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Gendarme by Gendarme

Opinions vary so much on this one I ordered samples online to be sure how it would wear. When someone says soap, I think potentially tear inducing: there is none of that extant in this scent. This is not a powerhouse, it remains present on my skin for several hours: it also comes back to life when I get warm. This is true for at least 8 hours after application. Authentic undilute Gendarme does not blow away in the wind on contact. On the other hand, aside from a self defense scenario wherein the Gendarme is used as pepperspray, it is never assaultive, abusive, cloying or offensive. You cannot accidentally overdo this.

Because the scent is soapy, it lends itself to a variety of situations. Work? Yes. School/College? Yes. Dates? Yes, because it will only make you smell very clean. Club? May be drowned out by other scents unless youre already fairly well acquainted.

This is a floral, so if your tastes have not ripened to those do not waste your time. But if you are willing to try what Bill Clinton and LL Cool J are reported to have worn for decades, it is worth it.
10th November, 2012

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

To me, bears a striking resembelence to AdP Colonia Assoluta. The prominent difference appears to be one of emphasis: AdP is more roundly citrus, whereas Boucheron PH is woodier(?). I dont get any powder on me, but I do see the point made above about overdoing it and ruining the composition. That said, it is not easy to do. I dont get old man off of this at all, so perhaps some have experienced a note in your youth you equate with the scents of your father.

On me, 3 squirts lasts a standard work day. SIllage is between Opium PH and Mugler Cologne, so people will notice but you wont be killing nearby wildlife. Modestly bracing, this is not boring but is also largely inoffensive unless, of course, you overapply. Tastefully masculine, no perception that youre trying to prove something with your scent. The scent is solid or deep, whatever term you prefer: no doubts it is there.

I really enjoy it overall, and think it is FBW.
23rd October, 2012

Burberry Summer for Men by Burberry

got this for a very good price late last year, i suppose for it being out of season. this is the 2009 version.

the initial blast is a strange cross of citrus with paper mache. i was taken back to the times of kindergarten, fresh off the floor from a nap. all jokes aside, the citrus dominates but i cant help but think the mache was added to create an impression of dryness like a homme de gres, and in that it entirely fails. does it smell bad or bland? not at all. as a matter of fact, i wore this exclusivly for weeks after i got it, quite rare when your wardrobe is forty (40) deep.

longevity is more than comparative to other scents with a similar dominate note, so this is not a weak scent even among the citrus types.

the next distinct note is....rose? actually strong rose water, but not the "wave accord" note in cool water. its not the type to make people wonder which side of the plate youre swinging from, in case youre concerned. its actually pleasent and lasts, which is leaving me to wonder why the longevity is knocked, unless people arent realizing thats the next note in play.

i personally like it, all the way around. not a category winner but different and useful. try before you buy, to be safe.
19th May, 2010
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Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

the initial hit of Antidote brings back the teeth clenching, bowel loosening fear of a dentist office visit as a child. this is owing to the mega dose of lavendar that seems to remain persistant throughout the life of the scent. in my house of pain, the grapey lavendar was unique to that place, and ive found it again in antidote.

once id calmed down, i noticed the intensity had as well, giving it a perception of depth. as some of the other notes start to approach, it adds an aspect of complexity that wasnt apparent in the opener. i wouldnt say spicy as much as vibrant with a very supportive cast, neon almost.

its such a stunner floral it may not be wearable by many men, and an every day scent by very few. however, if that doesnt shake you, this is bound to be an attention getter.
24th April, 2010

Antaeus by Chanel

I obtained some of this, and i have to say it immediatly took me back to the 80s. specifically, to the honda civic i used to ride in as a child. no one in my family has ever wore scent, so it must have been ground in deep from a previous owner.

after alot of thought, i agree that its the beeswax that makes this. its what brings it all together. doesnt smell old, but its thickness can make it a divisive scent, despite not being ovewhelming when applied with even a small amount of sense.

definatly meant to earn its keep, alot of mileage can be had with a spray or two with inside conditions.

try before you buy, but definatly try.
24th April, 2010

Acqua Azzurra For Men by Gianfranco Ferré

smells like green irish tweed!

i couldnt resist. it seems like anything with an aquatic accord is for some reason compared. mature? i dont know. it is sort of thick and subdued compared to many other edgier scents.... but were not talking grey flannel or guerlain vetiver. nothing immediatly says old here, by any means, but it is ageless.

if you loved cool water at any point in your life, this is a safe bet. as a matter of fact, this really should replace it.
19th April, 2010

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

this egoiste is very honest.

im not one for a total dismemberment of a scent, note by note, unless theyre obvious, like vetiver. that being said, egoiste is so well blended in it opening i cant discern what may be what. and in a show of the afformentioned honesty, that exact smell will maintain for hours.

the highlight for me is an extended transition from mid to base, intermittant at first, then constant with growing presence. i believe the vanilla starts to take a whack out of an unrelenting scent, quite a trick and very interesting given how tenacious the opener tends to be here.

taste being totally subjective, who knows what you may think. however, i personally enjoy egoiste a great deal. sillage is more than sufficient, longevity as well, and it is flat out well crafted. you could so easily do far, far worse.

this is in my top three orientals, along with gucci envy, another well crafted scent fans of this would probably enjoy as well.
19th April, 2010

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

i get a very clean musk or something with aloe mostly, others being indescript on me. two decent sprays does what it does for a few hours. i really, really like this stuff, and will probably get the 10.2oz bottle of it this summer. i wear scent every day, and have over forty in use. this gets tapped quite a bit, suffice to say. this is a great one to have around, even if its just to put on when youre on a date with someone who doesnt like cologne lol.

this really should be on your list.
18th April, 2010

Envy for Men by Gucci

i finally got some nose time with this scent, and it truely deserves the praise. i find this to be superior to OpiumPH in nearly every fashion but sillage and longevity. even in that, both criteria are head and shoulders above over ninety percent of those ive sampled. no Goutalesque "where did it go" wondering inside of an hour.

im twenty seven, and i think this wears well on me. it might be a little much for the highschool crowd, id suggest a university age (twenty plus) as entirely appropriate. but if you have the stones at sixteen, congrats you have a winner to be enjoyed for decades.

i cant find a fault in this. the only negative is personal preferences as it relates to notes. cant say fairer than that.
10th April, 2010

Encre Noire by Lalique

the way this has been talked about, i half expected my shirt to be stained black with this beast. dark, dark imagery and examples punctuate the reviews here.

this scent does indeed remind me of a calm, windless, and very dark night. someone cut some cedar on this night as well. deservedly called an evening scent, but enjoyed by the masses anytime.

this one is something that should be tried by every male.
-------------------------------------- edit Jan 2013----------------------------------------------

The full experience of EN was lost to me for years because it did a fantastic job of blowing my nose up. Women love it on me, but I also assumed some degree of flirtation with that assessment. Over the weekend I was pulling my shirt on and got my first smell of the stuff without being bombed out by the opening. What I could discern years ago, as you read above, was fairly glowing. What I add is a comment on the quality of the vetiver: this is outstanding. Depending on chance, the vetiver goes dry or green and often seems to alternate. Also, the woods may sweeten on occasion which some may equate with vanilla.

Still recommend it to anyone.
04th April, 2010 (last edited: 24th January, 2013)

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

an overall earthy scent with a vibrant, almost neon cedar that is also one of the most olfactory realistic ive smelled in the few years ive been serious about all this. this does have excellent longevity, remarkable all the more on account of its surprisingly recent release. perhaps not for everyone, but certainly worth a try by everyone. this is memorable, if pulled off.
04th April, 2010

Geir by Geir Ness

im surprised more people dont rave about this one. this is one of the best i have ever smelled, even though it is a synthetic. very different and at the prices ive seen vs other candidates in the range, more than worth it.
04th April, 2010

Vetiver by Etro

purchased this recently from a trusted basenoter, and i almost cant believe its the same juice.

to be sure, the initial blast seems to be distilled vetiver essence, as pure as any ive smelled. and soon thereafter, it does warm up, which i assume is the cinnamons contribution. sadly, four blasts elicited nearly the same longevity and sillage as one, without difference to location or composition of target.

no joke, this was difficult to find in some cases as soon as ten minutes. with prices ive seen, online, i cannot suggest this to anyone.

however, this is a great intro to the vetiver note, if anyone is interested.
04th April, 2010
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Vetiver by Guerlain

i believe my grandfather wore this, and im twenty seven. i believe the tobacco note is the giveaway here. in short, this isnt going to stoke the fires of practically anyone whos fire still burns.

the scent itself is great, and lasts on me. its pleasant and absolutly masculine, so if youre in a situation composed mostly of men, this is reachable. no qualms about it being very enjoyable and worth it spray for spray.

but this isnt one you wear to hook up or on a date. with that caveat, thumbs up.
04th April, 2010

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I tend to spray scents point blank. that really screws Opium up on my skin, it needs to cover a wide area. otherwise, ive certainly smelled worse, much worse in fact. that said, this 100mls will last me years and years. and thats because i wont be wearing it all the time.

my second lifetime blind buy, and first due to basenotes.
25th October, 2009

Only The Brave by Diesel

Tried this at a local store. very pleasant, mildly green and sweet. definitely daytime and summer. application will require several sprays, and is of less longevity than D&G The One. on me, anyhow.
26th May, 2009

Virgin Island Water by Creed

perhaps im unique here, but anyone who smells suntan lotion off this stuff might have an issue. or perhaps i do. this stuff smells cooler than suntan lotion, and i mean perception of temperature according to the smell. suntan lotion to me is always very warm smelling, probably from the other scents they mix in. i love this stuff personally, but it does take a backbone to wear it.
02nd May, 2009

Roberto Cavalli Black by Roberto Cavalli

the best black scent ive ever smelled, which knocked Code off the perch. very different here, and its actually more green and black than just black. first scent which ive caught 2 different notes coming off of 2 different sprays on my body. oddly, i also get a new money scent thats slightly sweetened, but not at all sweet.

this has entered into year long, constant rotation in my wardrobe. 5 stars, and recommended to any man. the design on the bottle is supposed to be a snake, by the way.
02nd May, 2009

Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma

bought this in search of a summer cologne, and i must say im surprised. class and sophistication indeed, this isnt typical of the scents ive been sampling for years. however, this isnt the cologne for a young guy to wear all the time, leastwise socially. still just a touch too old school for my tastes. however, this doesnt deserve a thumbs down at all. just not for me at this stage.
02nd May, 2009

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

longevity seems to be about average with the scents i wear, but i dont use as many sprays with this as i do others. very good, particularly for the warmer months of the year. easily a top summer/day scent. screams of typical are met by me with impassive disagreement: few would be willing to pay this price for scent. if youre willing to buy it, id say go for it.
02nd May, 2009

Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein

just sampled this today, and i wouldve bought it had i not been able to get a much better deal here. its on the way lol. its a sweeter scent, with some outer tinges of musk. classy in my opinion, marked by its understated peaks which are very pleasant.
09th March, 2009

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

if you buy it, throw it in your car or something. youll want to apply immediately before you need it. i have had this stuff blow away in the wind on me. however, i do love the scent.
09th March, 2009 (last edited: 02nd May, 2009)

Black by Pierre Cardin

a very nice scent in the realm of the other black named fragrances out there. if you like polo double black, or armani code, i suggest this for you.
01st February, 2009

RSVP by Kenneth Cole

okay scent. comes in a wooden box, which is foreshadowing lol. its probably the best heavily wooded scent ive smelled thus far, but its a bit too intense for me. also, im 26 and i just dont smell this and think "youth", of which i still have a measure left. however, its very clear and not a stinker by any means, and longevity doesnt appear to be an issue, nor is projection. good scent, just for others.
01st February, 2009

Tommy Bahama for Men by Tommy Bahama

i was scouring my local elder-beerman stores cologne section, and just tried this for completion. wasnt bowled over by the initial hit, but it was nice and different. for some reason, i waited for it to be really musky. anyhow, it starts out different and above average, and gets much better from there. however, theres a distinct black pepper smell to it at times, dont know why it only occasionally shows itself. unless thats a bump in the road for you, i would suggest this cologne to anyone.
01st February, 2009

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

interesting fragrance. i was worried it was going to smell like play-doh on me, but thats not the case. i own it, and i intend on buying it again. this and polo double black are some of the best cheaper variety black scents out there.
01st February, 2009

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

i bought this one on the suggestion of a board that had put together a listing of great mall/store scents.

i personally think this is a great scent, and would be willing to pay more than i did to get another 2.5 . nice buttery smoothness to it. i cant speak for longevity as i dont apply much cologne ever, but i know it hung around a couple hours. not a winter scent, if your a type to take it that far, but otherwise this is a buy IMO.
01st February, 2009

Brit for Men by Burberry

i would suggest brit to any man. i have yet to find anyone who has anything remotely bad to say about it, in real life. too sweet? cloying? not for this 26 year old. try it yourself.
01st February, 2009

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

i rated it a 3 because its staying power is very low, and the scent is never powerful. scent alone? 3-1/2. i hear the ladies love it, but i dont wear it enough to know. ill use this bottle, and barring any compliments from stunningly beautiful women, i wont buy another.
01st February, 2009

Pi by Givenchy

the good: its vanilla big time. its longevity is that of roman gods. its not offensive.
the bad: its a frostier, cool vanilla. i much prefer warm. its not metallic, as some have said, but rather a poor wood.

i gave it a 3, and im being generous. this bottle will probably last me a couple years.
01st February, 2009