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Bois des Îles Eau de Parfum by Chanel

The refined, super beautiful version of Egoiste. You can try to be standoffish, but your defenses will be worn down quickly. Surrender, and proceed to being dazzled. There aren’t many others in this rarified league. Just go with it. Perfectly unisex, though at this level of price and presentation, asking is a sin. Wear and enjoy.
05th January, 2019

Arabian Nights by Jacques Bogart

Not nearly as intimidating as reviews make it sound, to me it wears a lot like Amouage Reflection Man, but at 1/10th of the cost, or maybe even less. If you’re reading this review it’s highly likely you know what you’re getting into with any Bogart fragrance. Arabian Nighrs delivers on the usual brand promise: loud, outrageous, fun, affordable, and actually a pretty interesting and wearable scent. Hard to argue with such a winning proposition.
12th December, 2018

Arabie by Serge Lutens

Classic Serge Lutens. . . fantasy concept, executed with style and panache. . . what’s not to love? As always, you’ll want to start with older stock. A solid investment for any fragrance fan. A perfectly warm, sweet, spicy fragrance, more Christmas morning than anything specifically Arabic, but why bicker about nomenclature? It’s lovely, distinctive, creative stuff. Extremely enjoyable. Not quite office-wear friendly. Otherwise safe, and lots of fun.
09th December, 2018
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Euphoria Gold Men by Calvin Klein

Yep — an actual good one, among an avalanche of not-so-hot product from the corporation that bought Calvin Klein’s name many years ago, and ran quality control into the ground.

Starts off kind of harsh. Be patient. As others have noted, the dry down is way above its pay grade. Bonus points for the current inexpensive price point. A very nice balance of warm, sweet, ambery, with a nice undertone of spice.

Maybe someday CK will reestablish itself as a bona fide leader in fragrance. Until then, you might run across a few good CKs. This is one of them. Buy now, while it’s still affordable, and in decent formulation.
08th December, 2018

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Now and then I’m down in the dumps, worried about the sad state of the world. Whenever that happens, Mitsouko is a perfect antidote. Art, history, culture, timeless style — all perfectly represented here. Just one or two sprays, and it’s like the feeling I get in fine art museums. You know you’re in the presence of genius. As with all fine arts, it’s likely to take some time to really figure out and “get” Mitsouko. Keep trying, it’s very much worth the effort. Highest recommendation.
25th July, 2018

Chamade pour Homme by Guerlain

Suppose you want to smell sophisticated, elegant, and French. What would your first choice be? Chamade Pour Homme presents itself at the front of the line. It’s so fine, so shockingly artistic, in the rarest of male-marketed fragrance genres — a masculine floral — it’s like stumbling through the fragrance looking glass. In the back of your mind you know that once upon a time there was a fragrant time and place where stuff like this was cause for celebration. Well surprise, it still is, especially among discerning fragrance aficionados. If you find it, jump on it ASAP, before it’s discontinued or reformulated. The current wood-framed edition is superb.
24th March, 2018 (last edited: 29th March, 2018)

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Easily among the all-time best bargains in fragrance. It’s amazingly well-blended. Even modern formulations retain a high degree of sophistication and style. Don’t be put off by its supposed “grandpa” or “too common” reputation. Just splash a little on for the sheer enjoyment. Don’t be surprised if women lean in a little closer to catch a whiff. Old Spice is widely regarded as a “daddy” fragrance. There are times when being perceived as daddy isn’t a bad thing at all. A soft vanilla/carnation scent, Old Spice would smell great on beautiful, confident women as well. It’s maybe the male-marketed equivalent of Chanel No. 5 in terms of worldwide fame and instant recognition. Old Spice, a well-worn pair of jeans, a flannel shirt. . . straight from iconic style heaven.
27th February, 2018

Rahät Loukoum by Serge Lutens

Notorious as a sweet candy bomb, with reviews so polarized that you know there's something really interesting going on. Rahat Loukoum is a kind of dare, along the lines of "bet you can't pull off this one." Well sure you can, if you love sweet almondy fragrances. This one moves to the head of that class via complexity and style. Various support notes, notably aldehydes and bitter almond, play in and out for hours, lending a much-needed air of playfulness and joy to a fragrance that easily could have veered into tragic overkill. Try to track down one of the older, smaller bottles. A tiny bit goes a very long way.
08th October, 2017 (last edited: 10th October, 2017)

Viking by Creed

Spicy, fresh, versatile, appropriate for a wide variety of situations. Wears well from initial application to final drydown. A bit of a stretch at its current premium price point. Recommended nonetheless to Creed fans. All others may want to approach a little more carefully. Overall, not a towering masterpiece -- nowhere near the league of, say, Vintage Tabarome, or a fine older bottle of Bois du Portugal -- but that's not really the point. Viking is more of a casual spray-and-go. On that count it performs nicely. Another winner from Creed.
11th September, 2017

Colonia Club by Acqua di Parma

An enjoyable, upmarket take on Proraso. There are far worse fragrance briefs. This one does the job quietly and competently. Enjoyable as an easy, versatile spray-and-go. Not among AdP's top-shelf masterpieces, but still lots of fun.
28th May, 2017

L'Homme Idéal Sport by Guerlain

If you're a fan of the original scent, and wear sport fragrances, you'll probably like this, too. Otherwise, no one would think of this as a Guerlain gateway drug.

Fine as a casual spray-and-go, but so far, every time I wear it, I end up wishing I'd applied the EdT instead. It's essentially the EdT version with aquatic fresh effects thrown over the top. The appealing cherry almond Play-doh effect is still there, but it comes out only in the late-middle and drydown.

L'Homme Ideal Sport won't be recruiting hoards of new Guerlain fans, but it probably will shift a few units in duty free. Grab a spray at the airport on the way to your next beach vacation. A safe choice for casual fun. You could do far worse in the sport fragrance field.
06th May, 2017

Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

Another impossibly beautiful Guerlain masterpiece. If you've made it this far into your Guerlain research, and you haven't sniffed Cuir Beluga yet, you still have at least one extreme treat to look forward to. At exactly the moment at which you've decided that Guerlain can't add anything new and pertinent to the vanilla/Guerlainade conversation, along comes Cuir Beluga to blow the doors wide open again. Layer in gorgeous suede/leather notes, with an extraordinarily beautiful powdery effect on top, a little heliotrope sheen in the middle, and you have another excuse to praise the gods of fragrance. Cuir Beluga is a bona fide masterpiece, one of Guerlain's crown jewels. High likelihood you'll fall in love. It's pretty irresistible. Don't overthink, just surrender to the loveliness of Cuir Beluga.
05th May, 2017 (last edited: 07th May, 2017)

Boy Chanel by Chanel

Love at first sniff, more appealing with each wear. Easily one of the best Chanels in many years. Boy Chanel exhibits an amazing light floral/lightly soapy/modern fougere accord, played out with high-quality ingredients that whisper refined taste and sophistication. Bravo to Chanel for pulling another rabbit out of the hat. Sheer fragrance magic. Perfectly unisex. Highest recommendation.
22nd March, 2017
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New-York by Nicolaï

I applied New York at noon, after the gym. Just one or two short sprays. Nine hours later, leaving a rock concert I was introduced to a nice young couple by a mutual friend. The gentleman of the couple got this kind of swoony look on his face and said, "[Mrcologneguy] smells like a man who knows what he wants and how to get it." No kidding, nine hours later. New York certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the best men's fragrances. Highly recommended.
07th February, 2017

Signature : Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla by Axe / Lynx

Bought it for £5 at Boots. You like boozy, dark vanilla fragrances, right? What are you waiting for? One of the best values of the year, and surprisingly good quality. Surpassed in bang for the buck only by Lynx Tobacco Amber. Buy both, and toss in the deodorants while you're at it.
26th November, 2016

Zizanie by Fragonard

Brilliant floral oriental, currently available at great prices. Don't think, just buy.
11th November, 2016

Urban : Cacao & Amber / Tobacco & Amber by Axe / Lynx

Highly recommended, even if it were 20 times the price. I picked it up for five pounds at Boots. It's seriously good stuff, a nice, sweet tobacco and amber combination that works stunningly well, especially considering the bargain price. If you're feeling particularly flush, go ahead and spend a few more pounds for the accompanying deodorant. A light all-day treat, and a favorite among the women in my life, too. Hard to argue with such a strong value proposition.
23rd October, 2016

Tonka Impériale by Guerlain

Delicious gourmand, with a deceptively complex structure. Repeat wears bring out incense, tobacco, rosemary. Of course, the ultra-rich and refined almond/tonka notes on top are the real star of the show.

Wear it only when you want beautiful, rich strangers to ask you to run away and live a life of luxury and indulgence together.

One of the most guaranteed sexy fragrances I've ever found. A sheer delight every time.
09th May, 2016

A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

A bit too close to Pure Malt, and not enough tonka. It's ok, worth checking out if you like others in this series. Top and middle worked well for me, the caramel-sugary effect mentioned in other reviews. The drydown turns kind of harsh and chemical-ish. Not my favorite in the line. Pure Havane is still my favorite of the A*Men flankers.
13th April, 2016

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

Guerlain Homme wrecked by an obnoxiously large dose of ISO E Super. Here's to hoping Guerlain never does that again. Really can't stand this one.
10th March, 2016

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

Very much like the original, but spicier and longer lasting. Not obnoxious in terms of projection and silage. Worth checking out if you like the original. Worth owning if you love it.
09th February, 2016

One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

You've found this page on BN. . . you most likely own and love One Man Show. . . and you don't own Gold Edition? What in the world are you waiting for? Incredibly rich, strong, and inexpensive. Seriously, stop reading right now and buy it already. If you like One Man Show, and other legendary powerhouses, you've come to the right place. Don't think, just buy.

Get OMS Ruby Edition while you're at it - a tad sweeter and spicier than Gold Edition, also worth your hard-earned chump change.

So pleased to find wildly outrageous and inexpensive scents like this on the market these days, when stores are flooded with bad, boring "safe" scents. Viva la outrage!
01st February, 2016

Royal English Leather by Creed

Reference leather fragrance. Superb quality, good investment value. Pounce on it. Even if you're not a fan of leather you'll be intrigued by a leather that's so well done. Likely that you can turn it at a handsome profit, if you can bear to part with it. I love it, Mrscologneguy isn't too keen on it. Too bad. I wear it with impunity. Best in freezing winter, but always a good choice if you're seeking a top-quality leather fix.
22nd January, 2016

Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

It's gorgeous. The best of Fahenheit, minus the annoying petrol note. Instead there's a beautiful vanilla drydown. I find Fahrenheit Parfume infinitely more wearable than the original. Better than the Absolute version, even. Glad I found it in duty free. Sampled it before an overnight flight. Sold by sunrise. Now available online at reasonable prices. If you're a fan of Dior Homme Parfum and Eau Sauvage Parfum, go ahead and complete the set with this entry. It's lovely stuff.
03rd August, 2015 (last edited: 04th August, 2015)

Island Life for Him by Tommy Bahama

Bad, boring garbage. Smells like a thousand other "fresh" fragrances. Pass.
16th July, 2015

L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

Sprang for a bottle in duty free. It's quite nice, with amazing longevity and complexity for something labeled cologne. Three sprays at 8a. Still going strong at 5p. The drydown smells a lot like L'Homme Ideal. The rest is a parade of various fresh effects, including the grapefruit molecule that's featured in the new version of Dior Homme Cologne. A dangerous example of the Molecule de Jour effect, though in this case it works. Glad I jumped on it. Good for the office on a hot summer day. Best summer flanker since M7 Fresh, IMO.
10th June, 2015

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Pleasant, sweet, almondy, women like it. Well-priced, and the bottle is good-looking. What's not to love? Don't overthink it, just enjoy. No, it is not on par with Guerlain masterpieces like Derby and Heritage. Still, it's a worthwhile addition to the collection. Surprisingly fun and fresh, more in the realm of (underrated) Guerlain Homme than the brand's legacy output. Not a bad thing when you're in the mood for a quick, modern, spray-and-go. It's highly versatile, safe for a wide variety of applications. Eventually L'Homme Ideal will find a passionate fan base on BN. Can't wait til we see threads about the "exquisite, rare, vintage formulation." Its amazing and quirky "cherry Pla-Doh" accord seems too good to last. Buy it before corporate bean counters dictate a cheaper, less interesting formulation.
04th April, 2015

Cedre Blanc by Creed

Plays well in comparison to the other Creed Acquas in in-store sniff tests, but ultimately it's done in by a shrill chemical undertone that emerges about ten minutes in. Shame, too. The opening is very nice. The middle and end are a real letdown. I keep trying to like it, but so far not so good. Kind of wish I'd gone for Vetiver Geranium instead as my first selection from this line. Guessing it might grow on me eventually, but in the meantime, there are other Acquas I'd recommend over this one.
21st November, 2014

Bay Rum Cologne No. 032 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

A beautiful, well-constructed bay rum. If you're even halfway interested in this genre it is a must buy. A perfect spicy fragrance for chilly weather wear. Jump on it.
06th November, 2014 (last edited: 15th November, 2014)

That Man by Revlon

A masculine classic from 1958, similar in spirit to ultra-rare Woodhue For Men. No kidding, it also reminds me of vintage, pricey Patou Pour Homme. Still can't figure out why this isn't a massive BN favorite, especially at current affordable prices. Warm, woody, ambery, a nice shot of oak moss. It's from a long lost time and place when men could go into a drugstore, spend less than $10, and come out with a very nice, high quality scent. Old Spice is the only remaining scent in that price/value range. If you love vintage fragrances, especially men's classics from the '50s-'60s, That Man is a must buy.
28th May, 2014