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Black by Bulgari

I've been wearing this for the last couple of days. I caught a whiff when I opened up the decant, and OMG tar. I don't even know what compelled me to put some on my wrist, because I was completely revolted. On my body, it's actually fairly sweet- in a warm way. I like it, it's dark and sexy. Very unique as well. I'm going to test it out on my husband to be certain, but I just don't see how anyone could pull this off as unisex. It's way too sweet and feminine. Kind of a dark, sadistic vanilla.
22nd January, 2009

Onyx by Sage Machado

I love this fragrance. It's sweet, yet smoky. Light, but unmistakeably sensual. To me, it feels "older", like something my grandma would wear when she was my age- before a night out on the town with someone special. (Not that it smells like older perfumes, it's just an impression I get.) Because of that, it gives me a sophisticated feeling. Slightly more sillage than Pearl (my other Sage Machado love), but still only discernible by those with whom you become up close and personal. Wearing this fragrance definitely gets me feeling ready for some closeness with others.
11th January, 2009

Pearl by Sage Machado

I love the smell, it's so soft and inviting. My only complaint (seemingly with the entire Sage Machado collection) is the complete lack of sillage. I would hate to walk around leaving a cloud of stink in my wake, but to spend $60+ on a fragrance that only I (and others with which I am in -extremely- personal situations) can enjoy is such a waste- especially since I smell so delicious when sporting this frag. On the plus side, since it stay so close to the skin- it's one of my few "favorites" that can be pulled off at the office or in a crowded place. It's good to have a "safety" perfume that could NEVER possibly offend anyone.
11th January, 2009
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Angel by Thierry Mugler

Patchouli! Wow! If I sniff the bottle, I can discern the other (sweeter, better, more desirable) notes- but when I put it on I reek of patchouli. All day. The scent doesn't change on me, it just slowly fades away to nothing. I gave it to a patchouli-loving friend of mine. She's enamored- I'm disappointed.
11th January, 2009

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

If I sit with my nose pressed against my wrist, I can smell the potential- but when I wear this it's like I'm a gigantic walking clove leaf. It's very distinctive, and I wouldn't call it strictly "feminine" until it's been worn for about 30 minutes and a teensy bit of the clove has worn off. Though it doesn't work with me, so I wouldn't wear it out- I occasionally give myself a squirt when I'm sure I'll be home all day because it's reminiscent of something in my past that I can't pinpoint, but I find cozy and comforting.
11th January, 2009