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Giselle by Carla Fracci

Why hasn't anyone written a review of this yet? It's a gorgeous fragrance! Quietly sexy with minimal sillage, it lasts a good 6-8 hours on me. I get the most wonderful combination of honey, vanilla and caramel but it doesn't smell foodie in the least. At a recent wedding, what with all of the hugging with old friends, I had numerous people tell me how fantastic I smelled. My full bottle is almost gone and I'll definitely buy a second.
25th June, 2009

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent by Estée Lauder

This is what you wear when you want to remember that fabulous beach vacation any time. The afternoons spent walking the beach, swimming in the surf, napping in the sun. A wonderful fragrance with the ability to transport you to the beach immediately. On me, it stays close to the skin which is OK because I seem to do the wrist-to-the-nose quite often. I'll keep this on hand for as long as it's available. Love this one!
21st April, 2009

California by Dana

I originally received this in a Christmas grab bag and thought big deal. But one summer day I decided to spritz some on and much to my suprise, it wasn't too bad! It's fresh, light and a bit powdery and, yes a little arrtificial. But it's uplifting as well and certainly something that can be worn in warmer weather. It isn't my first choice, but I do fine myself reaching for it now and then. More often than not I'll get a compliment! Haven't bought a bottle for myself but it's rather inexpensive so I just MIGHT "splurge" on a cheap thrill!
21st April, 2009
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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Dior Homme certainly has enough ratings that adding my 2 cents will not sway anyone. But to any woman who wonders if this is really wearable for her, YES YES YES!

The beginning is just OK. And then slowly here it comes and bam! -- there it is but it never goes beyond a loud whisper. It's soft, gentle. And yet it's what I think of as a deep fragrance. My nose has no idea what the individual notes are and I don't really care to know. It's the overall affect that interests me the most and I can't seem to get enough of this one.

This is the only men's fragrance (and I've tried a bunch) I enjoyed enough to purchase. And then I went for the 3.4 oz size since I can't seem to get enough.
07th February, 2009

Songes by Annick Goutal

Songes was the first AG fragrance I felt compelled to purchase. From the moment it hits my skin, I love every nuance. Starts out so heavenly and gets better as time goes on. Recently, I worked with several other women on a project in close quarters. We had to learn over and past each other. Each woman commented on great I smelled and asked what I was wearing. One kept coming over asking for "a hit". A delightful combination!
15th January, 2009

Broadway Nite by Bond No. 9

I so want to love this fragrance but I don't. On my skin it is not pleasant in the least. Spent the entire day thinking, "What's that smell?" Then realizing oh, it's me. My nose is untrained so I can't tell you why it was so awful. I just know the overall scent was quite unpleasant and have taken this off my "possible" list.
15th January, 2009