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New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

Simply wonderful!

I get the coffee and coffee and lavender and coffee and vanilla and coffeer...

What a nice thing!!! Roucel you're a genius!!! Ok... I don't like Musc Ravageur that much... but you're a genius anyway (Envy, Tocade, Missoni...).

Sorry, but I must do this:
I smell only coffee... coffee and more cofee, a little harsh in the opening. GREAT lasting power GREAT sillage and projection TOO. TKS GOD! IT WORKS for me... Maybe because I'm young... LOL.

21st February, 2013

Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours by Guerlain

... First hours... I only got violet, violet and violet! Could be the juice of my bottle? ...or... Could be my nose?
...After 2-3 hours I finally could smell the lavender (and goes on and on for hours). The drydown is very pleasant and powdery (in a nice way).
Longevity is much much better than I was expecting...
For me, this EDT is simply beautiful and can be resumed in two words: Violet Lavender.
I like this fragrance very much!!!
21st February, 2013

Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile Sublime by Acqua di Parma

What we have here is an attempt of doing something different with Iris note. What I got is a version in the manners of Prada Iris Range. Not bad but... Pointless!

Edit: the drydown is very pleasant - the best part of the fragrance i.m.o.! The base notes are quite different from Prada's Iris... More sweet, almost fruit! I like it!
27th November, 2012 (last edited: 28th November, 2012)
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Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan by Hermès

I really don't understand all the negative reviews about this one!
What a lovely quiet fragrance!!! I thought I found a great fragrance when I tryed Osmanthus by The Different Company but I really felt in love when I met this  Hermèssence! I tryed this in the Hermès store at the Frankfurt airport minutes before I fly back to Brazil... I sprayed it on my skin and I thought "that's nice! That's  fine!" and I didn't buy. I prefered take the Voyage Parfum with me... How wrong I was... I couldn't help to fall in love with Osmanthe Yunnan all the way back to my country we almost talk to each other! And yes, after landing I could still smell the greatness  of this masterpiece! On my skin, this guy is greater and has more longevity than Santal Massoia (easy) and Ambre Narguile (hard, but it's true)!!!
Give yourself a chance, and if you have the time you'll be delighted too!

But if you only want to "smell huge" without any other purpose... Go look another place!
19th November, 2012

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

It's not that bad, but certainly is not that "great" either! I went to Liberty in London and I was decided to buy two Malle's fragrances and I have to tell you that Musc Ravageur was one of them (just for the reviews - cause I've never tryed it before)! The result? I bought the wonderful Carnal Flower and the delicious L'Eau d'Hiver (not mentioning the fact that my girlfriend hated this Roucel's fragrance)!!!  MR is only ok to me! And for the first time I agree with Luca Turin - "THIS ONE IS MORE FLASHY THAN GOOD!" Longevity (kind of cheap drydown) is enormous here! And if the "real deal" is the projection/ longevity, I really prefer Carnal Flower - because you need more than personality and the desire of smell huge to wear this one!
12th October, 2012

Coco Noir by Chanel

I bought a huge bottle of CN without try it before... The belgian saleswoman told me that they haven't a tester ( I'm wondering if that was on purpose...) When I got at the hotel... I opened the box and... and...I found it only OK.
I was punched by patchouli in a kind of too bitter way... Not bad thing in itself but I was expecting a lot of more class and mystery.

Well... I'll always be thankful to Chanel for bringing the perfume of my life! Coromandel... The best! And for The Exclusifs I' ll always respect this brand (nothing to say about Bleu and all Allures).

Back to this one... Good thing... Nothing more! But Chanel, you can do much better!!!
And as Katie P. said... this ain't no NOIR at all. Coromandel for example is much more NOIR than this.
12th September, 2012 (last edited: 02nd March, 2013)

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

Oh I really like this...It's that peach opening... based on Prunol...It goes on and on... It's warm and wonderfully pretty...Reminds me of how a modern chypre could be great!
You should have personality to wear this one!
21st August, 2012

Roadster by Cartier

Mint base + nothing interesting = Roadster = Such a waste of money...
04th July, 2012

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

Well... I know I could be killed about this but let´s go!!!

I love this one... It´s SUPERB!

And I´m telling this completly impressed because to me OUD is a very agressive material. For example I bought (blind) the (in)FAMOUS Leather Oud by Dior and this beast made me sick... Oud pure and straight to my brain combinated with leather?!? Too much for me Sir... The other OUD-boy (I guess OUD-Old man, is more applicable) is Oud Wood by Tom Ford who I really found unpleasant... So I gave myself a try when I was buying Chinatown last weekend and I smelt this OUD from Bond... I was intrigued about it... so the saleswoman gave a sample and tell me to try to talk with this fragrance... And guys... I felt in love. This is finally an OUD for me!!! It´s everything that ever I wanted that Black Aoud by Montale to be... a balanced oud with roses... not screaming and punching you in the face, but talking to you instead of this. Always talking at loud, but only talking!!!
For me, this is the kind of OUD that I´ll like forever... It´s not a PURE STRONG OUD... .. And If you looking for something like this go for those ones I described above.

Finally... Great longevity, projection and sillage!!!

Why an OUD fragrance has always to be The Purest and Strongest Oud?!!?
01st July, 2012

Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

What a wonderful vetiver fragrance!!!

It´s something like Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford with the Ellena´s geniality!
It has a good projection and longevity too... So cozy!!!

Just wondering how it works on a girl... Should be gorgeous!!!
27th June, 2012

Aventus by Creed

Completly agree with Aaron01 - "Boring, inoffensive and unmemorable".

It´s a very expensive fragrance... for nothing!!! Not bad in fact... but will never worth the price!!!

I was attempted to buy this one, so I bought a sample first - Thanks GOD!!! I would never forgive me for wasting my money on this... Blah... For this price go for any Frederic Malle, L´Artisan, Tauer or even the cheap I AM KING from Sean John who´s been killed here by the basenoters but for sure is more affordable and offers almost the same thing... synthetic fruits... ok, without smoky... in this case.
26th June, 2012

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

Nice thing!!!
It´s all about LIGHT WOOD and PEPPER!!! I don´t get anything else...Oud, Incense??? I don´t think so!

Not bad but CDG is capable to do something much better!!!
25th June, 2012

Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani

Extremelly medicinal... completely wrong... not for me!!! 
19th June, 2012
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(Untitled) by Martin Margiela

Oh my God!!!

Daniela Andrier worked magic here!!! It's a wonderful, totaly brutal and surreal green. Simply perfect!!!
IMO, This is the best modern green scent on the market.
It's very agressive, it's marvelous... For sure it's not for anyone!!!
12th June, 2012

Leather Oud by Christian Dior

A monster in a bottle!!! Weird.

I really can smell the quality of the raw materials... Awesome... I respect that!!!
Unfortunately... it´s not for me!!!

I bought a huge bottle (blind buy) that came with a miniature sample... I Gave the big one away... I´ll keep the tiny one in my wardrobe, who knows... Maybe when I get older... or not.
27th May, 2012

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Could be renamed to BLAH... Another clichê in the same way of Allure and Allures ... Thanks God for the EXCLUSIFS!!!
26th May, 2012

Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger by Prada

I don't know... But I think this one better than the "first Infusion"... Maybe it's really *more fun* as said before and this is what it makes more wearable I guess... It's a good beautiful and simple fragrance...
10th May, 2012

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

It´s beautiful and deliciously wonderful! I simply use it since I was a teenager... And I´m very proud to say that it was the first perfume I bought to myself... and it´s perfect and I´m love for it since the first time!

And for those who says that a popular perfume is not good I recommend to read some articles/books from Turin (not so much - weird bad taste) and my favorite - Chandler Burr!!!
I love Light Blue, I love J´adore, I love Coco, I love Tommy Girl... Popular? Yes, but damn good!!!

"You don’t consciously register the wood, but its smooth surface deepens and warms the citrus. One of the most perfectly executed perfumes of the past decade, it is almost insanely good." - D&G Light Blue ***** - Chandler Burr

Just to know how to appreciate a good scent!
It doesn´t matter if a lot of people use it!!!
24th January, 2012 (last edited: 25th June, 2012)

Azzaro pour Homme Elixir by Azzaro

Just hate it like most of all others from Azzaro!!! Well, I have to tell... when I first smelt this I was very surprised and I almost bought it. Thank God that tryed on my skin... I spent almost 3 hours choosing others fragrances in the store and... what´s happened?! An awful drydown, just turned into the classic "macho cliche Azzaro" that make me sick!!! The opening is very good... but it has a power to become a Monster!
11th October, 2011

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Just a big cliche! The worst from Chanel... made for the mass! Ok, good raw materials but... it´s the same damn thing "fresh/detergent" from all others houses! Just keep with the original or the Blanche... but if you really want something good go for Dior Homme Sport a new interpretation of a summer/sport fragrance (not everyone can see this)!!!
11th October, 2011

Cannabis Rose by Fresh

All I can say is congrats to the perfumer Jerome Espinette who did an excellent job with this fragrance! We have in Cannabis Rose a new interpretation of this paradoxal flower – without a trace of grandma´s rose - this scent it´s delicious and clean/dirty at the same time.
It´s technically perfect – structure, projection and longevity. Sure this is not a fragrance to everyone because it´s strangely very audacious and mysteriously fascinating... for me it´s more than exquisite since I love different smells!!! And I sorry but have to tell – it´s much better than a lot of others roses scents made by big houses. Well, it´s a new and extraordinary way to know what can be done with a raw material who has being used untill the edge in all over those past decades... and If this ain´t "art in perfumery"...
16th September, 2011

Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren

Created by Antoine Lie and Ellen Molner - Big Pony 2 has an incredible opening revealing a concept of fruity & chocolate - bitter and sweet - a delicious gourmand. The drydown is magnific... the longevity could be better. For sure all the “Big Collection” could be made only by this one (all the others are too poor and ordinary).
Ok, it´s not a gourmand masterpiece like New Haarlem from Bond nº 9… but anyway is a good fragrance.
27th April, 2011 (last edited: 29th April, 2011)

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

Simply perfect!!! The best creation of Ellena since Terre!!! I was surprised with this fragrance as I never imagine I´d be with a shared edt.

The initial citrus notes are deliciously elegant and convey a unique feeling.

It´s truly a sensorial journey... the perfect 'voyage'!!!
For sure I got a new favorite!!!

19th January, 2011

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

I used to like this one... Really!!! I don´t know why but I think it was made for teenagers parties nights ... Happy and nowadays extremely ordinary! at least here in Brazil.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 21st June, 2012)

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

Thumbs always up!!! Love this one!!! Notes balanced in a perfect way.

Great for daywear... especially here in Brazil!!! Extremely cool and sporty.

Chandler Burr is so damn right!!! "should be part of all men wardrobes..."
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 24th March, 2011)

Moschino Friends Men by Moschino

Just like industrialized orange juice... I mean much worse.
04th December, 2010

Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

A big disappointment. Is not that bad but I expected something great like "Light Blue for the gurls"... Something with more life happiness and a little less metallic. The female is much better!!!
04th December, 2010

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Simply remarkable!!!
JC Ellena made a fragrance who will last forever...

The notes has a unique harmony and evolve to something amazing.

Thumbs always up!!!
04th December, 2010