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Magnetism for Men by Escada

Magnetism for men is fantastic. Intimate AND playful, sensual, fun. Of a hundred or so fragrances I tried, only three appealed to my personal tastes AND suited me (and my individual bio-chemistry I suppose). Wearing this you smell good enough to eat, and most importantly: NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! Too many scents are hideously monotonous and over-powering, with little subtley or true offactory delight. So many men just smell the same, and worse, like they sprayed on too much of a supermarket deodorant (and yet it's apparently a brand named scent).

Yes, Magnetism is rather sweet, but I found it became warm and woody on me and was frankly like catnip to women. They loved it, and I love being loved because of it! It does inspire self-confidence because I received so many positive reactions. If you like the thought of luscious ingredients being brought together to make a delicious, sensual dessert, then perhaps you'll enjoy Escada too. I hope they continue to make and distribute it for years to come (unfortunately it's not easily available in NZ now).

The fragrance itself did mute quite quickly, so I find I need to apply a fair amount. However it stands out amongst the glut of scents available and to me is one of the most evocative, tasteful and enjoyable fragrances. Other men will smell crude and blunt in comparison.
09th December, 2008