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Black Pure Instinct by Karen Low

Very good smell. More for the older crowd.I agree with the above description. Gave it to two people as a gift, they both loved it. Everyone seemed to love it.
21st December, 2011

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I bought this. I don't like it anymore,only wore it twice, It smells strange now but I liked it at first. I do like to sniff the bottle at times but I will not wear it, if you spray it on a coat just wait until later, then it smell different and I don't like it. Maybe they used Grandma's footjuice or some funky funk in the recipe. It is pure poop. avoid this combo of poop and I guess the following version of still more poop. Maybe I can pawn this off to a homeless man,but I don't even think that the homeless want to smell like this. Homelessness is no joke, I would never give a homeless person a bottle of Narciso. Donate better things than This to charity,Food,Money and Clothes,but please,no fancy poop cologne. This one's a stinker.
27th December, 2008

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

All women I have known love this smell. Why, I could not tell you. They dislike many of my other favorites. I like manly and this is but very light. I like to smell ,what I myself, am wearing. This one fades. It is nice but there are better ones. It used to be stronger,but stays close to the skin,,the females can still smell it. Most girls will like it. I am sure of that. I have had tests with me and another man wearing something else. I always won with this one. I won't buy it again though. I want a smell thats as strange as the women who are attracted to it. A safe bet but not my choice.
27th December, 2008
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Yatagan by Caron

I smelled this today ,I thought it would smell different from all the reviews. It smells like a hippy,although it is better than straight patchoulli which I dislike very much,I have heard the latter to be used to cover up the stench of dead things. If you love the smell of pine and campfires than this ones for you.If you are a tad bit strange and want to smell like a pine tree on steroids, heres your winner. I wonder if I would be attracted to a beautiful woman who had not bathed in months and had been heavily doused in Yatagan, it might be lovely? Then again, It might be horrid. I will never know, however I will say that if you wear this one , be proud of it and strong in your conviction,because I can only imagine how loud it is on. It is as strong a scent, as the sword it was named after. Yatagan is Godzilla and our noses,Tokyo.
27th December, 2008

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Classic. But I think they changed it. I remember this quality that smelled days later. You could smell it on shirts and I loved it. Am I strange? After writing that I feel strange, smelling shirts and all. Anyway. It smells different now and very cheap. Too much powder. It used to have something at the bottom that would linger and was very pleasant to me. I can still smell that but it's very faint. I did however get the bottle for cheap. It was discontinued for awhile. It's an old classic. Why do they mess with the classics?
27th December, 2008

Façonnable by Façonnable

It'sa nice,Hi FIVVVE. Success. I love this smell and I am addicted to it. I have owned it in the past. Smell it.
27th December, 2008

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

Very spicy and sweet. I like this. I used to own it and bought it again,why? I don't know,maybe the memories. I like it. It is not really masculine though. A girlfriend told me that she would wear something that smelled like that. I still however like it,and will wear it. A distinct smell,but not for everyone.
27th December, 2008

Claiborne for Men by Liz Claiborne

I used to own this when I was Twelve. Ahh the memories.
27th December, 2008

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

My first review will be this classic. LIke the smell of anything addictive, be it human residue, male or female. this reminds me of neither. It is however captivating and fresh, like a huge bar of soap that just got shoved up your nose ,at first sniff mind you, but it then slows,or does it speed up to a thicker bar of soap that reveals much to the mind.I would call it a sophisticated smell thats doesn't play games ,This ones very addictive to my nose and I simply love it, one of my favorites.
23rd December, 2008