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Number 3 / Le 3čme Homme / The Third Man by Caron

A beautiful scent

Trosieme is the handsome boy of Caron's creations for men. It has a feminine side with that androgeny look of 80's. While Yatagan may dare you with "excess of masculinity", third man dares you with it's little femininity. Third man starts with a lavender note like many gentlemen scents from 70 and 80's(Santos, Chanel PM,) but in few minutes it's lavender is gone; after that, starts a great floral-fruity heart, but what i like is that roses are absent here. Mostly, I smell jasmine mixed with kind a fruity smell. Awesome! The heart notes lasts some hours on my skin. Now basenotes: basenotes are all about musk, what i perceive as a powdery sourness (not in a bad away, i can think of Jazz or Van Cleef and Arpels pour homme basenotes). Then, if you take every step of third man altogether, there is no single scent like it. For me, it's a very beautiful scent that i usually wear for going out at night mostly of the time, while Yatagan i like to wear at daytime.I got some compliments from third man like: "you smell good", which is nice for a scent created 30 years ago!

Pros: great heart notes, longevity an quite a unique scent
Cons: none"

25th August, 2013

L'Anarchiste by Caron

I love L'Anarchiste. I would indeed say i am a fond of Caron. When i wear L'Anarchiste? Anytime, and i mosty wear it in the heat. Itīs comfortable one and i have no complaint about it. When i look to the pyramid above i do only igree about the orange leaves. For me this scent is all about orange leaves and florals. As the time goes by it mellows to something more soapy or powdery but don't take this to the generic side of nowadays scents. Its more soapy. I donīt understand what would be metallic, bloody or apple smell. I canīt get it. Also i can add that L'Anarchiste resemble a mix of hot tea of cloves and honey with little cinnamon. None of these are listed in the pyramid, but believe me, it smells like.
19th August, 2012

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

What a horrible scent. It smells just like many cheap generic french bottles sold as souvenirs just because it is written "PARIS". The juice is awful. Smells like strong tobacco plus green notes. Offensive and dated.
08th July, 2012 (last edited: 20th July, 2012)
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Polo by Ralph Lauren

For me far the best polo available. Itīs masculine and dry. It has a common dry woods vibe from 70īs and early 80's that i found in santos concentree too. The other polo scents are too "teeny" as blue polo, that is not for me.
05th September, 2011

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I īve never smelled a old man wearing azzaro PH. Maybe , for that, i had no associations in my mind. And after 2 times wearing it, i was trying to find any "dated" , any "grandfather", any "barbershop" note, but i could not. Azarro PH is for me beautiful and timeless. It has much of moss-patchouli vibe but the entire scent cant offend... its just unusual nowadays. Bringing back Azzaro PH to modern ground i would say it has a lot in common with Rive Gauche PH, and when I say a lot , i mean rive gauche is a stronger version with little tobacco in... a must check if you are a fan of Azzaro PH.
04th August, 2011

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I will add this review because once i almost bought this one as a blind buy mostly because of positive reviews. Then, i finally could try it and for me it was very unpleasant. And only one note! Eucalyptus! There exists much of it, and for me itīs a nauseating smell. Around the city i live they use this wood a lot on saunas and i really disliky the burning smell of eucalyptus. After that, come the second part of body kouros i ran faster to wash it out: a powder sweetness . It really has good quality, most people like it, girls generally like it, but due to my aversion to eucalyptus and vanilla, i give body kouros a hands down.
02nd August, 2011 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)

Rochas Lui by Rochas

Well... Rochas Lui is a good scent and sadly it was discontinued. It has great longivity e good sillage, and thatīs important for me. For me a unisex pherfume. I donīt get heavy cedar notes... What is very dominant here is the spice and florals... Its comfortable, and i imagine using it for a walk, as a well-being state of my soul... just that...
09th May, 2011 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche is beautiful. Donīt believe in those recurrent quotes telling about barbershop... Itīs the patchouli with good amounts, but with a smooky dark tone, maybe from vetiver. I only igree with the descriptions that compares itīs smell with some sunscreen. Rive gauche is manly, is dark, is smoky and have a big brother called M7. Rive Gauche has great longevity and thats good... few people use it: thatīs very very good. Concluding, by now, only these two YSL scents strikes me... the others, i donīt care.
09th May, 2011

Quasar by O Boticário

Cool Water copy maybe, but itīs so sharp that i cant take it. Itīs not my type of scent and if i remember well, cool water is much more smooth.
12th March, 2011 (last edited: 26th February, 2012)

Malbec by O Boticário

Vanilla plus cheap wisky, both very agressive to my nose. The smell stays impregnated in the room and thats not good. Itīs just one more scent not well blended, like all other from that same producer store.
12th March, 2011

North Wind by O Boticário

Is it polo green? No, nothing to remember this god, except by the vial. This one has only citrus and citrus, tha does not last.
12th March, 2011

Egeo by O Boticário

Ohhh... Vanilla blast at a nauseating point even at 3 meters apart. Reminds me Polo Hot, but 100 times magnified in potency.
12th March, 2011

Acqua Brasilis by O Boticário

Itīs not a EDT like almost all faint brazilian juice. Boticário is allways predictible: a watery citrus on top that is almost a chaos, and then comes vanilla smell or in the case of acqua brazilis is a poor wood smell, maybe a tea of cedar woods... Thumbs down for sure.
12th March, 2011
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Azzaro pour Homme Elixir by Azzaro

I am glad itīs not another marine-ozone scent! On paper i liked it very much, but on my skin i stated it lacks of masculinity. Trully, for me itīs a feminine scent.The idea isnīt unique... Open with red fruits, goes to a big hint of powder-vanilla and a cedar note, wich i like. But sure it is synthetic... Itīs the opossite of azzaro Visit. Elixir has too much vanilla for me, wich i can still handdle, but wonīt buy. It not offensive like Pi or Angel men. It has a great longevity and sillage, a plus for sure... It remembers me of D&G light blue for women and burberry london. For me visit is my azzaro number one.
01st December, 2010

Santos Concentrée by Cartier

I bought this by a blind buy, because i liked the standard version of santos. Totally different. The Standard version has a powdery basenote, almost none herbal (except the first minutes) and good spices that daoenīst last much. 1 hour and its gone. But its heart it so good that its acceptable this "fast go-away". The concentree is another perfume... It smellīs horrible the first seconds, really smells cheap, but soon this bad smell go away, within minutes, what you get is heavy herbal notes and good spice too, but the dry herbs are soo strong that i wold prefer the heart of the standard version... But this concentree lasts for as long as 8-12 hours. Basenotes are resinous or woody/herbals depending of the weather, not smooth as antaeus, its stronger. It will dare you discovering the occult notes...
07th October, 2010

Santos by Cartier

this is beautiful, can be used in hot weather and it is virtually inoffensive. However it doesnīt last for more than 2 hours. Be aware that santos is totally different of concentree version. Concentree is highly male scent, its drier, less smooth, much more herbal/woody and lasts for 8-12 hours swithing notes and do not just fade away. This version has a powdery drydown. Concentree has a resinous base plus the herbals that stand till the end. Antaeus is more similar to this standard version. Concentree is more in the drakkar dry way, some told me concentree smelled i little of polo green, showing me that concentree is good, bad maybe people nowadays would feel Conc. more agressive because of the marine/toilet aura that rules market today...
07th October, 2010

Antaeus by Chanel

Just perfect...Besides M7 this is one of my favorites, and i can use it even on summer. This is only for males not for teenagers.
07th October, 2010

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I thought i would never find one disgusting smell, a blend. This is just the worst scent i ever tried putting in my skin.Itīs the kind of smell i was afraid of someone asking about "who is the one with that strong juice? arggg" And it wonīt let your skin even if you have a hot water wash. Definitely, dated,dated.
17th February, 2010

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

Quite a feminine scent. The florals here are generic and nothing special. Iīve smelled a thousand of female scents like minotaure base...Neutral, because itīs a good smell, but not for me.
14th January, 2010

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

this is a good scent for the short time it lasts... And that's sad... It lasts only few minutes! In my opinion, this one could be more woody, with better longivity and sillage.Just for that, i'll give a neutral for givenchy pour homme.
02nd April, 2009

Bulgari pour Homme Extręme by Bulgari

Woww.... very nice scent... Yes its another predominant citrusy scent, but not like others, in my opinion. I don't know which note does, but this scent has a fascinating freshness... nothing sweet, just freshy and i little woodsy. Good for summer, a all day scent. It's more the way of givenchy pour homme, but with better sillage and longivity. A good try...
02nd April, 2009

Acqua di Giō pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

This is a good citrusy scent, with good sillage and great longivity! But i think it's better for young men,less then 20 years old. Thatīs my opinion... There's nothing here so masculine, but it isnīt a offensive scent. Another bad of it, is the fact ADG is out there, everywhere, in many men,(by the way, like L'eau d'Issey too). So, you wont have exclusivity wearing this... You'll be just another man wearing ADG.For that, i would say its a good scent...but i wont wear it!
02nd April, 2009

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

BEFORE: I like this m7 fragrance, but itīs so powerful that makes me annoyed after a while. I suppose that because of the sweetness that m7 blows on the air... Concluding : itīs better in others than on me.

NOW: After buying it i completely change my mind. I really donīt even think itīs so powerful like before. Trully, after some ours i canīt smell it so intense as the first hour. Itīs pleasant, itīs unique... Wanted it less sweet and more woody anyway... By now my one of my 3 favorites for nighttime use, along with antaeus and visit.
29th March, 2009 (last edited: 07th February, 2010)

Visit by Azzaro

Visit has been my scent for many years! Iīve never found a damp cedar like that! All the other woodsy scents out there are dry and dry... Visit is enjoyable because you can smell the spicy notes, the woodsy notes and when you think itīs over, comes a good powderly smell(thatīs not sweet) about 8 hours later... And what is really really good: itīs my smell! If you wear visit, you wonīt find your smell "walking" with other men easily!
29th March, 2009

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

That smell is out there in many places with many many men wearing this... Thatīs not for me. I donīt want to smell like every man, including those that just bought it because someone told itīs was a good fragrance.Itīs a lemonade threw in the air. More common and last classy than AdG. Thatīs L'eau d' issey.
29th March, 2009 (last edited: 30th August, 2009)