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West Indian Lime by Crabtree & Evelyn

I have fallen head over heals for this cologne! It reminds me of days gone by, it has maturity and freshness. I think a way I would describe this cologne is that it is for men, not boys! It is not about in your face "here I am" but more, "I am here but am not shouting about it!"

The fragrance starts of very limey but give it an hour and the complexity really starts to shine through, there are subtle layers of spice and fruit but not sweet! This fragrance has depth and improves throughout the day, it changes it's charector subtly which I love.

I would say this cologne could be worn for any occasion and is suitible for a man who knows himself and has nothing to prove to the world, a man who has maturity but spice as well!
10th December, 2008