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Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

I love this, it smells manly and grassy, and I may detect a cumin note which is quite interesting.
26th March, 2006

Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

It starts off kind of synthetic and strong but then it becomes REALLY sweet and I can't say it is exactly true to gardenia, but it is still a nice smell and sort of has a "gardenia" aura about it. Eventually it dries down to a very sensual sweet musky base, sort of reminds me of Guerlain's Samsara. It lasts a long time and overall I give it a thumbs-up. May be too sweet for some people, but for me it is very pure and nice.
31st January, 2006

Burberry for Women by Burberry

I like this one. It certainly smells edible but I don't find it overbearing like some sweet/fruit scents. It's a nice daytime fragrance to wear when you want to smell nice.
19th January, 2006
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Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal

I'm giving this a thumbs up just because it's an intriguing scent if nothing else. Ce soir ou jamais is almost pure rose, I really can't detect any other notes, and unfortunately the scent doesn't stay round long enough to really have any base notes. If anything it just gets softer and softer until there is the slight hint of rose on your skin. I consider it a kind of sad and romantic scent, just because of the way it starts of with this strong burst of pure rose, and then it gradually fades away.
30th December, 2005

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

I love this fragrance. To me it smells really sophisticated and fresh. On me the drydown is incredibly soft and sweet.
07th December, 2005

China Rose by Floris

This perfume comes on a little too strong for my taste, but after a few minutes it mellows out into a really beautiful rose scent -- soft and rich and very very comforting.
25th October, 2005

Black for Her by Kenneth Cole

I love this scent a lot. . . it smells like its name, very dark and mysterious, but to me it's not overwhelming. Too much of it can give you a headache but just the right amount smells beautiful, to me. And I personally think it has a beautiful drydown. I'll even leave the room I sprayed it in, come back hours later, and ask myself "what's that wonderful smell?" only to remember KC Black. Perhaps not the most original scent but it certainly is distinctive and quite nice.
14th August, 2005

Contradiction by Calvin Klein

This scent is very sweet to me, and slightly fruity. I know not everybody appreciates this but I find it very appealing. It's not cloying at all but it certainly feels sweet. I find the smell very soothing, and also refreshing. It's the kind of scent I want to put on after taking a shower. On another note, the magnetic bottle is the coolest thing ever.
14th August, 2005

Mitsouko by Guerlain

This scent is at first very pungent and sharp, and I wasn't too thrilled with it, as I felt it gave me a headache. I find it can't be worn in a hurry, but it is a slow, relaxed scent. It starts off very strong but eventually just sinks into your skin and mingles with your natural scent. It smells very animalistic, and spicy, but the mossiness keeps it from being too sharp, and makes it deeper and more subtle. It could probably be worn by a man to great effects as well. I think I am in love with this scent now, and what I find most amazing about it is the fact that it seems so natural against the skin.
05th August, 2005