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Cool Water by Davidoff

chemically speaking, this is NOTHING like green irish tweed... there is not a single ingredient that is used in this cologne that is in green irish tweed, so why must people insist they are somewhat identical... now the scent that green irish tweed has to offer is staged. you can definately know the difference between the heart notes and the base notes... with cool water, its just one mess it smells the same throughout and it seriously could not smell any les like green irish tweed... not impressed with this fragrance at all.
12th January, 2009

Aspen for Men by Coty

an attempt at duplicating green irish tweed gone wrong... if Coty went into this scent trying to make it original i think it would have turned out better... why must everyone try and make these crap spin-offs of creed fragrances? don't get me wrong i love scent that it offers, just not as good as green irish tweed
12th January, 2009

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

for the 2 hours it lasts on me i really like reaction... the melon in the beginning is really invitng... all in all id give it 5* on the scent but 2* on the lasting power... but what do you expect out of an EDT? if they made an EDP out of this i would buy it in a heart beat...
21st December, 2008
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Green Valley by Creed

the only reason that i think this is better quality than gucci pour homme is because gucci doesnt use the infusion technique... and that to me is key in a quality perfume
10th December, 2008

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Listen... you can't listen to people who tell you to get cool water or aspen instead of GIT... they're no compensation for the prestige of this millesime perfume... this lasts all day and changes frangrance as it dries down... im not saying don't get cool water or aspen, they're wonderful scents... i'm saying you're not going to get the same thing if you buy them in leiu of GIT if you don't wanna spend that much on it then buy the one ounce or the 2.5 ounce... dont compare this to aspen or cool water they are nothing alike in any way...
08th December, 2008 (last edited: 25th December, 2008)