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Extreme 1920 by Bois 1920

I have a funny story about this one. I actually bought this a couple of months ago. I loved the smell of it out of the bottle. Then I sprayed it on a card when I got home and it totally scared me off. I thought it was a stronger version of Davidoff's Zino.

Zino has, quite possibly one of the most masculine and perfect opening bursts of all, but he dry down is decidedly synthetic. On the card, I thought I had just a stronger version of the same and that my hopes the perfect masculine scent were dashed. I took it back for a refund.

On a whim a couple of weeks ago, I was strolling around the fragrance counter and started talking to the girl at the counter. She told me that the entire Bois 1920 line was designed to be mixed. She showed me 1920 Extreme and 1920 Classic mixed together. I was so taken that I bought them both.

I love the two mixed. But later, I decided to jump in and go for it and just wear Extreme all by itself. WOW!

It turns out that its the perfection of Zino that I was looking for afterall. The fern opening is so spectacular and decidedly masculine, it simply leaves not doubt. But its soft and at no time is it overly sweet. In the middle it stays slightly spice. Sometimes I get tobacco and pepper/pine/fern, other tims I get something just slightly powdery and animalic at the same time..almost acidic or alcoholic, but with something like fine ambergris floating in the background.

The dry down continues to amaze. Don't let the Bourban Vanilla finish scare you off. It never goes to "baby powder". It does dry slightly sweet - but the bourbon is more present than the vanilla so that the strength and character of this wonderful scent is never deminished.

Perhaps the best part of this is that it lasts all day - but it never strays too far. It doesn't knock people over, they just seem to know you are there.

My wife doesn't normally like the kind of scents I favor. But this one, while being overtly masculine, has the gentle touch of the refined gentleman. It never gets pungeant or overly musky. My wife loves this on me and I love it as well.

I look forward to experimenting with the entire Bois 1920 line - this is will be a fun experiment in quality and luxury!
09th May, 2009

Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma

This is very sophisticated stuff. It was not at all what I was expecting based on the reviews here, but I was still very pleased. It is very masculine, but more fruity and citrusy than I thought it would be. Its not overbearing in anyway and the longevity and sillage lack punch, but it doesn't dissappear altogether. It needs a couple of refresher sprays throughout the day and you will be fine.

This doesn't announce itself in the room, but rather provides the wearer with a pleasant and distinctive "aura" least that is what I'm told by those who've commented on it. All thumbs up, if you want to get away from mass market scents, which I have completely sworn off of, and you want something distinctive, but not kitchy, this is the stuff.

Its complex, without being complicated. Like an intelligent person with strong tastes and opinions, but with manners. I highly recommend this for the most sophisticated fragrance wearers in society.
06th January, 2009

V pour Homme by Valentino

Its beena while since I have found a mass market designer fragrance I could live with. This one does more than that. It comes on warm and spicy, then settles into a spicy sharpness that is very pleasant - but strong. Not in the knock you down since, but more in the aura it presents. My wife said this one made her knees quiver.
I am normally into high quality niche fragrances like creed and bond, etc. But this one will be a nice change of pace for the cooler months when I want to save my coins and not use up the expensive stuff! Nice job Valentino!
02nd February, 2007
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parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

Way too harsh and cold for me. Its definitely a quality fragrance, but I can't really see a situation where this will work for me. Too avante garde for work, too harsh for romance, to sharp for play - it's a niche fragrance that is well put together, but doesn't fit well with my chemistry.
02nd February, 2007

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Dark panelled rooms, a pinstripe suit with cufflinks - pensive leader of the people thinking through his next move.
That's the aura that surrounds me when I wear this cologne - special occassions, brooding, contemplative.
Very, very woody - balanced by florals and vanilla. The only Davidoff worth having on your shelf - but this one is a doozy. Maybe because it is named after the master of tobaco himself, Mr. Zino Davidoff.
29th January, 2007

Epicéa by Creed

Just recieved my bottle of this yesterday and am wearing today. It's snowing and 30 degrees outside - the perfect weather for this fragrance.

I had this once before and the bottle was sickly sweet - this one is much more interesting. Maybe in my on-line shopping I bought from a poser the first time. This bottle is much more robust, rich, creed-like (like it should be.)

While this is a very sweet scent - it may be the most perfect rendition of a wintery pine forest I have ever felt. Still there is something strong, heavy, brooding about it - as though this was the scent that Polo Green was trying to be.

It does not project all the way across the room - but it does give a seductive aura to the wearer. That burst of fragrance when you walk up to someone or first enter a room. People take notice - it does not offend, just announces you are there and then quickly fades into the background until called upon again.

I highly recommend this as a winter fragrance. Its classy - outdoorsy - masculine - unique. In today's world of sickeningly synthetic hollywood endorsed bath water - this is refreshingly independant. I highly recommend that any Creed fan add this one to their collection.
19th January, 2007

Great Jones by Bond No. 9

Just got my bottle of this - very nice, classy masculine fragrance. Definitely for summer. Somewhat soapy, especially as it dries down. But very pleasant and in no way offensive. Not a lot of sillage or projection. Longevity is decent though.
11th January, 2007

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

What a fantastic and gloriously original peice. There are very few in my area who know of Creed, so when I wear one of the many in my collection I am usually the only one who smells this way.

The berries and cream are wonderful in this selection - but the cream is rebuffed by a very pleasant and masculine musky smell so as to keep it from smelling too feminine.

Many compliments from my friends of the fairer sex when I wear this.

If you are a Creed aficianado - this MUST be in your collection. The stuff is not that expensive if you expend a little effort searching on the web.
02nd January, 2007

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Just received my bottle of this. First let me say kudos to Basenotes. I have bought several items based on combing through the reviews of this community - and as a community, everyone does a great job. Now to the fragrance. I was extremely excited about the arrival of my golden bottle of MI. Once I put this on - I was not dissappointed. I applied three sprays then picked up my wife for dinner. She couldn't stop talking about it and asking me what I was wearing. Let's just say the evening went REALLY well.

This is a very fresh - yet strikingly masculine scent. Fruity and salty with an impeccable woodsy dry down.

It's marine, fruit and wood like no mass market frag could do. No wonder it was made for a king - that's how it will make you feel when you wear it.

The more I wear Creed selections, the farther away I get from buying over the counter mass market scents. This is a must have for any refined gentleman's collection!
01st December, 2006

Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

I bought this because the very attractive frangrance dealer said it made her feel "frisky" when she smelt it. I loved the initial top notes - so I fell for the classic flattering sales pitch. This stuff is disgusting. Once the beautiful, peppery top notes dry down (Which only takes about five minutes) you get a terrible, oily, sythetic baby wipes smell. In fact- that's a quote. I asked my wife to smell it and she crinkled her nose and said it smells like baby wipes. For me, It reminded me of the roach spray under our kitchen sink. Not impressed.
06th November, 2006

Amber & Lavender by Jo Malone

Soap. Pure and simple. Just soap. If I want to smell like this, I'll just use soap. It is fresh, clean, like you just stepped out of the show, but it simply smells like soap. It actually kind of reminds me of Coast - remember that stuff? Some of the freshest smelling stuff out there - but this is not a fragrance I would don with a suit to go out in an evening. If the founder of Jo Malone made this for her husband, she must have been trying to send him a hint to take a bath.
26th October, 2006

Armani Privé Eau de Jade by Giorgio Armani

Wow - beautiful, for man or woman. The citrus is explosive, the bourbon and vanilla finish this off so clean. The dry down comes fast and stays for a long time. Like the others in the Prive collection, the charm in this scent is in its simplicity and directness. Honest from beginning to end, extremely pleasant and romantic. My wife took one wiff of this on me and loved it!
17th October, 2006

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Very sweet and woody. A scent that fills a room without being offensive. A little too sweet for me, but a nice mass market scent.
16th October, 2006
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Himalaya by Creed

Another great one for a cool fall or winter day. This one has an immediate positive impact on the people around you. Great sillage and lasts a long time. The pepper balances the fruit and woods in this. Very masculine - but smells good on women too. My wife sneaks into my collection and wears this sometimes. When she does, it takes on an entirely different character. If you are a creed fan, you must have this one in your collection.
12th October, 2006

Allure Homme by Chanel

This is one I keep coming back to on a crisp, cool fall day. This fragrance is uplifting and romantic. From the opening notes, which are bracing and cool - to the slow, soft dry down, this is man at his best, and most refined. For a mass market fragrance - I would say this is one of the top three out there. I don't know a woman that doesn't swoon over this. Sweet, but not overly so. The Sandalwood and patchuli provide a sharpness that keeps this fragrance down to earth. The cedar wood reminds us that it is masculine to the core. Great fall/winter fragrance!
12th October, 2006

Original Santal by Creed

I do smell some similarities to JOOP in the open - but this one is much smoother and classier. Original Santal is not quite as spicy on its drydown, but rather smooth and creamy from start to finish. Could be worn by both male and female - but leans masculine in its presence. The Sandalwood is present from beginning to end, perhaps the most pleasant use of Sandalwood that I have encountered.
11th October, 2006

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

This is perfect for those of us who like classic fragrances, but don't feel old enough to wear them everyday. Most of my young lady friends adore this fragrance - but it doesn't appear overworn by the un-fragrance educated masses. It's great for a day at the mall, or for everyday at work. My wife loves this on me. It opens tart and woody and has good sillage and longevity. Absolutely unoffensive and very pleasant. Its as close as you can get to the Armani Private Collection (Which I highly recommend any true fragrance Connoisseur own) without spending $150 an ounce. As far as mass market fragrances go - this one gets a thumbs up. Warm and woody - but still feels fresh and clean from top to bottom.
11th October, 2006

Cuir de Russie by Creed

Wow! What can I say. To be honest - this is not really a scent that I would wear except on the rare occassion. The opening smelled like some kind of medicine to me. The leather was the most prevalent scent throughout - though I could smell the Sandalwood after about 15 minutes. The Sandalwood actually tickled my nose though - because there was nothing to soften or sweeten its sharpness. This fragrance is NEVER sweet. By the final dry down, it really does smell like a high quality leather and tack shop. I have to give this thumbs up though because even though I don't really prefer this fragrance, it is very original, very masculine, and very high quality. If you like leather - this is the way to go.
11th October, 2006

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

I don't smell many similarities between this and Vintage Tabarome (Which I prefer), but perhaps just the guiding hand of the Virginia Tobacco note throughout. Other than that - the new version is much lighter and can even be worn in Summer. But if you are looking for that dark and brooding stuff that men like Churchill and Bogart used to wear in big leather chairs in stuffy study rooms wearing dark pin stripe suits, you'll need to pick up some of the old stuff. I like the new - but for me, it has to do with the mood I am in. I'll wear the newer when I want to be sure not to offend - but when I am brooding or in a strong mindset, I go back to the old stuff. All in all, you cannot go wrong by adding this bright and clean peice to your collection.
11th October, 2006

"Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

Perhaps one of the greatest ever. So classy and powerful. I feel like I could command the attention of any room while wearing this. The open is striking - like a bracing wind on a cold winter day. An icy sweet and sour grips your lungs in a pleasant and bracing way. As the dry down begins, some of the sweetness goes away as the tobacco notes make thier entrance. Then like a well coreographed dance number the sweet notes return and the finish is like the climax of a fine play - begging for an encore! Thumbs up all the way.

PS. The open almost smells like a sweet rum flavored cuban cigar.
11th October, 2006

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I can't help but love this old classic. I love to break out my bottle of Polo Green for a trip to the Horse Track in the fall. Something about the tobacco scent makes me think of the wonderful horse industry. It's an all time classic and when applied sparingly can brighten any room you inhabit.
11th October, 2006

Ezra Fitch by Abercrombie & Fitch

Same, same same....same as everything else out there in the teeny bop world. Cloying, fake, senthetic, mechanical. The smell out of the bottle is fantastic, but it only takes a few minutes to reveal that you have just purchased any one of thousands of other so-called "modern" scents with no personallity. Everytime I buy something mass market, I am reminded why I am a diehard Creed fan!
03rd October, 2006

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

I was sucked in by the beautiful bottle - and the fresh smell coming from opening the cap. I should know better but I bought it without sampling. Once I applied, there was a sickening sweet smell. The dry down was better, but very sharp and discomforting. It smelled like a watered down, sweeter version of Pomegranate Noir, by Jo Malone. Don't waste your money, just stop by Nieman Marcus and pick up the Jo Malone!
03rd October, 2006

Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

This is a nice summer scent - not much sillage though. It smells almost exactly like a less potent version of Bond No. 9's Bleeker Street. Still good stuff though, it makes for nice variety in the collection.
03rd October, 2006

Armani Privé Ambre Soie by Giorgio Armani

This is a positively luxurious scent. Sweet, but not overly so. Try this layered with the Bois de Encens' it will knock your socks off. P.S. I have also found that layering these two fragrance adds more silliage and lasting power.
22nd August, 2006

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

This is a standard that should be on any refined gentleman's fragrance shelf. Just strong enough to announce your presence, but not overbearing or overwhelming. The ladies I know (including the most important one in my life) tell me this one makes thier knees buckle. The great thing about it is, that while women swoon - it is still classy enough to be worn to the office. The sandlewood and floral notes in this combine to project an image of refined power. One that doesn't have to be brash or braggy - just confident. I love this scent.
02nd May, 2006 (last edited: 09th November, 2006)

Armani Privé Bois d'Encens by Giorgio Armani

I have to change my ealier review of this slightly - it truly does have good longevity. I guess my nose got used to it quickly when I first started wearing it, but after a few times I realized that I was just carrying the aura with me wherever I weant and got used to it.

My wife really loves this one - it makes her knees buckle when she smells the spritz. Also try layoring with Ambre Soie - incredible combination.
30th April, 2006 (last edited: 05th March, 2007)

Bois du Portugal by Creed

Raw power - like a panther stalking its prey. A strong, precisely masculine scent - no wonder such a character as Frank Sinatra wore this stuff.
30th April, 2006 (last edited: 18th October, 2006)

Baie de Genièvre by Creed

This is a really great fall/winter/spring fragrance. Very masculine - but not overpowering.

I have recieved many compliments from this spicy fragrance.
30th April, 2006