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Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino

When I tried it on it gave me a little synesthesia. I got a fuzzy peach feel plus a creamy coconutty flavor plus a load of some kind of lovely citrus smell. Unfortunately it doesn't last long but I'm still giving it five stars. Someone described it as "linear" and I can see that - it's not a changer, does not evolve, but rather just disintegrates. Not the deepest work of art in the perfume world but I intend to buy a lot more. It's pop art, I guess! Speaking of which, I love the packaging. I'm a real negative, depressing anxious person and the packaging picks me up a lot.
03rd March, 2014

Eau Spontanée by L'Occitane

Love this fragrance but disappointed there isn't a ton more bergamot. When I think of bergamot I think of earl grey. This stuff lasts all day and is a very beautiful sweet feminine scent but I'm only giving it four stars because I bought it scent-un-smelled expecting bergamot. This instead really brings me back to the (yawn) Lancome counter circa 1987. Wish I could pinpoint the oldie this is reminding me of. I guess I like dirtier scents and the bergamot and cedarwood in the description tricked me. This is way less dirty than I hoped it would be. Very, very bright instead. Still, it's a real long lasting beauty.
03rd March, 2014

Vanilla Passion Fruit by Lavanila

had to buy three. Addicted

It's like an edible, long lasting, version of Baydoll. I especially love that my toddler can hug me and nuzzle me and not one threat of pthalates. But the scent - oh the scent. Euphoria

Pros: Long lasting, natural
Cons: NONE

28th May, 2013
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Vanilla Blossom by Lavanila

I love this mosty because they are trying to make somewhat healthier or at least less chemical perfume. It's more complicated than Warm Brown Sugar Vanilla from Body Shop, which isn't a particularly sophisticated scent. Picture a high quality version of that. This is quite pleasant and lasts well. There is something woody at the end that's just the best part. Smells like cedar or sandalwood. Very faint.
03rd May, 2013

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

This is an ok perfume, but inappropriate in these depressing times. If you love sunflowers and intimately know the sensation of brushing faces with one, you will notice this product doesn't afford the same fragrance or high, either. I don't like the marketing of this product, it's so 1990's when times were nice and I could get a career, or so I thought. Now I find the overly happy, contrived bottled design very depressing, like a big, phony smile as an interviewer excuses me from his office saying nice to meet you. I can just picture the other bottle design sketches in marketing. 'And this one is shaped like a sunflower seed! The colors need to parallel the orange Imac, because that's hot right now! Orange is the new red!' Who cares about your idea for a bottle? It's a fragrance. Put it in a clean mayonaise jar. It's about the essence, you know? Not your cheesy, perfect, bottle idea that is subtly shaped like a sunflower seed. Thanks, Elizabeth, for putting so much money into designers who think of bottles and not actually recapturing one of natures most beautiful scents.
08th January, 2010

Joy by Jean Patou

I have the EDT. The scent is a precious and complicated antique. It's very dry, and makes my favorite modern fragrances seem one-dimensional and comically sweet. It's not comparable to modern perfumes. I read these reviews before purchase, and they didn't prepare me for it. I keep thinking this - if you are the sort of person who likes a dirty martini, or a dry cabernet - something savory, cheeses in which you can smell the fur of the goat - you will love it. If you, on the other hand, love ice cream, and drink sangria or apple-tinis... well, you just won't get it.
29th November, 2009

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

I was given this as a gift. Smells like mashing your nose into a dandelion. Lasted well, and other people loved it. Very unusual, I definitely want another bottle. Very dry. I'll edit the review once I get another bottle.
28th November, 2009

Samsara by Guerlain

If you love the sugary smell of Iris, and if you can smell the iris in it, you'll love it. It's...sort of... similar to Shalimar. I was a teenager when I fell in love with it, because I read that there was iris in it, and had always loved the fragrance of an iris bloom. I never smelled much iris but it's still pretty. Unfortunately, I forced it too hard as a signature scent. I went through bottle after bottle, till I was 26 and hated it. My sincere love of Samsara for such a long time before that makes me give it a thumbs up. That's for the scent alone. Even as a seventeen year old, I could tell the marketing was forced. I mean, what's with the name, and the cheezy story about enlightenment and traveling the world? Lame marketing, nice sweet powdery perfume.
28th November, 2009

Nobile by Gucci

This is my all time favorite male scent. I have bought this for every guy I went out with until I couldn't find it anymore. GUCCI as a brand was basically synonymous with crass and vulgar in my snooty old town, so I was surprized to love it. I'll never forget the first time I sniffed it. I was with my mother, and we tried two separate Gucci's, Noble and one for women which I forgot what it was. She loved the female one and hated this one. I expected to hate it, naturally. Instead, when my nose grazed the sample, I felt instant longing, loneliness and sexual frustration. Can't really describe the scent much better than that, can't even remember what the notes were. I just really wanted the guy who wears it - BAD.
21st November, 2009

Angel by Thierry Mugler

This is the finest fragrance ever made. I have been waiting to review it for a year now, thinking I'd somehow find words to describe the finest fragrance ever made, but I can't. So this is my review. It's the finest fragrance ever made. And it isn't sweet. Not to me. It's dry and crazy. And really unique. And it changes all day, and it lasts. And everyone loves it on me. It's the best fragrance ever made. It was given to me as a gift - how do you like that? Who figured a person could randomly give a surprize gift of perfume, something so subjective. Yet here's my review. I am a perfume junkie, it's what I hoard, it's what I love - and this - It's the best.
21st November, 2009

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

This one smells like a freshly popped Dr. Pepper. I love all Lolita Lempicka ones I've tried. They are high quality and long lasting.
10th September, 2009 (last edited: 25th November, 2009)

Volupté by Oscar de la Renta

It's gorgeous and full. The only thing I can identify is violets, but that isn't quite what it smells like. It is just a beautiful concoction of who-knows-what. I don't even know if all the rest is florals. I can never stop sniffing my wrist when I wear this, it's just fascinating. It's underpriced, for sure.
18th August, 2009

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Eau d'Hadrien has risen straight to my number one and I think I could throw away all my other perfume. At first scent I was not able to recognize any ingredient, not lemon, not cypress. I could only feel a shock wave of nostalgia for something euphoric that I couldn't put my finger on, and at the same time felt the energy portrayed by the spooked horse on the Ferrari logo blaze through my body. I heard in my mind "Venus De Milo" from the A Zed and Two Noughts soundtrack by Michael Nyman. If I concentrate, I can at least place a cold gin and tonic with a side of Italian Lemon cookies in the atmosphere, but it doesn't explain the thrill by a long shot. My husband, also a Bombay Sapphire fan, loves this fragrance on me. I bought all three bottles on the shelf that day, and will hoard this as long as I can after it is discontinued, which I hope is a long way away from now.
18th July, 2009
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Eau de Star by Thierry Mugler

This fragrance is bold, stylish, harsh, cold, and bitter, with a little bit of sweet way deep underneath. It has very rough edges, which I suppose is why it's called star, to reflect something pointy. I'm kidding, of course. It lasts a long time on me. This is basically a loud and rude version of Angel. I find aquatics repellant, and I did not recognise this as one, but didn't like it as much as my non-aqua faves. I assume that's the note that disagrees with me. I wear it a lot, anyway. I can't get it out of my head, if you know what I mean.
03rd May, 2009

Innocent Secret by Thierry Mugler

A gentle, clean, unoffensive scent that smells to me like a grapefruit that someone with clean soapy hands just began punching cloves(?) through to create a pomander. You can hardly smell the cloves, if it is cloves. Let's just say, I smell some kind of spice that prevents it from being all grapefruit, plus soap or bubble bath (is it a floral note?). The only reason I bought this, by the way, is because I love Angel so much I'll try anything Thierry Mugler. This is very common and forgettable by comparison.
03rd May, 2009

Beach by Bobbi Brown

I'll agree with everyone, it's pretty, it smells like Coppertone, it evokes a lot of memories, sure - but what's much more important for everyone to know is how powerfully and effectively this fragrance can be used to attract American men who share these flashbacks. I have never emptied a bottle of perfume so fast as when I realised how curiously the male nose will follow your every move. Especially in winter! They don't know what it is, only that it makes them think of skin. This is a God-send! I thank you, Bobbi! Thank you! Incidentally - for me, my flashback is life as a five year old on the beaches of Long Island Sound in the 70's, with curly-haired blonde eighteen year old boys all around me. I guess there must have been chicks there too, but they are not prominently featured in my flashback. I am really devastated to read that it is discontinued.
01st May, 2009

Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Lychees, Roses, Red Hots. In that order. WOW!!! I took a risk, and bought it smell-unsmelt due to the name (it's my sweethearts slightly sarcastic nickname for me). I was afraid of smelling powder, but there is none. I want to buy ten cases. Sadly, this beauty is quite short lived. I have to use it on a hot part of the body rather than the wrist, and now put it under my long hair on the nape of my neck. I've found I can get several hours out of it if it's a hot day.
22nd April, 2009

Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works

I could guzzle this stuff, it's fantastic. It's sweet and tart, but almost chocolatey, too! I'm going to try Flowerbomb if this is a rip-off, thanks for the tip. I bought about five bottles of this and just spritz it on all the time.
19th January, 2009

Hypnôse by Lancôme

To me, it's like licorice and aftershave. Very sexy, different. Very bold on me, very lasting. Gorgeous bottle. Better than most perfumes but still not amongst my top ten faves.
19th January, 2009

Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez

I love Jlo, really, so I feel terrible leaving this review. The bottle is gorgeous - but whenever I try to wear this, because it was a gift from my sweetie and I feel obligated, I feel like I spilled apple juice on my clothes, and boy does it last. I actually feel ashamed of how I smell. It's not even my guy's style either, I can only guess it was on sale and that's why he got it for me. JLo I love you, I am so sorry.
19th January, 2009

Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

I got this because of these reviews, and I am so glad I did. I'll never give it up. Even the bad reviews make it seems sooo interesting, don't they? Well it's true, there is some weird stuff going on in it, but to me it's a perfect work of art. It's some kind of bright spice and a little bitterness. Surprized it's meant to be unisex, seems like really exotic females only would wear this. I'd never want my guy to wear this. It's pure tea party.
19th January, 2009

Calypso Mimosa by Calypso Christiane Celle

Fizzy blossoms of mimosa. You'll want to bury your nose in it and daydream. No spice, no fruit, just a mimosa tree, and no responsibilities. One of my all time favorites. Very unusual and individualistic. Not like any other floral.
19th January, 2009

Antonia's Flowers Eau de Toilette by Antonia's Flowers

I sniffed this on another woman first. I felt a flashback to licking the ends of honeysuckles as a child, and I simultaneously felt the euphoric rush of falling in love in spring. It's glorious!!!
17th December, 2008