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Gucci pour Homme (original) by Gucci

A clean, classy fragrance. Light and not overpowering. Still one of my all time favorites. Wish they would re-release it if only for a limited run.
09th January, 2005

Tailoring by Clinique

I had totally forgotten about this fragrance. I purchased it because I had used Aromatics Elixir for a while and was glad to know that Clinique had released a men's cologne. I still have some left (somewhere, packed away in a box). Hm-mm-mm...I'm curious again...I'll have to dig it out!
13th August, 2001

Rocabar by Hermès

The fragrance lasts and lasts (at least on me). I always seem to smell it on something in my room, on a shirt in my closet or something I've touched. It's a quite unique and pleasant fragrance.
09th August, 2001
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Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

'Voleur de Roses' is listed as a male or female fragrance...I love it. Very good quality. It doesn't smell feminine or perfumy at all. It releases wonderful, masculine woody notes throughout the day,(IF you like those...).
08th August, 2001

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Every now and then I get a whiff of someones 'Polo' does smell great (for a change of pace) As a matter of fact, I think (about a couple years ago) I purchased a bottle after I had encountered a gentleman who was wearing it. It smells pretty good and it reminds me too, of the less stressful times of my youth!
02nd January, 2001

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

I first smelled 'Curve' on a co-worker about three years ago and I too had to have some. I love the way it smells. I dress business casual to work and many times I'll wear my shirts two days before I throw them down the chute. I smell 'Curve' in my closet, in my bathroom, even in the basement (in the laundry basket) I can always detect that distinctive note. 'Curve' smells good on me (and to me) and I know it does 'cause I get compliments and comments by both male and female.
I always know when I wear 'Curve' folks will tell me all day how good I smell. After all, isn't that what we want? Don't we want to turn people on with our fragrance? Sure we do. Are you sure it doesn't have some pheromones in it? Whenever I smell it, it kinda makes me want to...well, let's say it works. Strange though, even though it is very popular, I don't smell it too often. I'll always wear 'Curve' (even though I love'Vetiver' by Guerlain and 'Black Jeans' by Versace). When I get out of the shower, I use the massage oil all over (I have dry skin), then I use the deodorant on all heavy perspiration areas (it makes your stuff smell good);^) and finally I spray cologne on my neck, behind my ears, and around my hairline. By that time I am reeking (that's right!) and smellin' damn good.
24th December, 2000

Black Jeans by Versace

It is very subtle, and just when you think it had faded, it exudes a very unique fragrance. Andrew [from the basenotes forum] recommended it, and I, without any hesitation bought a bottle. Am I glad or what? I have received several compliments by male and female. It is not an overpowering and *in your face* type of fragrance. Very suitable for an office environment and also (which is important to me) not something that everyone else is wearing.
20th December, 2000

Aramis by Aramis

My father used to wear 'Aramis' all of the time. It must have been his signature scent. Everything about him had that fragrance. Now whenever I smell 'Aramis', I think of him. I bought a bottle a couple years ago and it seemed to be the same. I wear it occaisionally and someone gave me a gift set a few Christmases ago. The deodorant, shower gel, and body products all help to make that great fragrance last and last. I just might pull out my bottle now and feature it for a while.
16th December, 2000

Coriolan by Guerlain

I have tried CORIOLAN and it smells very good, especially after it 'wears down' and your pores start to release the fragrance later during the day. It's unique and different, unlike many of the 'new' fragrances that have been introduced (many smell so similar, that you can't distinguish one from another) Just today, I have had several people say, " smell good...what kind of cologne is that?" Even if you use 'a little too much', it is not over bearing.
17th October, 2000