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Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

As a musician, I bought this initially because of its name! Since then I have enjoyed it as an 'everyday' fragrance in warmer weather.
The Iced Mint and Grapefruit provide an initial 'blast', which is complimented shortly after by the Coriander.
Some find this citrus/herb combination 'bitter', but it has a depth and unique quality, very different to most 'fresh' fragrances.
You can buy 100ml EDT for as little as £15.00 in stores and online, making it a highly affordable alternative to 'cheap' fragrances, which have a fraction of the longevity and quality.
09th December, 2008

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Despite being compared to similar fragrances, Body Kouros has a unique personality and depth, which gives it a special place in my collection.
Whilst it is different from the original Kouros in so many ways, it retains the quality and consistency of the YSL house.
I wear this in Autumn/Winter, as it provides a comforting warmth to the wearer and anyone close enough to experience it!

09th December, 2008

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

My all time favourite mens fragrance. Highly deserving of its 'classic' status.
Although I am no connoisseur, I feel this is much more than just an 'aqua'. It has warmth, depth and a luxurious quality.
For me, this always evokes the sensation of sitting in an Aston Martin, with its beautiful hand crafted leather upholstery and state of the art technology. A timeless blend of traditional and modern elements.
09th December, 2008
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