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Reihan by Madini

Hmmmn, this definitely did not work for me. Some green tea, some rose and something plastic that felt like it was coating the roof of my mouth. The Madinis can be delicously complex and authentic, it's disappointing when they fall flat.
10th December, 2008

Musk Pierre by Madini

Musk Pierre was my introduction to the Madini perfume oils, like, 19 years ago. Sooo sweet, ambery, delectable! Alittle orange, vanilla, definitely caramel, amber, musk - a gourmand musk that smells like what I imagine ambrosia to be. The old formulation (I still have a tiny remnant in the skinny, ornately-labelled vial) was even richer and more sinful than the new version. Whenever I wear either one someone always exclaims "That smells wonderful!"
10th December, 2008

Ambargris by Madini

This one has me captivated as well. Begins with a brief, medicinal funk, then gently expands and sweetens to a smoky, resinous personal fire that warms me whenever I lift my wrist to my nose. I won't be without it, especially on these chilly dark days.
08th December, 2008 (last edited: 10th December, 2008)
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