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TL pour Lui by Ted Lapidus

My first impression on wearing this scent was the waft of fine,light,flower petals.

Couldn't help but notice positive reactions the moment I put the scent on. As attractive as the scent is, its more for the office/theatre than the nightclubs.
18th October, 2005

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

One of the best scents I've ever worn.

Word of advice, don't eat chocolate 24 hours before wearing the scent (chocolate affects skin chemistry in a negative way for the scent) and always try to get a brand new bottle (production codes are at the bottom of the packaging, cross check them between different stores. My 2nd bottle was 3 years older than my first one :\ and it showed)

When worn right, the perfume smells like pure unadulterated luxury. A very attractive blend of Ambergris and Musk with a touch of vetiver, orange and saffron.
18th October, 2005

Aramis Life by Aramis

Gotta agree with CIndy, this perfume is excellent and DOES atract attention from the opposite sex.
Agassi got the taste that I respect :D
01st November, 2004
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