth, patchouli, moss, woody resins, HONEY & AMBER & DIRT. At times, the middle practically smells fecal & cloying. At times, the mid-notes are DIFFICULT to take, smelling like a sour & moldy, messy mixture.

Stay with the fragrance because the dry-down is where the true magic begins. Becoming perfectly balanced, the dry-down and base notes of this fragrance are lovely. Pulling off what (at times) seems like an impossibility, the entire fragrance DOES settle down into a perfectly balanced mixture of chypre, honey-amber, faint rose, oudh, other woods & musk. Woodsy, musk-y, earthy, creamy, resinous & rich, I also detect some powdery notes during dry-down. I must say the subtly added honey-amber notes, as well as the perfect addition of musk contribute to the balance, warmth and well-rounded, almost creamy ethereal nature of this fragrance. Leaning towards the feminine side, I cannot imagine this perfume on a guy.

Initially uncertain, I am thrilled I purchased a full bottle of Gold Rose Oudh for under $200! If you love oudh & rose fragrances, please give this fragrance time! I am so glad I did! A lighter, somewhat "younger" version and more affordable alternative to Frederic Malle Potrait of a Lady (which I love but $$$$$$), as well as By Killian Rose Oud ($$$$$$$), this fragrance drew me in and I'm glad it did! Gold Rose Oudh DOES have a lot going on but the dry-down is lovely!

I thought for my tastes, I preferred a rose-oud fragrance to be complex but (perhaps) a bit more straight-forward, simplistic and linear in the end than TT Gold Rose Oudh. But I am loving this fragrance a lot!
03rd March, 2015 (last edited: 26th March, 2015)

Aoud Roses Petals by Montale

Overall, this is an alright, extremely wearable & easy introduction to oud and a "rose-oud" fragrance. With that said, this perfume lacks anything outstanding or memorable, IMHO.

“Aoud Roses Petals” definitely opens with sharp, highly detectable, intense citrus & SPICY notes, which generally are not my favorite opening notes (or notes in general). Within minutes, this perfume with its sharp & spicy opening morphs into a light, fragrant, somewhat synthetic, almost cloying (not "dark") rose oud fragrance with lots of spice and citrus...way to spicy and sharp for my tastes.

The oud is not intense, resinous, earthy, dark or over-powering in any way but definitely the STAR of this fragrance. The rose is dainty & light. Someone mentioned the rose in this fragrance as being "high-pitched," which I think is an apt way of describing that note. When wearing this, I DO detect oud but more-so, I detect oud & lots of spice...almost some vetiver (which I dislike). Some rose is detectable but definitely in the back seat. Spicy oud seems to dominate this fragrance from top to bottom. And cedar...I definitely smell cedar in the end.

I like this fragrance but I certainly do not LOVE this fragrance. Montale Aoud Roses Petals is just a bit too spicy, GREEN, vegetal and distant for my tastes. The thoughts this fragrance evoke are not comforting, romantic, warm or soothing. I do not feel "wrapped-up" in, or "held" by this potion. While wearing this, I feel very un-feminine and unattractive. After an hour or so, this fragrance smells too "masculine" for me...perhaps I would like this scent more on a man than I do on myself. Aoud Roses Petals doesn't project or signify who I think I am (and who I want to project) in a fragrance. After a while, I smelled like I was wearing Clairoil Herbal Essence Shampoo...The Original Scent.

This Montale just never seems to settle down on me & onto my skin. For me, this perfume is not compelling or cozy, not moody or dark. When I smell this fragrance, it smells green, active, intense, sharp & blinding. For me, this fragrance never "grounded."

I do not think I will ever own this scent...I just do not like it enough. May move up the scale and try Montale Black Aoud or Montale White Aoud. As an aside, I like Tiziana Terenzi "Gold Rose Oudh" and Maison Francis Kurkdjian "Oud Silk Mood" a lot more than this fragrance.
03rd March, 2015

Rose Aoud by Martine Micallef

I think PigeonMurderer summed this one up perfectly. Extraordinarily ordinary, I cannot imagine paying the price tag for this extremely average and rather forgettable rose oud perfume. Smells very singular, FLAT and simple on me after a very short time. No vanilla, no chocolate, not much oud...just some mild rose. For the price, I would expect a fragrance with much more complexity, intrigue, longevity & silage.

This perfume opens with an extremely sharp, almost harsh medicinal note that dissipates within minutes. A fleeting note of ambergris follows, as do weak notes of synthetic smelling oud and "any-kind-of-ordinary" rose. Oud on this does not last at all and within minutes is (barely) detectable. Sadly, after 10-15 minutes, this much anticipated aoud fragrance morphed into a mere hint of a "rose solofleur.".

Longevity is poor; silage is weak. Perhaps it is because I tried this one on the heels of Tiziana Terenzi "Gold Rose Oudh" and Maison Francis Kurkdjian "Oud Silk Mood;" however, this rose oud feels pale, faint, singular, fleeting & weak in comparison.

An alright fragrance for some...just not my cup of tea (rose). Sorry...I couldn't resist!
03rd March, 2015

Oud Silk Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I eagerly opened my latest perfume sample shipment and tentatively applied Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud Silk Mood after reading mixed (many negative) reviews here and on other websites. Anticipating the perfume's arrival, I deliberately did not apply any other perfume that day because I wanted to experience this expensive perfume in its full glory. Surprisingly, I really LOVE this fragrance; however given the hefty price tag, I may be forced to move on to similar rouse oud perfumes and rose oud blends, such as those produced by Jo Malone, M. Micallef, Montale and Tiziana Terenzi (to name a few).

I am NOT a perfume expert and I especially am not an oud expert. I've never smelled the true scent of a natural agarwood tree. With that said, I experienced and owned Killian's Incense Oud. Recently, I decided to re-explore floral ouds. I hope to find a floral (rose) oud that I can wear & enjoy on a regular basis...a departure from my favorite scents, Creed's Jasmine Imperiatrice Eugenie, Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and Acqua di Parma's Magnolia Nobile. I like floral scents...I do...but I'm picky and I do NOT like solifleurs. I also do NOT like fragrances with straight or singular mossy and/or wood (resinous) notes (VETIVER, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, aged rum-oak barrel, etc).

MFK's Oud Silk Mood is a gorgeous fragrance but IMHO, you MUST wait for the dry-down! For me, the basenotes and dry-down are what make this fragrance stand out and shine. Even someone like me with limited perfume knowledge can tell this perfume is created with some fine ingredients...oud, rose, papyrus and chamomile...that's about it. Lovely.

I warn the opening notes are intense, loud and almost vulgar...rubber, SMOKE & metallic notes jump out of the bottle, onto the skin & through the nose, showing no mercy! After initial application, I thought "Uh oh...oh no...this is gonna make me ill...this is gonna be a SCRUBBER!" All I could smell after initial application was something akin to burnt rubber...oud!

Within 10-15 minutes, this EDP exposed its true glory with the longest lasting & loveliest wood (oud), musk-y, dark rose notes I have ever experienced. After 30-60 minutes, I could not stop enjoying the glow of the most gorgeous Bulgarian rose & wood-y oud fragrance I have ever experienced! MY husband kept commenting, "You smell GREAT when you walk that the SAME PERFUME you HAD ON about 1 hour ago??? The SAME one??? Really??? You smell great...nice!" Silage!!!

One Basenotes reviewer, who gave this fragrance a decidedly "thumbs down" review called this fragrance "cheap, synthetic, dark, odd, etc with 'urban glossy darkness' & pretention, etc." I can understand this reviewer's experience, I really can because that is (sorta) the way this fragrance opens.

But give it time and delight in the dry-down. This EDP is long lasting and is a beautifully warm, comforting floral (rose) & resinous fragrance. Silage is great & really pleasant. Not sure I have the budget to spring for a full bottle. And unlike By Killian, not sure if this MFK fragrance is worthy of its hefty price tag. I'm going to take some time in the near future to re-experience "similar" fragrances, as mentioned above.

Definitely worthy of a sample try, if you like rose & oud AND you can wait for the dry-down!!!
02nd March, 2015 (last edited: 18th March, 2015)

Poppy Flower by Coach

Recently read about Coach's relatively new "Poppy" line of perfumes. Thought I may have been purchasing Coach "Poppy Wild Flower," which sounds a bit more suitable for my tastes. Realized I bought Coach "Poppy Flower" instead. Gave it a try.

This EDP lists ivy, grapefruit and mandarin as its opening notes, which proved so true. Upon initial application, I smelled exactly like someone doused me with grapefruit juice than squeezed fresh oranges all over me before throwing the skins in my face! Pungent, astringent, sharp & strong citrus notes prevailed, almost choking at points. I could actually "taste" the bitter opening notes in my mouth as I (obviously) inhaled them through my nose/mouth. As reviewers on other websites recommended, I "waited-out" this phase, which initially seemed worthwhile...and it didn't take forever.

After 10-15 minutes, exceptionally pungent, mid-floral notes blazed through with jasmine and something as sweet as honeysuckle noted. The floral notes were tolerable and a nice transition from the overwhelming citrus I experienced during the opening. A few minutes later, as the dry-down began, I thought all was going to be well when the most pleasant & distinctive caramel and vanilla notes blasted through. As I walked into a supermarket to pick up a few items, I thought "Well...this IS interesting...this may be a nice citrus-floral gourmand I can tolerate." I was wrong.

A few minutes later while shopping, I detected the most rancid & sour note on my skin and clothing. As an aside, I ran into someone I know and gave them a hug. Doing so, I was a bit embarrassed & very self-conscious 'cause I actually thought I smelled offensive. Amber, CHEAP MUSK, VANILLA, sandalwood? I continually sniffed at the collar and sleeves of my (new) sweater jacket and the fragrance smelled like a baby had vomited sour milk onto my shoulder & wrist...the scent was that bad.

I hoped I was wrong and waited for the base notes to settle down...for the dry-down to continue. Sadly, on me the dry-down was horrendous. Sour, warm, nauseatingly rancid, dry milk with a tinge of cheap amber is what I smelled like. And it was 10F degrees here today...cannot imagine this stuff in the summer-time.

Well, I CAN say longevity is good 'cause I returned home, scrubbed my skin...scrubbed some more and washed my new sweater jacket. The fragrance turned that bad.

Bewildered, this 1.7 oz/50 ml purchase is now on eBay. I NEVER sell open perfume on eBay but I hope to recoup some of the $59.00 I paid for this blind purchase. Disappointing. It's a pass.
28th February, 2015

Ambre Premier by Jovoy

After sampling this fragrance several times, I confidently purchased a 100 ml bottle of Jovoy "Ambre Premier." Thought I (perhaps) found ONE ADDITIONAL dark, exotic, slightly floral, complex, enigmatic, earthy fragrance I could actually wear on a fairly regular basis...and love. Could it be??? I think I was wrong! What happened????

Feeling a bit excited when I first experienced this fragrance, I thought I found a "new favorite," a new "signature scent." Hoping this was the "Holy Grail" to add to my very limited wardrobe of much beloved perfumes...Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile, to name two...I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my purchase. Gosh, I applied a sample of this concoction several weeks back and I loved it...loved it more and more with each passing moment! Thought this was a beautiful fragrance.

I am not a perfume expert by any means; however with my sample I experienced what I thought was a perfect and precise blend & combination of scents and notes, which made me fall in love with Ambre Premier. The notion of "beautifully blended" kept coming to mind as I wrote my initial review. Amber, citrus, smoke, incense, patchouli, vanilla, rose, woods...loved it all!

Surprisingly, my full decant of this fragrance opened with the STRONGEST boozy, spicy and fruity notes I'd ever imagined...fruit? Following an opening that I (originally) thought set the stage for the "best is yet to come," the intense opening notes seemed to last forever. After the initial almost harsh opening, the sweetest (almost cloying) scent of amber began to build...and unlike my sample, the amber built & built & built and built. By and large, I am NOT a big fan of predominant amber scents; however I do love amber when the right amount blends and balances with other exotic notes.

Unfortunately, the amber never pleasantly matched (as I previously experienced) with dark, dreamy vintage rose along with hints of patchouli & smoke. At one point, I thought I detected a wee-bit of rose but only as a mid-note...fleetingly, the rose was gone. Sadly, after loving the blend of notes and scents during my sampling, the amber notes (matched with a wee-bit of vanilla accord) just never seemed to balance out...or go away.

Again, I am NOT a huge fan of singular or predominant or solo scented perfumes...not at all. And I REALLY dislike solo amber fragrances, I really do. Feeling perplexed, I cannot fathom what went wrong. What happened to the complexly blended fragrance of Ambre Premier that I originally experienced?

In all fairness, I DID wear this perfume after a day of experiencing a sample of Frederic Malle "Portrait of a Lady." Did that sully the water, er...I mean the fragrance of Ambre Premier? Did I get jaded so quickly?

Eerily reminiscent of my experience with Parfum d'Empire Ambre Russe...uggggh! Very similar fragrances, IMHO.

For $200.00, this is sadly another sell on eBay.
26th February, 2015 (last edited: 07th March, 2015)

Explosions d'Emotions : Déliria by L'Artisan Parfumeur! What exactly is this?

After I got past the incredibly offensive opening notes, which I imagine are the metallic & rum scents, all I could smell was something akin to a pistol that was removed from an old leather holster. Uggghhhhhh!

Throw in the horse's rear-end (a$$) and you'll get the complete picture. WOW!!! Took me several tries to get past the incredibly offensive opening notes. Actually felt nauseated. Gun metal & leather on me.

Cotton-candy? Candy apples? Toffee? Where? Got more offensive during its dry-down. Refrained from scrubbing but my-oh-my.

Just not for me.
26th February, 2015

Chia by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

So disappointed in this one! After having such high hopes based on many reviews-especially the positive reviews here on Basenotes-I was so let down after wearing Farmacia SS Annunziata Chia over the course of several consecutive days.

I am once again experimenting in hopes of expanding my "go-to" wardrobe of heavy, earthy, musky, woodsy, resinous, spicy fragrances. Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile are among my two favorite fragrances. I recently delighted in a few cotton-candy, vanilla, sugary, almond, confectionary body cremes; so, I thought I'd try finding similar fragrant notes in a niche perfume...something different to wear throughout the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Chia is a nice enough vanilla/floral fragrance but for me, it begins and ends right a nice enough, vanilla floral fragrance. I guess I was perhaps expecting something more exotic from the special house of Farmacia SS Annunziata. My experience is that the perfume is nice enough but just flat...there is nothing notable or unique about it given what one might expect.

Out of the bottle and throughout the opening notes, Chia promises to deliver. Extremely pretty, light, sweet, a bit citrus-y, fruity almond-y & feminine, I felt hopeful upon initial application. Opening notes include loads of sweetness with scents of sugar, cotton-candy, almond, a bit of citrus and other saccharine delights. A delicate floral touch-rose-nicely rounds out the fragrant complexity throughout the very brief opening notes of this perfume.

With all that said, the dry-down and the base notes are where this fragrance falls flat & deeply disappoints. Definitely within 15 minutes, on my skin Chia sadly turned into a rather ordinary, usual, typical vanilla gourmand with a few hints of orange blossom & almond. Also on my skin, Chia turned incredibly powdery during its dry-down, a characteristic somewhat common to many floral gourmands (in my experience).

Chia has good silage and average staying power. In summary and IMHO, Farmacia SS Anuziata's Chia is a relatively ordinary, vanilla-musk-floral gourmand perfume, neither complex nor exotic. I love niche perfumes but this one isn't my style. If I had to sum things up, I would say this perfume is just too child-like for my tastes. After 30 minutes of application, Chia almost smelled like baby-powder on me...I swear I smelled like a freshly powdered baby's bottom...not good imagery.

I imagine for the price of Chia (if not a bit less), one can find something similar (if not nicer) than this relatively pricey perfume. Very disappointed.
26th February, 2015

Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto

This is an odd one, a fragrance that leaves me feeling frustrated and a bit confused. I had high hopes and big expectations for this one after reading so many positive online reviews. I bought this blind, 3.5 ounces @ a mere $29.99 on Amazon...apparently from a reputable perfume retailer. I'm glad I did not pay more for this because after "trying" it and wearing it for a day or two, I do not think it will be one of my go-to fragrances.

With so many identified "notes" and so much allegedly going on, this perfume seems to do nothing once it settles down on my skin. Initially out of the bottle, I definitely detect the "rum" scent, an aroma that I generally do not like. In fairness, the opening rum notes are not over-bearing or intolerable as some "rum" fragrances can be. The opening notes are not unpleasant...just very very PRESENT, as others have stated. And as an aside, a reviewer on another site noted, there IS something a bit strange in the opening notes that definitely attacks the nostrils...not necessarily unpleasant...just strong, present and a bit odd...alcoholic...hey, I think it's the RUM!

The middle notes and dry-down are where things get too weird, confusing and frustrating for me & my tastes. Yes, amber comes through as does a heady mixture of MULTIPLE florals (definitely rose, jasmine, osmanthus), powder, musk, amber, vanilla, etc...everything. I do not detect a lot of patchouli or leather...notes I wouldn't mind! At any rate, the middle notes or mid-phase of this potion almost smell a bit funerial to me...something I definitely do not like...almost old-lady like.

Fortunately, while still a bit confusing, the dry-down and base notes are not so bad because everything seems to calm down into a lot of, well...nothing really. After 30-45 minutes or so, I am left with a barely detectable aroma of boozy, powdery amber & rum...a wee-bit of Bulgarian rose, perhaps (which is nice). Actually, the dry down and base notes are quite pleasant but almost unrecognizable and non-detectable...frustrating for me after suffering through so much-smile.

This fragrance has good silage and great longevity, as it seems to last for quite some time. And while silage is good, on me this fragrance plays close to the skin (which given how I smell, may be a good thing).

Some reviewers on other sites describe this fragrance as "rich, sensuous, unusual, enigmatic, very feminine, exotic, etc," which are not words that come to my mind after I sampled (wore) this for a few days in a row. While pleasant enough and not offensive, this Vince Camuto scent is extraordinarily ordinary on me.

I guess I'll use up the bottle, using it here and there, etc when my much beloved fragrances run low.
25th February, 2015 (last edited: 26th February, 2015)

Antico Caruso by Profumum

I've again attempted to expand my (very limited) perfume and EDT wardrobe. Sigh...I guess I do not do well with change and apparently there IS a very good reason I have such a limited "go-to fragrance wardrobe"--smile. With that said, I have taken somewhat to the new trend of sweet, spicy, cotton-candy, almond, sugary vanilla "gourmand" type scents. Such scents seem to be a nice departure (especially for spring & summer) from my heavier fragrances that consist of oud, musk, resins, sandalwood & other woodsy oils, etc.

Well, obviously sampling Antico Caruso was NOT an effort to find a "sugary" scent but a feeble effort to explore another dark, exotic, resinous fragrance. As others have stated, this is a non-complex scent that settled into two notes on me, well actually ONE note...powdery amber...period.

Trying to avoid doing so, I definitely detected the "barber shoppe" aroma among the opening notes. I detected an herbal & nearly medicinal accord in the opening notes, perhaps some citrus, too. Within minutes, the scent rapidly transitioned on me and I definitely detected some almond that was pleasant enough...just not PRESENT enough for my tastes.

And finally, as others have already stated, sadly on me the dry-down of this fragrance landed as a simple, very ordinary linear note...not almond (as many have stated) but to my senses, the final note was AMBER...and a soapy amber, I'd say! Maybe I'm sensing sandalwood (which I like quite a lot) and not amber. But I think I can detect sandalwood from amber. Antico Caruso definitely landed as amber...simple, non-complex, kinda ordinary amber.

On the plus side, longevity seems GREAT with this fragrance 'cause I applied it several hours back and it still smells quite song. Silage also seems to be quite strong as there are wafts of this stuff throughout my entire house right now. I actually caused one of my poor cats to sneeze when I hugged him a few minutes ago-lololol.

Nonetheless, I do not like the end results of this one on me. Traveling with it from its opening notes to its end was pleasant enough. But in the end, this fragrance feels (smells) too ordinary for me and way too masculine given my current preferences. Think I'll pass this on to my dear husband and see if he'd like to try if out for a while. Glad I got a tester/sample. Many thanks once again to Lucky Scent dot com!
25th February, 2015 (last edited: 26th February, 2015)

Love Hope Denim by True Religion

I recently plucked this item from a shelf at Marshall's. After reviewing "Love Hope Denim's" notes online, I "blind purchased" this fragrance for a fraction of its retail price of $39.00. With spring & summer arriving, I'd like to depart from my usual "heavier" go to fragrances. As an aside, I bought a jar of Philosophy Pink Almond Candy Body Souffle a while back and I recognize I like the fragrance a lot. I'm not a "main stream" fragrance lover,preferring niche fragrances over all others. However, I realize I like almond-y sweet, cotton-candy kinda scents. I am NOT a gourmand-y fragrance lover; however I do like wearing creamy, vanilla, musk, caramel, fruity Oriental blends now and again.

So, after springing for Prada "Candy" (based on its notes and reviews) and not loving it (I used the 1.7 oz during a cruise...will not purchase it again), I bought True Religion "Love Hope Denim." Really, there is not much to say about this fragrance. In general, it is a very straight-forward, sugary, sweet, cotton-candy, caramel & vanilla, musk-y sweet delight.

Initially, I detected a definite synthetic aroma to this EDT. After initially spraying the fragrance on me, I thought, "Uh oh...this is gonna give me a colossal headache...this is NOT gonna work." However, I sprayed this on while driving home from Marshal's; so, scrubbing the fragrance off was not an option-smile! I had to give the fragrance some time to develop. After detecting an overwhelmingly strong (almost harsh) mixture of fruit...a real fruity aroma...not one particular dominant note...perhaps strawberry & raspberry...the EDT settled down and became tolerable...actually pleasant. After 10-15 minutes or so, middle notes of almond, vanilla, caramel and (slightly burnt) sugar definitely sparkled through...and the fragrance is not so bad! After 30 minutes or so, this fragrance is actually fun & pleasant!

Some folks compare this fragrance to Prada Candy. Much of what is written is true because "Love Hope Denim" varies from Prada Candy with top notes that are DRASTICALLY more fruity than Prada Candy. Thankfully, once on the skin this EDT settles down with incredibly delightful notes of caramel, vanilla, musk and (slightly) burnt sugar. While I do not agree that the base notes make this concoction more "adult" like than Prada Candy (as cited by another reviewer), I do agree that after 30 minutes or so and unlike Prada Candy, this fragrance is not dominated by a "powdery" note. This fragrance remains more airy & light than Prada Candy. With that said, I still think the final aroma and notes of this EDT make it more of a "young gal's" scent and not a scent I'd describe as elegant, mature, unique or unusual.

Love Hope Denim sits close to the skin, so silage is not great. For me, longevity is moderate because the aroma waned after a few hours or so...say 3-4. I found myself spraying Love Hope Denim on me once again, so I could make this review as realistic as possible! And I must say for what it is, the fragrance IS growing on me!

A simple, non-complex, linear fragrance that easily competes with many of the recent "fruity, cotton-candy, sugar, caramel, vanilla, musk" scents out there, I think I'll keep this one. Doubt I will buy more, however when this bottle is gone. A pretty good blind purchase. Definitely worth the discounted price.
20th February, 2015 (last edited: 11th March, 2015)

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Cannot believe I overlooked reviewing and rating this wonderful perfume, as I've owned it and worn it now for nearly three years. Came upon this during a 2012 trip to Epcot Center in Orlando. Stumbled across the display at the Italy or Venice area and was over-taken...immediately in-love. Do you know that heady, over-whelming, wonderful olfactory sensation one experiences when entering a high-end parfumerie or a unique & spell-binding candle-shop in a tiny European town or Big American City? THAT is what got me...those fragrances...that was instant love.

As others have stated, Magnolia Nobile begins quite citrusy, which I normally do not like...I actually dislike fragrances with strong, opening citrus notes. After settling in and simmering down a bit, the magic of Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile begins! The more this fragrance settles down and remains on the skin, the finer it becomes! Staying power is great...sillage is super, too. A little does the job. Over-doing the application can be over-powering.

Again, thinking I would dislike such a "floral" and citrusy scent, magnolia is dominant; yet the mixture of citrus (lemon & bergamot), floral (rose & jasmine) and woods (amber, musk) make this perfume truly unique.

The scent, IMHO is very feminine but not trendy or juvenile, not hip or lively. While this doesn't smell like the top drawer of grandma's dresser, I would call this a more mature and "lady-like" fragrance...not a fun and playful one. I like the fact that Acqua di Parma does not make dozens of "trendy" fragrances; the perfume maker chooses to perfect, develop and modify the "tried and true" base and basic notes.

As the Acqua di Parma website states, "this perfume DOES have a distinct structure that is enriched with surprising notes." There are opening notes of bergamot, lemon and citron that develop with rose & jasmine. The dry-down is sandalwood, patchouli...a hint of vanilla.

I absolutely love this stuff! It definitely ties as #1 with my other "go-to" fragrance, Frrederic Malle Musc Ravageur. Completely different fragrances but similar in so many ways!
29th January, 2015 (last edited: 20th February, 2015)