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Les Echappées - Lalibela by Memo

I had high hopes for this, and they arent met. When I smelled it in the store it was light, floral but with surprising notes that made it stand out. On the skin vanilla dominates utterly and I might as well wear any number of the good and interesting vanilla takes that I own. Those are often found for cheaper from less mainstream places. I dont mind paying a lot for perfume but it has to be novel, stand out as something unique. PR copy and pretty bottles arent enough.
16th March, 2019

Ilha do Mel by Memo

White flowers fragrance that is friendly, very feminine and inoffensive. I was expecting a lot more. It smelled better in the vial, but wearing it there isnt much depth to it on me. For the price there are so many cheaper options that are in the same vein ( kiss me tender is one)
15th March, 2019

Miyako by Auphorie

It's good but I'm not blown away? Maybe I need to use more, but the sample is rather small.
I'll report back
12th December, 2018
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Nolita by Bond No. 9

Early 2000's are back with a fruity, clean and fresh perfume. Instead of apple it is tangerine that is features here. It's decent, but not my cup of tea.
03rd September, 2018

Pink Fresh Couture by Moschino

"If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all " -> nice bottle!

Juice is standard, unimaginative and boring. It's fresh, fleeting and chemically harsh. It's a standard fruity floral but fresh scent that us unoffensive and unmemorable.
15th August, 2018

Interlude Man by Amouage

It's a sweet and fruity incense. At times it reminds me of Fanta incense and it should be a terrible combination but I like it.
09th August, 2018

Brûlure de Rose 13 by Parfumerie Generale

Rose Jam by Lush opening, which is a very syrupy and sweet rose. Unlike the Rose Jam it does have noticeable basneotes and it the sugar makes way for more grounded ambery base.
06th August, 2018

Korrigan by Lubin

Vanilla whiskey!
30th July, 2018

Le Mat by Mendittorosa

Starts of smelling of sweet hay and brings back memories of Dzing!. I like and miss Dzing! Then the rose takes over and reminds me of Voleur de Roses. The whole perfume makes me miss L'Artisan when they were good. Sadly, the chamomille is lost on me. Maybe it was the hay that I think I smelled? I liked the Dzingy opening better. I'd say 4 stars for me. It's nice and good and brings together 2 perfumes, which is cool. But I like their version of Dzing better and wanted it to continue to smell like that.
30th July, 2018

Iris Nazarena by Aedes de Venustas

A very dry iris, and leather, it reminds me of Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan. It is dryer and less sweet, as if you got closer to a desert. I just seem to bring out the leather mainly, in both of them. The longer I wear it, the nicer it becomes. I dont get any cigar and whatsnot. The dryness if the iris remains though. If I didnt own Traversee then I would buy this
19th July, 2018

Imitation Woman by Amouage

Rollercoaster Jasmine. The opening is spectacular and it shifts from note to note and back. Top notes very clearly evoke Jasmine & Ylang. It almost feels like a crazy sugared jasmine. Then the ylang comes in, and adds warmth. Then that fades to bring back the jasmine.

It settles down in a more tamed incense affair which makes me miss the earlier phases so much. It doesnt last long enough for me.
17th July, 2018 (last edited: 19th July, 2018)

Remarkable People by Etat Libre d'Orange

Decent masculine fragrance. Slightly interesting but not really pushing the boat into anything challenging. It's friendly, a bit fruity, a little woody, all in all very pleasant.
17th July, 2018

Nuit de Noël by Caron

Do get a sense of christmas in the drydown and while its not mentioned as official notes I do get a sense of christmas spices. I do get a sense of a scented candle though
16th July, 2018
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Fate Woman by Amouage

Sampled after reading the five star review in the latest edition of the Guide. I can see the similarity of old style Guerlain in the opening of bergamot and I think the hint of pepper gives a even more classic oriental feeling. It's loud from start to finish.
As it develops you can identify different notes more or less strongly, but all in all it is a smooth, luxurious and heavy affair. Standing out are the bergamot, leather, benzoin vanilla and pepper with the bergamot fading fast.
I'll sample this more and consider buying a bottle before it is muted down in reformulations.

Can still wear it to some dinners though, just maybe use in moderation and try to wear it close to the skin if possible.
10th July, 2018

Playing With the Devil by By Kilian

It's lovely, but lasts for maybe an hour before becoming imperceptible. Might be because at the same time I was also smelling some stronger fragrances and this was the most subtle, but honestly I want my scents to linger. The hour it lasted for it was very nice though.
04th July, 2018

Jasmins Marzipane by Lancôme

Creamy jasmine. Think of A La Nuit, but muted down and made creamier. Remove the harsh and sharp edges and you are left with a lovely, wearable jasmine. It's soft and cuddly, but still entrancing. I'd buy a full bottle if I didnt have a million jasmine scents already
04th July, 2018

Chai by Baruti

Tea for Two, Dzing! and Jungle Elephant orgy. If you like those scents you have to check this out. The opening is spicy, and with a sharp black tea note as well as hay. Then it settles down a bit more, as if you added a ton of cream to it all. It smoothes out quite nicely.
23rd May, 2018

New York Nights by Bond No. 9

Smells delicious and survives a 20 min swim in a chlorinated pool.
16th February, 2018

Dent de Lait by Serge Lutens

Love the crisp opening that sparkles, and reminds me of Broadway Nite. It must be the aldehydes. It's slightly floral and then settles down in a creamy soapy skin scent that is a little metallic. All in all, it's very clean and fresh.

Not weird, not disgusting, not vile. I like that it doesnt scream coconut at you, nor almonds, insteadit all blends together into a cozy clean scent. Like bed linen that has been slept in once. You can still detect the freshly laundered feeling and scent, but it's not as pristine as it was. Still clean, but a bit more lived in.
09th February, 2018

Park Avenue South by Bond No. 9

Expensive Be delicious
09th January, 2018

Cuir Blanc by Givenchy

Whispering leather
07th January, 2018

Ella by Arquiste

Aldehyde notes mixed with floral notes and tobacco. Meant to invoke memories of 70's disco's. The aldehydes are very sparkling together with the bright florals, but the cigarette is bracing and I would have liked something that acts like a bridge between them more.

I think you can find more 'pretty' tobacco in ELDO Jasmin et Cigarette, but personally I prefer ELDO Putain des Palaces. It's more dry and smoky and less cigarette. Both are smoother and blended nicer ( better bridge between the pretty and cigarette)
22nd December, 2017

5.1 Suede Osmanthe by Parfumerie Generale

Imagine if you had to design a fragrance for someone who likes the idea of tea for Two, but says its too dark and tea like. They want a fresher more easy to wear version of T4T. That's this perfume. It's very easy to wear because of the crisp floral notes, but it has a bit of interest due to the tea. I didnt notice any real leather or suede, but I indulged heavily on Tabac Blonde the week before trying this.
13th November, 2017

Rozy Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

If you have Nahema of Guerlain, ( or its easier/cheaper to purchase) then you can skip this one. It has the same bright sparkly opening and the drydown is very similar too. The same tone so to speak. I find Nahema a bit nuttier and more buttery in the drydown, but they are so similar that I dont find the need to own them both.
19th October, 2017

Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

Super light version of Alien
07th July, 2017

Aura by Thierry Mugler

Green scent for people who dont like the fresh (citrus) or herbal green scents. It's warm & wet vegetation with a ton of vanilla. It's interesting and made me want to rush out and buy a bottle. However, the top notes that make it interesting, this new "green", disappears very fast and then its just a vanilla perfume. On occasion I catch that wonderful warm lush green (is that the tiger liana) but it isnt lasting enough for me.
06th July, 2017

Madison Avenue by Bond No. 9

A more chypre feeling, and expensive Be Delicious.
12th April, 2017

Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun

I actually really enjoyed this scent. It's very fresh due to the citrus and blends wonderfully with sweeter scents. The combination with this and Mmmm was astounding. Mmm on its own was a dull affair but this lifted it to new heights.

On its own its strong for a fresh perfume, but it's pricey for what it is.
30th March, 2017

Mmmm… by Juliette Has a Gun

Opening was a bit flowery and fresh for a gourmande. Then it changes into a dupe for Kenzo Amour. Not paying tha money for an Kenzo Amour dupe
30th March, 2017

Queens by Bond No. 9

The opening was fruity and pleasant. You notice that there is more sweet underneath it and its far from bland and actually interesting. It's pleasant and reminded me of chinatown but maybe a bit turned down with blackberry instead of peaches.
It was nice but didnt blow me away
30th March, 2017