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Encens & Bubblegum by Etat Libre d'Orange

There is bublblegum but it just doesn't last for very long, on me this had almost no longetivity to speak off. It almost dissapeared after spraying it on but what I smelled was very fun and interesting. You do get this juxaposition between the bubblegum cheerfulness and something that is lurking underneath.
09th December, 2009

Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 by MDCI

This didn't blow me away and left me rather unaffected. It's not vile but it doesn't wow me. It feels mediocre and reminds me when I was young, perfumes when Tresor and Dune were the most popular scents out there. For the price you want to be head over heels and not left feeling ' not bad, but not great either' .
17th November, 2009

Rose de Feu by Les Parfums de Rosine

A very pleasant scent. To me the spices take the lead and are smoothed out by the rose that reminds me a little bit of the rose in eau de elide and Voleur de Roses, a bit of a watery rose. In this perfume though it's not dirty but I thought it was a pretty clean scent but with obvious spices in it, a bit of a kick.

Not offensive and a different fun take on rose and spices. If you are interested in spices but you don't want to rush in this could be a great introduction because there is only a kick to it. To me though the rose was more on background but very agreeable with the firey kick to it.

13th August, 2009
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Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine

A very pleasant scent, although it doesn't scream roses to me. For a while I thought it smelled a bit like Zwitsal baby lotion which might be the sandalwood in there. My bf who wore it said it smelled like potpourrie. I liked it because I like sweet and dry scents. A more masculine rose perfume would be Black Aoud or layer Dzing and Voleur de Roses together if you want to give a raw edge to your rose scent.

I'd give it a thumbs up if it wasn't marketted as this dark beast of a perfume.
13th August, 2009

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

Absolute proof that you should always try before you buy and I'm glad I did. The opening is just unbearable because it is so overpowering. It's not subtle, it's not friendly but it's a hammer against your head. It's like hypnotic poison in a very concentrated form that spilled on you.

I'm used to strong and loud fragrances( 5 sprays of aoud rose petals works nicely for me) and when I read the reviews I figured it couldn't be that bad but the opening is so powerful it actually gave me a headache.

When it settles down it becomes nicer but the opening makes it unwearable for me. Spray and dab with caution if you own this one or else you'll qualify as a environmental hazard.
06th July, 2009

Dark Season by Neil Morris Fragrances

I wanted to try this and I was hoping for a dark forest kind of smell, not fresh like a pine airfresher but dark, wet and a bit heavy. Sadly it was none of that and I found the opening to remind me of cherry couch syrup. Maybe the sample was old or there is something wrong with me, but this didn't smell green at all. The dry down was lovely though and I think the vanilla, labdanum and myrrh are responsible for it. The drydown makes this a thumb up fragrance and not a thumbs down.
03rd May, 2009

Scandal pour Femme by Roja Dove

To me the opening is fresh and warm because of the orange blossom. A little while later the flowers mix in with the top notes and the top notes fade slowly. The flowers are blended very nicely and the pyramid of notes arent all the notes, at the haute perfumery they told me that there is clove in here as well but everything is blended so much that nothing really overpowers one note or another.

I love jasmine and I can detect itīs magic in here as a greener aspect that gives elegance but also a touch of green that stops it from becoming too overpowering. i think Scandal takes all the good stuff from each flower and uses it to make a very nice floral perfume that has the brightness, the richness and elegance you look for in different florals.

Itīs not a soft delicate floral perfume but a very present, elegant and confident floral. Itīs not overly sensual or over the top anything. But itīs there and present and it wonīt back down, there is no need. Itīs a nice blended, well rounded floral that wonīt make excuses. I like a bit of attitude in my perfumes and this one has a professional attitude, it does what it does ( being a floral perfume) and it good at what it does ( being a well blended perfume).

The base is a bit softer, but I can still smell floral for ages but once the base notes start to mingle in it becomes a bit softer and mellowed out.

If you like all sorts of floral you should give this one a try and you might find a way to fit it into your wardrobe ( Canīt make up your mind what floral you want today? Have a bit of everything, brilliant)
15th April, 2009

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

A spicer version of Voleurs de Roses, itīs more warmer and almost honeyed. The medicinal quality is not as strong as oud would be and itīs sweetened. Itīs not a wall flower scent and I love it for that. This is more all the flowers get together and have a party, you canīt ignore it fragrance.
Application for this would be a very tricky affair because I think there is so much going on people might complain of headaches if they are near you and catch a whiff.
14th April, 2009

Cornubia by Penhaligon's

A dry oriental that is sweet but not overly fruity, it's a heavy scent compared to the other female penhaligons. In that sense I could say it's darker and has a bit more punch to it which suits me fine. I think this could work for anyone who liked Hammam but found it just a bit too much to wear daily, just make sure not to over apply. Other scents it reminds me of would be angelique encense from creed, it has the same heavy powder base and incense feeling to it.
04th April, 2009

Rose 31 by Le Labo

Reminds me very strongly of Voleurs de Roses and the difference between the two is that Rose 31 combines the green with wood and maybe some slight animalics in there. The wood and animalics are used to create a certain affect, you do not pick them out and say ' oh this is wood, or oohh I think that is civet' but they warm the fragrance up a little and settles it down on your skin. The opening is very green and made me sneeze. For the price I'd go with Voleurs de Roses and layer it with something if you insist on having the basenotes there. It is warmer and less fresh than Voleurs de Roses, but still very closely related to it.
26th March, 2009

Sweet Almond / Amande Sucre by Ava Luxe

Starts off with a blast of amaretto and it reminds me of amaretto biscuits, we call them bitterkoekjes in dutch. It's lovely but it doesn't last long because it settles into a normal almond smell. It's lovely a bit sweet but it has lost the fabulous opening notes. I also got a short whiff of play doh note, the first time I smelled it in any fragrance.

It doesn't last that long on me, the other ava luxe fragrances I have tried lasted longer. I think for an almond kick I prefer Jour de Fete from L' Artisan but this is a very nice and cheaper alternative.
26th March, 2009

Tubéreuse by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

I love tuberose and I love jasmine, for a real tuberose kick there is always Fracas but this fragrance from MPG offers more warmth and depth, a sensuality that I miss in Fracas. I also think this perfume is a lot more powdery than Fracas which can be a selling point for some. For me this is a less in your face and more sensual perfume than Fracas which can be just what you need. I would recommend to try it first because it's very heavy and very indolic and powdery.
26th March, 2009

Private Collection - Un Crime Exotique by Parfumerie Generale

I smell cloves very strongly and cinnamon, combined with a hint of pineapple. It's a very strange combination and I think I would love it if it wasn't for the cloves smell. I think it should be called Clove Crime. If you love clove you should try this, if you hate clove avoid this one at all costs.
25th March, 2009
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Vanille Banane by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Itīs smells like a banana milkshake, very chemical very fake banana and I thought it was hilarious. You need to be in a good mood for this, donīt expect people to take you serious at all because well you do smell like a banana milkshake. Itīs fun though and made me smile.
23rd March, 2009

Liaisons Dangereuses by By Kilian

The notes that I was able to pick out are coconut, blackcurrant, peach, rose and some other flower, woods. I wouldnīt describe it as a fruity floral, itīs very well balanced and not as loud as what Iīd normally expect when I think of fruity florals. I think itīs more oriental, or woody than floral or fruity. It reminds me of Cedre by Serge Lutens with fruit. Itīs a nice skin scent, it doesnīt have a lot of sillage power I think and it lasts moderately. If you are looking for something very pretty, feminine, well balanced but still interesting that you want to wear for yourself I would recommend giving this a try.
05th March, 2009

Spring Flower by Creed

I was hoping for tons of nice fresh flowers but I find this too be a pale musk, the īcleanī type of white musk that is very popular at times. Itīs a little sour as well with almost no flowers, I donīt get anything else that would redeem this fragrance for me either. Itīs bland, unoffensive, uninteresting.
03rd March, 2009

Macadam by Il Profumo

Starts off strong but settles down into a very demure sensual scent that wonīt offend anyone. Itīs beautiful but it could have been louder for me. I was reminded of an icecream with caramel and nuts, that warmth of the caramel and nuts combined with the creamy vanilla icecream. I didnīt notice a lot of floral action though but I seem to bring out warm notes much better than floral ones ( thatīs why they need to be loud and very present otherwise the base notes just take over on me). The opening is interesting, the middle is tasty and the drydown is a bore.

17th February, 2009

Jasmin Full by Montale

I found it to be a rather dead Jasmine that missed the sparkle I get from A La Nuit that sings, this one snores. It smells plastic and fake to me. Maybe itīs the indoles I am missing but for me they give the flower a bit of life and make it interesting.
17th February, 2009

Putain des Palaces by Etat Libre d'Orange

I think this will turn out to be one of my top favourites of this year. It is a floral but it also has that incense or animalic note from Rien that is just incredible. In Rien it is there with nothing else to make it a little bit prettier and more wearable, it's an aquired taste and hard to pull off on a day to day basis. PdP has the art aspect of Rien, the complexity and art is in there but it is made more wearable by the florals. It is balanced wonderfully well and there is a harmony between the easy pretty side and the edgy notes. I get tons of compliments wearing this as well and for me it'sd a perfect combination between something you can wear daily but that won't bore you either.
17th February, 2009 (last edited: 04th April, 2009)

Rien by Etat Libre d'Orange

Leather, ashtray and cigarretes with a bit of smokey incense feeling. It starts rather strong and harsh but settles down into something very tame and pretty. Iīd say itīs a very masculine fragrance during the top and middle phase but the dry down could be worn by a female. It reminded me of Bvlgari Black but without the vanilla and more cigarettes tossed in. A very interesting fragrance that wonīt bore someone fast.
17th February, 2009

Stella by Tocca

Starts with a strong orange/mandarin blast that turns creamier by the minute. The opening is the best part of this fragrance, I never smelled such a delicious fruity opening. Itīs not overly sweet but a realistic fruit/tart smell. When the cream comes in it reminded me of orange icecreams with vanilla icecream in the center. I could almost taste it. Then it fades off completly and it smelled almost exactly like Anaïs Anaïs. Iīd buy it if they find a way to make the start last for hours.
17th February, 2009

Jardin Blanc by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

cacophony of white florals and jasmine fighting for which one overpowers the other. This struggle doesnīt make it a pleasant smell, it never settles down. Itīs loud and messy. I think it would need something to balance this out and ground the two scents that overpower so you can wear it comfortably, the honeysuckle or orange blossom that I thought I noticed isnīt strong enough to do it.
16th February, 2009

Night Scented Jasmine by Floris

It starts with a very fresh green blast that has the smell of cheap floral soap. And it is a blast, like being slapped in the face surprise feeling. Not that pleasant. It settles down in a minute to something a little less loud. It's still very fresh, not very sensual and I think there is a musk in there like the white musk scent from the body shop. So now it smells like white musk, the same powdery freshness with floral notes. I don't really get jasmine from this if I compare it to A La Nuit or Le Jasmine from AG not even Jasmine Noir from Bvlgari. Although the latter is the closest to Night Scented Jasmine in my opinion.

It's very fresh, very daywear, very inoffensive a little floral a little musk that remains clean and it's very much not me.

I notice that if you don't try to snort your wrist that you will catch whiffs of jasmine from a distance but it remains very light and restrained.
06th February, 2009

Vetiver Dance by Tauer

Opening was fruity and the kind boyfriend in the house who let me use his skin was not amused. I was surprised not having read the notes and thought it was very fresh and fruit for a unisex fragrance but I was happy with the idea that a woman could easily pull this off.

Later the fruityness takes a backseat but it has a loud voice and is still clearly present, the fragrance is a green, crip herbal with a freshness that you can get when you add mint to things, it's that kind of herbal freshness but it's not peppermint but the effect of it is the same.

It remained rather green well into the drydown and the scent lasted a good 10 hours with one spritz, great longetivity but you have to like it. A fruit herbal green scent. I still have no idea what vetiver smells like though because the grapefruit was very present.
29th December, 2008

Saks Fifth Avenue for Her by Bond No. 9

Fracas and Chinatown had a love child
28th December, 2008

Aôd by Lostmarc'h

Right let's get some comments on this.

Official blurb from First in Fragrance

Catch a whiff of the sea breeze, the snap of your towel in the wind. Recall the tang of the ocean, the scent of wet sand.
Head note of fresh grapefruit, floral core: gardenia, coconut, seashore aromas

My impression is that it's is clearly an aquatic and it's a nicely done one. I can tell it uses good quality ingredients and the scent in general feels more beach like and summerdays to me than some of the aquatics I have tried from Bond. It's not very synthetic but it's light, very fresh which is probably caused byt eh grapefruit with maybe a touch citrus in there. I didn't notice and coconut smell, it didn't smell like tan lotion at all and it seems that often coconut means tanlotion in the perfume world but this is not tan lotion territory. It's fresh cold water on a sunny day, very refreshing and blue. With a slice of lemon and grapefruit in there.

If you like aquatics give this one a go. I'm not an aquatic girl but I wouldn't hate it if it was given to me while I would hate others.
20th December, 2008

Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens

The opening is brilliant, itīs strong sensual rose that is fleshy and earthy. Kind of like the jasmine in A La Nuit. Sadly it doesnīt maintain this opening for long enough and it begins to fade and change into something different. A bit more animalic, a bit of leather..less pretty and more dangerous. Compared to the opening however I find it less thrilling and I lose interest and re apply after 3 hours because I can barely smell it anymore. If you combine Dzing and Voleur de Roses you get a more interesting combination that lasts longer but it doesnīt smell as seductive and carnal as this one those.
08th December, 2008

Philosykos Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Top notes aren't that great but they go away quickly. In the heart lies the scent of a hammam i visited when I was in Marrakech this year. You are always served figs there with tea and this scent captures the earthyness of some of the treatments and the scent of figs and green. The only note that is missing to make it a complete hammam experience is rose petals. Being there you always pick up rose and then figs and a warmed up wet green smell from leaves in the sun. I like it that this perfume can bring back those smells and memories. I can add the rose myself.
18th November, 2008

Midnight Rain by La Prairie

Slutty sweet, a little like a very soft and subdued Chinatown. A soft white floral that is very wearable and not midnight at all. The bottle is something else though.
14th November, 2008

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

One or two sprays faded within 4 hours on me. Otherwise itīs nice and it satisfies the chocolate craving but Iīm not blown away, Iīm not in love, Iīm not impressed, Iīm not in love with this smell, Iīm very meh about this. I keep thinking īis this it?ī. And women should never settle for second best...better to be without than to feel meh about anything.
14th November, 2008