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Fleurissimo by Creed

Fleurissimo is one of the scents in my collection I bought somewhat unwillingly (or, to be more precise, was pressured into buying by a pushy sales lady who refused to sell me Vanisia I initially wanted as it was, according to her 'for dark-haired women, too heavy for a petite blonde like you'). Later on I got Vanisia as well and wore it a lot, whereas Fleurissimo remained lingering in the depths of my wardrobe only to be perused on warm spring days when I lacked inspiration for anything else.

Created exclusively for Grace Kelly to be worn on her wedding day in 1972, Fleurissimo is a gentle, hopelessly romantic and dreamy floral that always seemed to leave a somewhat soapy note on my skin. It trails on the skin like a soft silk scarf and that's precisely what has been putting me off it all the time as I prefer darker scents that melt into my skin rather than staying on top of it. I cannot detect any distinctive top notes in it, but its heart is rich and opulent with roses, intoxicating tuberose and soft violets. It is a smooth scent whose lush floral heart transcends somewhat darker and animal notes in the base (ambergris, musk). I got predominantly iris in the drydown, with the lightest glimpse of musk. Altogether, it is a pleasant floral for those days you need to feel high on life, romantic and relaxed. I would not wear it in the evening or autumn/winter, though. I would heartily recommend it for weddings, as well for any time you feel in love with someone, something or life in general!
17th April, 2006

Après L'ondée by Guerlain

I finally bought Apres l'Ondee EdT and I love it. It begins rather bitterly with anise seeds and has almost liquorice-like quality. Very old-fashoned, reminded me greatly of my Grandma (I think she must have worn this when I was little). Then appear the violets, still very old-style but cool and not overwhelming yet still a bit bitter. The heart is absolutely gorgeous: bitter-almond heliotrope played against sensuality of orris that warms it up on the skin. Ambrette seeds finish with lingerings of orris, this is my favourite part.
12th October, 2004