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    Patchouli by Fragonard

    Tailored Patchouli from Fragonard.

    A masculine but shared fragrance makes its opening with a quick breeze of freshness

    The body heat soon release the truth - a well polished arrogance so expected from a Patchouli and Fragonard delivers by giving you the punch but with a well padded glove !!

    This Patchouli is well controlled just the right amount of scream - smoothed around the edges.

    The Caraway holds the middle notes and base notes together and this is possibly the slight powdery feel that gives Fragonard Patchouli its own pedigree - a tad GRAND.

    Smart and impeccable packaging - I would have gone with a richer and darker approach on the packaging (it does matter !!!)

    In a world where the individual wants to stand out and - there it is.

    Probably not the Gym pick me up !!

    No age limit here but DARING !!!

    I think even some young "Goth" would appreciate the Caraway notes in this Patchouli.

    To experience

    21st February, 2014 (Last Edited: 24 February, 2014)


    Cool Water by Davidoff

    Like a good pair of 501's - Cool Water is Classic


    Cool Water is Classic

    Super green and mint fresh - this is full morning power that do last well.

    It will leave a good "mossy" feel at the end of the day.

    Non complicate - easy to wear this is a very positive scent to wear - full of masculine energy.

    No extras frills but a good recommended Classic freshness !!!!

    Pros: fresh simplicity
    Cons: none"

    25 August, 2013


    Mahon Leather by Floris


    A direct heritage from their late and gone "Vetiver" in my opinion - and so much improved.

    I will not talk about the notes etc..... but mostly about the feeling of the scent.

    I found this scent beautifully violent and sexually charged BUT all presented on a solid gold tray - with a Crested collar !!!

    A PURE BEAUTY - a bit of a Wild Animal bread by Floris

    Not for the shy ones !!!

    15 February, 2013


    Victorious by Floris

    From the TOP of the range collection from Floris.

    A festival of notes so well put together

    A Mastery fusion of Fresh Warmth and Oriental notes.

    MY nose would smell moslty a subtle vanilla note combined with all the Floris warm notes of woods and fresh notes and "Floris" Sandalwood on the edges.

    Totally wearable daytime and evening for men and women

    I would actually put this one as the most Classico/Modern scent Floris has put together lately.

    I have not smelled anything that Avant-Guarde for a long time from Floris.

    An Eau de Parfum - that is Bold on the skin - does not come cheap and thank god for that - this is rare top nosh !!!

    From the Private Collection only for the few !!

    15 February, 2013


    Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

    One of the Grand Classic

    To be experienced at least once

    02 April, 2012


    Royall Vetiver by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

    Molinard's Vetiver version is gone - but I have just discovered this one
    Royall Vetiver and itis sublime - well balanced and not too strong

    A dash of sweetness and spices

    If you like your Vetiver with a puuur but well groomed arround the edges - this is one of them for sure !!!


    20th March, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st March, 2012)


    Eton College Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street

    Strange - Odd - Unusual - Metallic -

    I would put it in the Jicky categorie - you love it or hate it !!

    Going in different directions between the freshness and the spices and a tad sweet.

    I like fragrances that are odd or out of the mould.

    Winter - evening - standing out.

    Deserves a try -

    I like it !!

    21st January, 2011


    Shaving Shop by Taylor of Old Bond Street

    It is Shaving Shop's simplicity that makes this Cologne a hit.

    A great barber style freshness with an elegant twist

    It has got a mediterranean touch, deep down, "Tuscany style" and in my opinion this is the key to this fragrance.

    Fresh - uncomplicated yet elegant - well constructed.

    An all year style - even after the gym, makes this Cologne a great hidden number.

    Last well on the skin but this is not a bold sillage fragrance.

    Citrus fresh with very light herbs and spices

    I am normally not a big fan of splash bottles - this fragrance is a splash style Cologne, a few drops in your hands massaged on the skin - is perfect.

    Jermyn street is full of little treasures that need to be discovered - "Shaving shop" is one of them - the Shop is a must to visit !!!

    20th January, 2011 (Last Edited: 28 January, 2011)


    Nantucket Briar by Crabtree & Evelyn

    Women women - I find this one ultra conservative - with a strong statement of standards and a superb longevity

    Powdery - flowery and the ambergris do make this great scent a Vintage/Classic style

    Superbly constructed

    It would be great if more ladies wear this one instead of the ultra marketed gloomy high street scents - this one has class and power

    21st September, 2010


    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

    For Davidoff - For Calvin Klein

    But not for Chanel

    Put Antaeus next to Blue and it will turm Green of desire.

    Hummm Chanel did not need Blue

    15 August, 2010


    Ajaccio Violets by Geo F Trumper

    It is so floral classic and so Violet-y that I will actually put it in a Modern Goth style !!!! yes I do !!!!!

    (I can see you frowning)

    I actually like the stuff - yes I could imagine that the style would even suit some rock and roll white faced punk !!!

    Very unusual and different it is classic with a big C super soft shirt and tailored suit...

    ......then again I can see some dark rebelion in it is lovely Violet juice - by contrast of course - a little bit like Billy Idol swearing only by L'ombre dans l'eau !!!!

    I dare the young ones to wear Violets with their piercings and dark T shirts - Now that's cool !!!

    super thumbs up !!!

    15 August, 2010


    Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

    It is a Yes from me

    It has got the clean and well groomed animal in it.

    This one has got the all seasons bonus.

    In a suit or rugged jeans - - - - - - but maybe not at the gym !!

    A fresher leather that kept its masculinity and class well balanced

    15 August, 2010


    West Indian Lime by Crabtree & Evelyn

    I like it very much,
    It is the Vetiver that makes the scent for me - very fresh and green

    It does leave a good close to the skin statement

    I would use this one for spring - summer and Sienna from C&E in winter/autumn

    A Royal Classic !!!

    06 August, 2010 (Last Edited: 21st September, 2010)


    Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn

    I like it

    It is still - calm and aromatic with a reconforting warmth

    It is simple and classic

    It has got the scent "from the exotic travels"

    A great etiquette that will never date

    20th April, 2010


    Only The Brave by Diesel

    A joke,

    Diesel seems to take its younger customers for a drive and it is a cheap one !!!!

    A complete and utterly waste of money - and this is expensive !!!!

    Great bottle !!! but that is the only good news !!!

    I rarely give a bad review - this is one of them

    dont buy


    17 January, 2010


    Uncharted by Crabtree & Evelyn

    Well this will not break eather your bank account or you nose buds !!!

    However this is a well done fresh/sweet modern fragrance - uncomplicated -

    Easy going and even sporty street style

    Long lasting cherfull little number

    A true Sunday escape - old jeans and snickers !!!

    20th October, 2009


    Sienna by Crabtree & Evelyn

    A very very nice winter scent

    A peppery warmth with a touch of sweetness

    It is in the league of the Classics - Retro - Vintage scents - so not 2010 that it fits right in !!

    Great life on the skin

    I think this one should be kept secret as we all like something unusual and personal.

    Formal/evening summers only - but a big bold wintery scent

    Thumb thumb thumb ups

    16 October, 2009 (Last Edited: 08 November, 2009)


    American Crew Classic Fragrance by American Crew

    I like it !!

    Classic - nearly timeless !! and this one is not 2009 as it is not 1990 !!

    Not your average lovely fruity/lemony - it has got some citrus but it has been fuelled with spices

    It has got a great smell of well groomed and it does go well with all the Classic line from American Crew>
    BUT in my opinion it does have a little bit of wildeness in it - just enough to make really interesting and naughty !! - I would explain this by saying that this scent goes very well with men's natural scent.

    So this will not break ground or your bank account - but this is well made and it has a bit of an animal punch into it

    I recommend it

    02 April, 2009 (Last Edited: 20th April, 2009)


    Bouquet de la Reine by Floris

    Once again - this a mixture of classic and modern (like JF)

    A celebration of different colors of flowers but it is the rose that do stand out with the jasmin and ylang ylang.

    I can only juge this one on a testing paper so I can not talk about the base notes as they do mix with skin scent

    "Scientifically" - perfectly balanced - it is a very well choregraphed "balet" fit for a Queen !!

    I think celebration is the right word to describe this scent - with white gloves and plenty of red velvet ..... and a young twink in the eye.

    This is not a trendy or commercial scent - this is Floris and a signature - in three words -

    An imperial Thumb up !!!

    25 November, 2008


    Tova by Tova Borgnine Beverly Hills

    Oh dear - it is just that - who wants the whole actres selling drama from QVC everytime she talks about her products.

    24 October, 2008


    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    It is like a bottle of Dom Perignon filled with Lambrusco - respect for customers is gone for good !!

    22 September, 2008


    L'Ombre dans L'Eau by Diptyque

    I was lucky enough to try this "creation" at Saks in new york while on holiday

    The name actually evoke the scent - the rose is there but shadowed by a kind of freshness.

    A total masterpiece in modern perfumery.

    This is impossible to describe - it can only be experienced

    Billy Idol said - he would be lost without this scent - just for the quote !!!

    I am not sure if I will actually wear this one - but for sure - it is a great creation

    A bit somber - a bit rebel - a bit goth .......... but so much more

    Hard to find - rare - expensive - unique - everthing you want from a SECRET scent
    Unlike flashy bottles "supermarket" EDT -
    you have got here a Mercedes hidden in a simple glass bottle !!!

    Saks New York - Liberty London - proof of a great pedegree !!

    22 September, 2008


    Trafalgar by Truefitt & Hill

    It is the freshness and the jasmin that makes this scent a hit - yes the spices are there ............. but it is the huge amount of jasmin that carries the whole notes together......... it is very well balanced and stays trully masculin.

    It is not too heavy - reminding us that the 80s are far gone - so I would call it Modern - with one Old and Classic ingredient that put it in the Barber style Cologne - and that is soooooo 2008.

    I have not tested something similar over the years so nothing to compare it with - another good point.

    Actually I think the Blue color of the Cologne and the packaging of the range do reflect well the "springy" style.

    What I do like with this scent is that it can be worn anytime - business - week end etc.....(I have tried it in summer yet !!)

    It would not surprise me that some younger customer do get this one to get away from the scent fashion trends.

    It is good to have something just for men for a change and this Company caters for us ONLY - GREAT

    23 June, 2008


    Black XS by Paco Rabanne

    Like a pre-roting fruit salad - bored of it after 1 hour -

    12 June, 2008


    Special No. 127 by Floris

    Actually in small amount it is perfect for everyday -
    For sure - it is a specialist scent - not grand, not in your face - but very Special .............127.

    10th April, 2008


    Lavender by Floris

    You must be a lavender "person" to appreciate a good Lavender ???
    Not at all - this one is fresh but not "harsh" and well lasting.

    I would not call it a 100% classic lavender (the one you can get in any corner shop !!!) this is delicate -refined and elegant.

    A Class on its own !!!


    04 April, 2007


    Fleur by Floris

    The young or young at heart Floris
    It is a Classic bouquet that Floris has as "Fleur" probably my favorite Floris olfactive experience - timeless and Chic.
    A very well balanced fragrance - smart and happy.
    A firework of white flowers but no blindness - perfect.



    04 April, 2007


    Fragile by Jean Paul Gaultier

    The scent will not give you an "earthquick" orgasm but in my opinion this the most BEAUTIFULL and ORIGINAL presentation ever for a perfume.

    I am normally agaisnt all beautifull bottle with "bad" scent but the perfume itself is good here.

    The "snow flake souvenir glass" style is replaced with a women and gold leaves - it is just the most original presentation and yes it is just taking a simple idea and develop it.

    Well done to the designer

    a trippple thumb up


    01st April, 2007


    Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I just come back from "the center" and gave a good spray of "fleur du Male" and I am furious that million will buy it maybe because the white bottle will become a must have - but frankly the "NOSE" behind this scent is taking us for a ride ------ and a big one.


    I thought LE MALE was a great creation but not for me - but "Fleur du Male" is just so not original it has all the Jean paul Gaultier style but no charactere with just a spray I smell everybody and that is not good.
    The problem with this scent by the time you purchase it - it is already PASSE and SO WHAT.
    With a white bottle like that I was waiting something soooo unusual and It felt FLAT.

    This is why I think Niche Perfumers are doing sooooo well.

    I rarely give thumbs down but I dont know why anybody should spend money on a lovely bottle that smells NEARLY bad - unless you walk with the bottle around your neck


    30th March, 2007


    Vetiver by Floris

    This scent is not for me - It does not mean it is bad at all.
    I think you must be a Vetiver "person" and I think you will love it.
    Some basenoter would call a Vetiver dirty as a compliment - well I think this one is very dirty.
    This is longlasting power and this is not shy - it is a bit of an animal but it has been well bred by Floris.
    For the Vetiver fans out there


    29 March, 2007

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