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Boss Nuit pour Femme by Hugo Boss

The notes list is a joke. There are no aldehydes or moss. There are a lot of artificial, chemical, generic "perfumy" notes, but nothing detectable. Unpleasant. Makes me depressed.
03rd September, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)

Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder

I have tried this once. It was soft, musky, nutty and woody. Surprisingly I found it to be similar to L'Artisan Bois Farine. Bois Farine is edgier, Sensuous Nude lacks the pencil shavings aspect of Bois Farine. They resemble each other most in the soft, nutty drydown.
13th March, 2012

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

This is very much in the style of Light Blue. Citruses and patchouli. LB is a bit heavier, so if one likes LB all year round he/she could change into a "Ligh Blue Light" by wearing Chance Eau Tendre for summer.
This is not really close to the original Chance. The original I do not like at all, but this would be wearable and even nice for some occasions that require a light scent.
09th March, 2012 (last edited: 10th March, 2012)
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Miel & Vanille / Honey & Vanilla by L'Occitane

Well, this certainly is a gourmand. How often do you get to read a list of notes and think "I can actually smell every single note listed, and almost in equal measures. It's all definitely there. Lemon, cinnamon, honey, caramel, vanilla and patchouli, from the beginning to the end. There's a resemblence to Shalimar, Prada Candy and L de Lolita Lempicka in my opinion.
09th March, 2012

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

Like them or not, this is a good fruity fragrance. It stays true to it's nature from top to bottom without being linear, without falling into a floral-woody mess, and it manages to be radiant through all the stages .

I like to have at least one good representative from each (main) fragrance family. After a long search Womanity filled the empty place that was waiting for a good enough fruity one.

To my nose: Lemonade, fig, strawberry + raspberry, fruity candies, an acquatic note or accord, and an interesting moment of old fashioned masculine cologne in the middle notes.
04th March, 2011

Wanted by Helena Rubinstein

Oh no. Back to the 80's. And not in a good way. This smells oldfashioned as it is released.
16th December, 2010

Scarlett by Cacharel

Cacharel's perfumes have had their own distinctive character, until now. With a gorgeous bottle like that I so wished Scarlett would have been lovely...
16th December, 2010

Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This is one of those perfumes of late that smell more like shampoo or other body products than perfume. The bottle is very nice, but eye candy is all this scent has to offer.
16th December, 2010

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

A complete disappointment, unfortunately. Does not move me an inch.
16th December, 2010

Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

What makes me wear this overly sweet patchouli fragrance is a menthol type note in it. (It might even be the violet foetidus mentions). I couldn't care less for the notes mentioned. (Pear? Chamomile? Right...) G by G smells like honey, menthol, tobacco, amber and lots of sweet "fruitchouli" to me. On clean cotton fabric it's menthol, honey-tobacco and fruitchouli that become dominant to my nose and periodically I enjoy it quite a lot.
15th December, 2010

Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci

Oh my. Rhubarb and tuberose type of notes in the same fragrance, which also is overtly sweet and heavy? Did not like it.
12th February, 2010

Armani Attitude Extreme by Giorgio Armani

I worry that if you sniff Attitude Extreme first and dislike it, you may not be interested in trying the original. Armani Attitude original is underrated in my opinion, and one of the most delicious things I've smelled on a man. It is very pleasant, very masculine and very easy to wear. A grown up scent for grown up men.
The Extreme version has too much going on, and there is not much to smell, it is a deep, musty and heavy concoction.
12th February, 2010

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

There is a way Pink Sugar smells good, and that way is dabbed. It stays more anisey and even kind of fresh -if that is possible. But when sprayed -I do not like it. It's (even) sweeter that way, the fresh anise accord disappears and it's just sugar. The difference is quite significant.
06th April, 2009 (last edited: 11th February, 2011)
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L'Instant Magic by Guerlain

How nice and comforting. L'Instant Magic gives me stronger than usual images of colours and fabric. The colours are lilac, beige, eggshell white, pearl gray, peach. And the fabric I almost feel is a hand woven silk carpet in the lightest pastels, with some silver and gold. L'instant Magic smells like iris, almond, bergamot, musk and powder to me, and I always, always enjoy wearing it.
There is a trick though to this perfume's wonderfulness. Spray it on clean cotton clothes (shirts, jeans..) and it stays so good. Spray it on skin and there's a good chance it turns musty, dirty, sweaty musky.
06th April, 2009

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Below, lizzie_ j described The One almost the way I'd describe it: creamy, spicy, sensual, very sexy. It's also rich, thick and very wearable. I'm a woman and love this on DH, and also use it myself. Not sure I get coconut but it might be there since I tend to fall for that sort.

It might not be complex or extraordinary, but it does smell very good.
Beats most of the mainstream male fragrances easily.
13th January, 2009