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Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

This works just right with my chemistry to become heaven. It is sweet and honeyed, a little musky, spicy, round. The opening is almost sickly sweet and I think "why do I love this again??" but if I hang in for five minutes, it becomes warm and rich and glowing sweetness and then, "oh yes I remember, how could I ever forget?" and I'm in love again.

Bottle worthy!
12th January, 2009

Arabie by Serge Lutens

Oh horrible horrible stuff on my skin. My chemistry is all wrong for this and turns it into a scrubber! The opening is MARZIPAN LIKE WHOA! and something sharp that stabs the sinuses, and from there is gets sweeter and sweeter until it hits unbearable screaming sugar and honey overload. I can only handle ten to fifteen minutes of it before it has to go.
11th January, 2009

Eau de Gucci by Gucci

A very soft, gentle, yummy and so slightly honeyed skin scent. Perfect when you just want to smell beautiful in an unobtrusvie way. Sillage is almost nonesistent, very inoffensive.
11th January, 2009
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Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

I don't think this is one of the 'greats,' but it is definitely a warm, slightly spicy, powdery scent that is enjoyable. I am fine with the one-dimensionality of it, to me this is the fragrance equivalent of mac & cheese. It's not gourmet or impressive, but for what it is it is very good and sometimes you are in the mood and that is what you want. Worthy of being in the wardrobe.
11th January, 2009

Almost Bare by Bobbi Brown

This may be a scent that is heavily dependent on body chemistry. I know that other reviewers have been less than thrilled, but i get nothing but a lovely soft floral opening, which dries down to a slightly powdery and veeeeery lightly woody finish. It is the perfect scent to wear on a day when you need to feel like you are wrapped in a warm cozy sweater fragrance-wise.
04th January, 2009

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

Oh I love this! I slathered it on the husband and couldn't stop huffing him. The first five minutes have a bit of a B.O. whiff if you get up really close, but stay with it. Once that dies back, the scent becomes pure rich musk, and it is a little smoky and just whisperingly sweet.

To me it DOES smell good. I had it on my fingers after putting it on the Mr., and I was very pleased. I would wear this myself even. Love!
04th January, 2009

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Oh sad! I *almost* love this, it is almost leathery perfection. It goes on well, and starts to get spicy and leathery and yum and then POOF. Literally within 5-10 minutes it starts to fade. I don't want to trail a waft of silage behind me but I do want to smell something! *pout* I really wanted to love this too.

If I can figure out the magic way to make it 'show up' without having to mix it with something else (because I want THIS SMELL, just for longer than ten minutes) then I am all over it. But as it stands, I can't give it a thumb's up. Poo.
23rd December, 2008

Nirmala by Molinard

Lovely lovely scent. I should preface by saying that I have a tricky chemistry, my skin does *horrid* things with overly strong, glaring fruit notes. Many of the modern "fruity florals" turn to bug spray, cough syrup, or earwax on me. I avoid the entire f-f section generally but got a sample of Nirmala and tried it before reading the notes.

Happy accident, that! Otherwise I might never have discovered this. Nirmala is simply sublime, the fruits are so well blended that it is a golden, hushed resonance rather than an in-your-face ZOMG SWEET. Please do not confuse it with the modern concoctions that too often smell like perfume sprayed over kool-aid. If you think you hate fruity florals, give Nirmala a try anyway. The fruits and creamy florals are anchored with the wood which keeps Nirmala from getting sticky sweet or cloying. This is what most of today's fruity florals wish they could be.
18th December, 2008

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

On first spritz, I get a bright, sharp note that is a bit unpleasant and astringent. It dries down amazingly quickly on the skin however, and on me it starts to behave within maybe five to ten minutes. At this point it becomes an amazing concoction of powdery white warmth. There is tea, and a very clean scent that reminds me of white cotton but isn't insipid the way many of the 'shower' fragrances tend to be. It also has a depth to it that reminds me of the pages inside of old well-cared-for books. Not mildewed ones, pristine ones that have been stored in wood cabinets behind glass. Very quiet but not boring. And just to put it into perspective, I am not a "quiet" scent kind of gal. I am coveting Dzing! and 10 Corso Como at present, adore Baume de Doges, and would about bathe in Shalimar. But this scent has it going on for a day fragrance.

As for wear: This is insane! I have been wearing this scent for five hours now, and about an hour ago I did some housework including dishes (hands and wrists submerged in soapy water, and the soap had some sort of lavender aromatherapy note ick!) and cooking (working with strong food scents including garlic and onion), and then I washed my hands after, and I can STILL smell the white tea. The silage isn't overwhelming, you won't knock anyone out in an elevator with this one so it would be a good addition to your daytime fragrance wardrobe. Highly recommended.
15th December, 2008