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Mandragore by Annick Goutal

I bought the EdP version yesterday, and I am trully crossed. I love the scent, woody and herbal, and not citrus-fresh at the same time, still, it should be called "Gone in Sixty Seconds" instead of "Mandragore". I cannot imagine the lasting power of EdT if the EdP stays on my skin for less then half an hour. In total, I am dissapointed. Extremely short-lived scent.
12th July, 2009

Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

I might be a biased reviewer, since majority of my scents are spicy/woody oriental and really classic (just to avoid saying old-fashioned). So this is the odd one out which I bought for I was curious and felt mischievous... It is very flat on my skin, and after couple of preliminary office +ink +dirty car garage notes settles quickly into very woody something, surprisingly quite alike my other perfumes. I own it for two months and I still cannot decide whether I like it or not. Good to wear for work though, as it stays close to the skin and is hardly sexy.
Nice try, but I think it's more a marketing masterpiece than anything else. Much Ado About Nothing.
05th December, 2008

Shalimar by Guerlain

One of my favourite scents ever. I still own the EDP version in old bottle - I prefer it to EDT. I love the way it develops to wrap you in a sweet, warm, feminine aura, although it stays close to my skin which I count as a plus too. Very sexy and classic scent with animalistic notes tamed by lots of sweet-but-never-dull vanilla. Definitely a must for fans of oriental and "Guerlinade" frangrances.
05th December, 2008
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