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Chloé (new) by Chloé

I wanted to love this so much! I saw an ad in a magazine and thought the bottle was gorgeous, but after testing it... There's something about it... I would have liked the fragrance a whole lot more, but it was kind of warm, plastic-y chemically. Maybe it's just me?
18th May, 2009

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Umm, cute bottle. Weird that it's called "Fancy." I was intrigued that Jessica Simpson wanted it to smell like when your boyfriend's cologne mixes in with your whatever smells. I smell a bit of that, too, when I make my mind actively think about it. I think it's the.. fruit? florals? working that kind of magic? But uh.. Nice concept, but.. If your boyfriend's cologne gets on you, and mixes with your perfume, what kind of perfume would you be wearing? Apparently with Fancy, you'd be wearing that caramel-sugar stuff. Maybe with this concept, I'd've enjoyed it more with something less sweet. Actually, I guess I was sold on the concept cuz I actually really like the smell of the classic guy stuff. That's why I bought it, but someone please recommend me something that achieves this in a nicer way, please! I'm not talking about unisex fragrances, though.

Thumbs up for the power of this scent. Hilary Duff's With Love doesn't last at all on my skin, and this one.. lingers.
18th May, 2009

In The Library by CB I Hate Perfume

Yes, you are in the library. With moldy books. Don't get me wrong--I actually wanted to be a librarian, but... I don't think I like this type of book smell. Not on me, following me. It's just a one-dimensional dusty library smell, if that's what you wanna smell like.
18th May, 2009
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With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

I have to admit, I first smelled this in Seventeen magazine the year it first came out. I think Hilary was some kind of guest-editor for that issue. I was a freshmen in college and I loved it on paper... I didn't smell any too-fruity top notes and there was this warmth! It smelled so mature and non-celebrity that I went out and bought it. (My first non-gift non-mini!)

But then... I was confused because this wasn't the With Love... that I loved. It was so dang fruity in the beginning and even when it faded, it still didn't quite have that soft warmth I was looking for. Reading the complete lists of notes online, I think I love the cocobolo wood, incense, and amber...

Well, it's still a lovely fragrance, and if I lift the cap of the Jessica McClinktock my aunt got me, and sniff that first, before sniffing the "With Love..." bottle (without spraying it), I think I can smell that something that I fell in love with... But I can't go around sniffing the bottle...
18th May, 2009

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I like it. Is it masculine? Umm.... maybe a teensy bit. But does it still smell good? Yes, to my nose. A bit strong sometimes, but still... Lovely! It's true. Jessica Simpson named hers "Fancy," which it's not, but this one's appropriately named. It's warm, but not a sugar-sweet warm. It's a strong-type of warmth. The perfume itself is strong; it lasts, but I don't know, it smells lovely, and has an independent strength. I guess it's the musk, evoking some kind of masculine quality that doesn't overshadow and overwhelm.
18th May, 2009

Amor Amor by Cacharel

I like this when my friend wears it. I sprayed some on myself, and it smells completely the same, but still... I don't think I like it as much as when I smell it on others. Why is that? Does it mean that I actually just don't like it that much? Maybe... It's still pretty good, definitely fruity, and still oriental.
18th May, 2009

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

The ackaging and ads are so dreamy and fantasy-y. I dunno if I'd necessarily relate that to what I smell in this perfume, but.. who cares! It just smells good. It's this weird, sweet-licorice-green perfume out of a purple, apple-shaped bottle. Trippy, but again, who cares, if it smells and looks great! And some people say it's a bit old ladyish? Ehh.. maybe. Maybe it's cuz it has this slight clean-green-ness.
18th May, 2009

Brit by Burberry

SILLaaaage.... it's like I taste it in my own mouth (only one spritz on the wrist). For an edt, cuz that's what I have.. dang, it lasts.

But! It's still nice. My roommate said it made her think of the Amber Romance from Victoria Secret that she used in middle school. Even so, it's nice.... Just. Nice. Like, "Oh, what a nice girl..." When maybe you mean "boring-ish" but you're too nice to say "boring" so you say "nice." I bought it on a whim without taking my time to smell it (silly me) when some retailers came on campus. I wish it were spicier, but it's still great to wear in cold weather. I guess the vanilla warms things up. I think my brain doesn't smell much besides the vanilla + "something else that my slightly fragrance-ignorant self can't truly recognize." I wear sometimes when I'm in a regular-lazy-loving the cold mood. I'd wear it more, but I live in LA. Plus, I'd have to taste it in my mouth, too.

Oh yeah, the bottle's nice. Don't cut yourself on that sharply cut glass cap!
18th May, 2009