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OP Juice for Women by Ocean Pacific

OP Juice is nowhere near as good as OP Blend.

OP Juice is OK but nothing special. It's light, quite watery, slightly fruity and smells slightly synthetic. It has pretty good staying power.

It's not bad but not a perfume from my collection that I wear too often. I have other perfumes (including OP Blend) that are so much better!

18th February, 2011

OP Blend for Women by Ocean Pacific

OP Blend is such a nice perfume! It's rich but not heavy, fruity, creamy and has surprising depth. It lasts for ages on my skin and I get little whiffs of it when I move. I love it. However, I only have a small bottle of it and I'm not sure where I can get another bottle of it when that runs out (I live in England, by the way). So, if anyone knows then please let me know!

BIG thumbs up from me for OP Blend ! !
18th February, 2011

Ocean Pacific for Women by Ocean Pacific

This is a very nice perfume - girly, light, floral and fresh. It also has good staying power. The bottle is very nice too!

18th February, 2011
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Escada by Escada

I absolutely LOVE this perfume. On British perfume sites it's known as Escada Signature, so it's slightly confusing that it seems to have a different name in America and some other countries!

Anyway, it's a wonderful perfume. Very classy smelling, light, fresh, clean and sexy at the same time. It also lasts on me for ages. It's entirely different to some of the other Escada perfumes, such as Magnetism, which tend to be very sweet and, to me, cheap smelling! My sister who, like me, is fussy about perfumes also loves this perfume.

The packaging of this perfume is also very nice. The bottle is simple and classy and the perfume is a lovely sea green color!

This gets a massive thumbs up from me!
18th February, 2011

Ardenbeauty by Elizabeth Arden

It amazes me that Arden Beauty has so many negative reviews on here. Also, I'm amazed that so many people seem to think it smells synthetic, of green tea and of melons! Personally, I don't get any of that.

What Arden Beauty is is a very nice perfume with a ridiculously low price tag! It smells far more expensive than it is and my guess is that a lot of women who've reviewed this perfume are giving it negative reviews more because of how reasonably priced it is rather than for the actual perfume itself. If it is was an expensive perfume my bet is that it would have much more positive reviews.

Arden Beauty is a very lovely soft, fresh, floral scent that lingers on my skin subtly for hours and hours. Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of floral scents but this one is lovely. It's in the same vein as, say, Estee Lauder 'Pleasures',in its floral-ness but a million times nicer (I detest Pleasures and don't understand why it's so popular!) and more interesting. Also, men seem to love it.

So. a big thumbs up from me for Arden Beauty.
17th February, 2011

Krazy Krizia by Krizia

This is a very nice perfume which at first I thought wasn't right for me because it's quite strong to begin with. Personally I'm not into strong, heavy perfumes so I was quite doubtful I'd like this but after half an hour or so it starts to settle down on my skin. That's when it gets really nice! It becomes soft, creamy, warm and sexy and lasts forever. I get little whiffs of it when I move around which I love. The transformation is pretty amazing. So, now I really like it and am really happy to have it in my perfume collection.
17th February, 2011

Oxygène by Lanvin

Oxygene is an absolutely lovely perfume and is one of my 'go to' fragrances.

It smells very clean and fresh with a slight creaminess and a bit of pepperiness. It always makes me feel as if I just stepped out of the shower because it has that lovely warm, clean smell. A lot of reviewers here have said it smells ozonic. I don't get that at all. It might be a blue perfume, which might imply that it's going to smell aquatic but to me it smells nothing at all like that. It's much warmer, creamier and sexier than that.

Oxygene has excellent staying power and one spray on me lasts all day and night. It's ideal to wear in the daytime because it's so clean and fresh and I doubt anybody could be offended by it, but I also think it crosses over well into the evening.

The bottle is lovely, the perfume is lovely and the price is very reasonable so it's definitely a winner and, amongst my large collection of perfumes, is one of my all-time favorites.

A VERY big thumbs up from me for Oxygene!
03rd February, 2010 (last edited: 17th February, 2011)

Ivoire (original) by Pierre Balmain

Ivoire is such an unusual, gorgeous perfume that I've become totally addicted to it. Although it is a perfume which has been around for decades it has a freshness and liveliness which I think is very modern and timeless so it's perfect for any woman of any age who has the right personality to carry off this kind of scent and who doesn't want to wear a dull, run-of-the-mill kind of perfume.

It opens very green and clear but in the background lurks the delicious smell of creamy raspberries and this note on me becomes more pronounced after a short time and the greenness fades into the background. It isn't the kind of sweetness which is so prevalent in a lot of more current scents, which tend to be quite sickly and artificial smelling, but is a more refined, pure and fresh sweetness which I think is absolutely gorgeous and this is my favorite stage of Ivoire's unfolding tale and the one that lasts the longest on me.

Ivoire is a complex perfume which is one of the things that I find so incredibly appealing about it because too many perfumes are one-dimensional and dull. It's sexy but sweet, sassy but soft and just all-round intriguing. I also love the fact that because it's not easy to get hold of in stores in my country (England) I know that I'm not going to smell it on lots of other women so I feel as if it's my little secret and not one that I'm going to readily reveal to anyone!

Ivoire for me is one of my best discoveries and it has rapidly worked its way into my heart and become one of my favorite perfumes. I can't imagine being without it now and, in fact, if I had to choose only one perfume to wear for the rest of my life this would be it.
22nd September, 2009 (last edited: 18th February, 2011)

Aqua Allegoria Lemon-Fresca by Guerlain

I'm amazed that this scent has received such negative reviews on here. It's a gorgeous, sweetly lemony scent which is fresh and clean smelling. It does NOT smell like furniture polish or citronella candles to me! It isn't an eye-wateringly citrusy scent and instead reminds me very much of lemon sherbet. It has been mentioned here that it has a woody dry-down, which I totally disagree with. On me it remains fresh and sweet smelling all the way through and I don't detect any hint of woodiness in it. Also, some reviewers have mentioned that it doesn't last long. Again, I disagree because on me I can use one spray of it and still smell it on myself by the end of the day so it's actually very long-lasting for an eau-de-toilette!! Of course, everyone's different and on some people it may be that it doesn't last as long but on me it definitely lasts. In my view this is one of the nicest scents in the Aqua-Allegoria range. It smells lovely, comes in a very pretty bottle and is reasonably priced so I give it a very big thumbs up!
13th February, 2009

Jewel by Alfred Sung

I expected a lot more from this perfume than it actually offers. It's pleasant enough but quite nondescript and wishy-washy. I was expecting it to be fresher and cleaner smelling but instead it's just a bland, simple floral and I think it's suitable for a more mature lady but not for younger women. It reminds me very much of an Avon type of perfume and it just isn't very standout or special at all. Oh, and the bottle is an annoying one which won't even stand up, so all in all not a big hit with me!!
04th February, 2009

Balmain de Balmain by Pierre Balmain

Balmain perfume is, apparently, classed as a floral / fruity fragrance yet, to me, it seems the total opposite to that and I would class it as a woody fragrance. It is decidedly masculine smelling and I could barely smell any of the floral notes, such as rose and iris, in it at all. I had read in various reviews that it starts out slightly masculine smelling but then evolves into something much more feminine but, sadly, for me that wasn't the case. I was really hoping I would love this perfume and that it would be a bit of a "sleeper" scent for me but unfortunately it hasn't really lived up to my expectations, although it smells pleasant but it's just not the right kind of perfume for me. However, it is elegant and smooth smelling but I think it would work much better on a man than a woman, or maybe for a woman who enjoys wearing masculine, woody smelling scents!
04th February, 2009

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

A woman's viewpoint on this cologne! I read rave reviews of this on a website and some mentioned that it smelled quite feminine so could be a unisex scent so, based on the good reviews, reasonable price and thinking it would smell a bit feminine, I bought a bottle of it blind over the internet for myself! However, when I got it I was quite let-down. Although it's okay smelling, I wouldn't say it's a stand-out cologne and is far less fresh and light smelling than I had anticipated from the reviews I had read of it. The reviews on this site too are a bit contradictory .. some say it's light and fresh, others say it's heavy. To me it smells extremely peppery at first, although it becomes softer and mellower after awhile. I couldn't detect the slightest hint of lemon in it, which is a shame because I quite like lemony scents! I also couldn't detect any mint, which is a note which cropped up in lots of reviews. To me it's just peppery. I would say it's an average smelling scent but, for the price and staying power I could recommend it and, on the right man, it might smell delicious!
14th January, 2009

Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

This perfume is heavy and pungent! I was very disappointed with the smell because I LOVE Oxygene and Eclat D'Arpege, both Lanvin perfumes, but Rumeur was a big let-down. I gave it a fair chance and left it on my skin for as long as I could stand, the smell never softened or mellowed and it smelled exactly the same an hour or so later as when I first sprayed it on. In the end I couldn't wait to wash it off and even then I couldn't get rid of the smell entirely. This is the kind of perfume that I would find really objectionable in an office kind of situation where you have no chance of escaping from the smell! I had ordered a bottle of this over the internet without having smelled it first because the price was great and because I do love Oxygene and Eclat D'Arpege, but I'm going to be returning it so that I can exchange it for a perfume that doesn't make me recoil in horror! The only good thing about this perfume, in my opinion, is that it is incredibly long-lasting so for someone who does find it appealing that would be a good thing, although for people who can't stand it that would be very bad! Personally, I think the parfumier who created Rumeur should be ashamed of himself!!
10th January, 2009
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Sunset Boulevard by Gale Hayman

I took a chance and purchased this over the internet without having smelled it first because I'd read good reviews about it, because it was so reasonably priced (about $10 for 100ml!!) and because Gale Hayman products are not readily available in England so I wouldn't be able to buy it here. Luckily, when it arrived I was relieved that it is a very nice perfume and lived up to the good things I had heard about it. It's very pleasant smelling, light and sweet but not overly so. Supposedly orange is one of the main notes in it but I don't smell that at all, which is a good thing because I don't like the smell of orange in perfumes! I don't think it's a real head turner kind of perfume but one which is very pleasant smelling anyway, easy to wear anytime, day or night, and would just as easily appeal to a young woman as to an older one. Also, for quite an expensive smelling perfume the price is incredibly good. I doubt anybody would find this perfume objectionable and stinky! I can definitely recommend it.
10th January, 2009