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Rahät Loukoum by Serge Lutens

I so wanted to like this fragrance. Unfortunately, the drydown ended up smelling like cotton candy on me. In the end, way too sweet.
01st June, 2006

Murasaki by Shiseido

A difficult scent to find, which is surprising since it was also the scent of most Shiseido skin care products during the 1980s. A truly soft yet fresh scent with surprisingly long staying power. It's hard to find nowadays, but worth the purchase when you locate it.
19th May, 2006

Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I first bought Cristalle when I was 16 and on my first trip abroad. I loved it so, that I hardly ever used it. Now, over 20 years later, I find that I still return to it (and yes, now I use it)! A very fresh, yet completely soft and feminine scent - - it is very different from modern citrus-based varieties. Buyer beware - - do not make the same mistake that I did and purchase the EDP, as it is a COMPLETELY different composition and bears little to no resemblance to the EDT.
09th May, 2006
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Jaïpur by Boucheron

A scent that I can't help but return to. It is fruity, but the sweetness is undercut by something slightly dark and earthy. The peachy note in Jaipur is lovely and delicate, not insipid. It is recommended for Summer, but do keep in mind that it is a fairly heavy scent. Catching a whiff of it on scarf or a sweater always makes me smile.
06th May, 2006

Narcisse Blanc by Caron

A clean, fresh scent - - perfect for women of any age unlike some of the newer perfumes of our day. Some say that it is too sweet, but I don't find it to be so when applied with a light hand and allowed to settle in.
14th April, 2006