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Moschino Couture! by Moschino

This left an impression on me when I first tried it in the store... and not a good one (I thought). Too much like tart candy, but then there was something about it that brought me back. That's usually how it works for me. I have to be hit over the head with something that leaves a big question mark, and want to come back to it. When I did, I ended up buying the larger bottle. It's true, it's staying power is light-- but then my husband says he smells it on me when I say good-bye in the morning, and says he still smells it on me when I get home.
It's spicy, with the pepper notes, and sweet with the jasmine.. and I think it's the cedar at the base that lingers longest, perhaps...
26th February, 2006

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

The first fragrance I thought truly fit me. Like Hello Kitty but also with a serious side... sweet and elegant, and more complex than the first whiff would indicate... I love the strawberry in this, and keeping the sweetness all the way down to the basenotes with the praline and almond is wonderful... and I agree with calchic, a little goes a long way with this one, which is just right.
26th February, 2006