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Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford

At no time should a fragrance smell like plastic. Initial opening is plastic mixed with some floral which the plastic scent is giving me a headache. Other Tom Ford frag like cafe rose, jasmin rouge and square bottles etc are amazing, but the ones that are similar to this bottle just isn't working.

Time tested: winter
Point: 2/10 (the 2 points are for creativity and the courage to market plastic scent).
14th January, 2017

Tangier Vanille by Aerin

Being an vanilla fan and own many vanilla scents, had a high hope for this bottle until first try. It was an OMG experience how unpleasant a powdery scent it can be? It smelled as if someone sprinkled baby powder and sweat for over night. Totally horrified and absolutely no hints of vanilla at all.
09th January, 2017

Gucci Flora by Gucci

Opening with a lot of citrus, half mandarin half lemony with peony. Personally love citrus and big fan of peony, but not loving the whole combination in this bottle. Impression was lemony and leather like on my skin.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: yellow and black.

Silage: 3/10, very weak.
04th January, 2017
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Passiflora by Nest

Absolutely gorgeous! Sweet fresh flower bouquet at opening and about 10 minutes the aquatic and green notes come in with lily of valley. I'm glad the base is not vanilla/musk/Amber, there are just too many sweet floral fragrance out there that uses the especially musk which makes it very generic. It is such a fun and feminine scent, will recommend it and consider purchase it.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: hot pink and light pink, green.
Words I think of: Mardi Gras, rainbow in Amazon.
Suits Season/time: spring, day and evening.
Suitable age: early 20's to late 30's.
01st January, 2017

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming by Christian Dior

Very sweet, candy like and sticky. The berry has moderately synthetic touch to it. It's very candy like blends with floral. After 10 minutes the candy like sweetness lesson and some miss Dior Cherie heart notes appear.

Time tested: winter, on skin.
Colors I think of: hot pink, baby pink.
Words I think of: candy shop, synthetic flowers.
Suitable age (objective): late teens to early 30's.
Suitable time: summer, day and night.
Rating: 6.3/10
28th December, 2016

Clean Rain by Clean

Very clean and soapy as if you just showered. Sweet, dewy and aquatic, most dominant notes are melon followed by water lily. the name Clean rain really suits this fragrance well.

Time tested: winter, on skin.
Colors I think of: green.
Words I think of: fresh, free spirit.
Best use in: spring, summer, day time.
Suitable Age (objective): 20-40.
Rating: 7.8/10
28th December, 2016

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

Nice soapy floral scent, semi strong. No citrus opening, subtle dry down.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: cream blue/green
Words I think of: fresh shower, garden
Age suitable (objective): 25-40
Rating: 6.8/10
27th December, 2016

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Smells like real rose, like the dried roses, not the fresh roses. The freshness comes from bergamot. It is sweet floral, not ol' lady type of rose. This floral scent is very light and soothing. may need to be close to smell it.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: red, orange.
Words I think of: genuine, Pure,
Season: spring, summer, day, night.
Rating: 8.2/10
27th December, 2016

Clean Skin by Clean

Clean, fresh, as if you just showered. Few minutes later is nice and soapy, not the cheap soap type. Also reminds me of some linen scent air freshener, an inoffensive fresh scent that suits for both men and women.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: blue
Words I think of: water, shower, linen, soap.
Impression: clean shower scent that sits close to skin.
Season: all seasons, day time use.
Rating: 7.9/10
27th December, 2016

Mmmm… by Juliette Has a Gun

Didn't detect flowers, rather it is aldehyde and some non sweet vanilla and some powdery notes. Don't really enjoy this scent, it's like a skin scent than perfume. It's not a scent that make you feel sexy or pretty, it's also not a skin scent that gives you a statement or stand out. It's just a subtle scent stay close to skin, but something in it is giving me a headache.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: brown
Words I think of: subtle, conservative, cold.
Season: fall, winter, night time.
Age suitable (objective): all ages.
27th December, 2016

Grapefruit by Nest

Smelled from candle instead of perfume spray and got hooked from it. It is the very refreshing grapefruit opening with aquatic notes and white floral. I think this scent is very special because the quality in the aquatic notes differs from the rest. It is the expensive type.

Colors I think of: yellow, blue
Words I think of: elegant, refreshing, expensive.
Season: spring, summer.
Impression: very high quality citric marine type, may be unisex but more on feminine side.
Suitable age (objective): 25+
26th December, 2016

Midnight Fleur by Nest

Strong powdery at opening. Reminds me of angel but difference is angel mixes heavily with pachuli, midnight fleur is mixed with floral. I like angel a lot but the patchouli on my skin is very masculine but MF is more feminine. Also angel's vanilla is more gourmand like, MF is the non gourmand type of vanilla.

Colors I think of: blue, gold.
Words I think of: red carpet, cinderella's castle, power, wealth.
Impression: very strong, 1 spritz is enough to fill the room and will use conservatively if in office.
Suitable age (objective): 25+
Rating: 9.2/10
26th December, 2016

Omnia Indian Garnet by Bulgari

It has the omnia base scent with faint of mandarin at opening. Slight powdery base, light fragrance and inoffensive.

Color I think of: white, orange
Words I think of: mature, conservative
Suitable age: 30's and up.
Impression: unisex
Rating: 6.8/10
26th December, 2016
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10 Crosby Afloat by Derek Lam

Very floral with some fruit at opening, no detection of powdery. Not bad but generic, like many perfume found in drug store.

Color I think of: green, orange
Words I think of: bright
Suitable age (objective): 25+
Rating: 6.6/10
26th December, 2016

Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Semi gourmet powdery vanilla floral scent, not so much of wood, rather it is more edible scent than woods which is good because Woods makes me think of masculine or old lady like, not a fan. It is somewhat edible yet not bakery type. It's like having a nice floral and the powdery comes from semi edible cookies.

Colors I think of: white, pink
Words I think of: Bouquet and cookies, sweet plums with cup cakes.
Age suitable (objective): teens to mid 20's.
Suitable Time: fall/winter, evening, casual.
Rating: 7/10.
25th December, 2016

Air di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

The opening was aquatic rather than salt on my skin, which i love aquatic notes and don't mind the missing salt. The peony mixes with pachuli gives a feminine touch to this fragrance. On drying down it gives some muscular impression or unisex.
Overall impression: great fragrance but not for winter. I tested it in winter time, since this fragrance suits better for warmer weather, maybe I'll give another try in summer.

Colors I think of: blue, yellow, green, white.
Words I think of: beach, summer, cotton, shower fresh.
Suitable age (objective): 20-35.
24th December, 2016 (last edited: 25th December, 2016)

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Jasmine? Where are you? Very faint floral top note quickly cashmere and woods came in and turns sour type of woods.

Not your typical floral or wood scent, I like sweet, floral, fruity, aquatic, cream, vanilla type of scent and Alien is not those. If you're a non fruity floral vanilla fan try this one.

Color I think of: dark green, black, dark purple.
Words I think of: mature, elegant, serious business.
Suitable age (objective): 45+
24th December, 2016

Love Relentlessly by Tory Burch

Opening with burst of fruit juice followed by sweet rose, no detection of iris. Base notes soft sandalwood no detection of vetiver, I don't like vetiver at all so it's a good thing.

Overall impression: sweet juice with soft fresh floral, it is a nice fruity floral scent but it is a prevalent scent. Suitable for casual and weekend day time use, not suitable for office or serious business.

Colors I think of: bright yellow, medium-dark pink.
Words I think of: spring tropical, garden with fruit punch, chic, fun.
Age suitable (objective): teens, early 20's.
24th December, 2016

Yellow Diamond by Versace

Opening with bergamot ONLY, no detection of other top notes. It is very citrus almost fresh lemon like. 10 minutes later is freesia and expired lemon peel, unpleasant way. Another 10 minutes, mimosa is more dominant, freesia and expired lemon peel disappeared, Base notes consist of musk rather than woods.

Overall impression: very refreshing, but need to wait 10 minutes later for the expired lemon peel to disappear.

Color I think of: bright yellow, orange, white.
Words I think of: lemon, orange, fruity cocktail.
Suitable age (objective): Teen to 40's.

24th December, 2016

Bright Crystal by Versace

Sweet and very fruity, the scent is found in many of perfumes that targets teens and early 20's crowd. It is a very pleasant yuzu dominant opening, heart notes of peony and magnolia mix, no detection of lotus. No detection of base notes on my skin.

Although this is a very young scent, sweet and fruity, it is non cloying and it is very refreshing. It would be a great summer scent, but not so much for office use or conservative type of business.

Color I think of: baby pink, light yellow
words I think of: young, fun, chic.
suitable age (objective): late teens, early and mid 20's.
24th December, 2016

Eros pour Femme by Versace

Overall very fresh, sweet and light floral mix. Opening with light lemon and more pomegranate, sweet type. Heart notes of Jasmine sambac is more dominant. Basenotes presents a pleasant sandalwood.

All in all, it is a very feminine fragrance, but the heart notes is very generic, no creativity. It is great for starters who like jasmine with sweet fruity top notes.

Color I think of: dark purple and yellow
words I think of: chic, fun, energizing.
suitable age (objective): early 20's
24th December, 2016

Vanille Absolument / Havana Vanille by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Opening of rum and very faint of vanilla. 10 minutes later rum has lesson and vanilla became more apparent, but it still smells like a old perfume. It is very unisex at the beginning, after 15 minutes becomes more feminine, but old lady like.
24th December, 2016

Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne

The heart notes gives me the impression of a very expensive version of Scrubbing Bubbles (bathroom cleaner). When it is sprayed initially, you get bergamot and a very dark rose, the rose is somewhat rose and incense type, not your fresh garden rose. About 10 minutes later, there are sweet incense type of floral scent mixed with the scent of scrubbing bubbles, that clean smell when you clean shower room. It doesn't smell bad, it is very very clean and subtle floral with incense. It didn't work for me solely because I like feminine fragrances more than unisex. Also I'm not a fan of incense at all.
24th December, 2016

Anyway by Juliette Has a Gun

Hahaha at above comment that this should be named "Whatever" don't we need a laugh after all.

It' doesn't smell like a fragrance but gives some scent to work with your body chemistry, I guess it suits with people who doesn't like perfume. It is definitely not a feminm scent if you want to rock a "sexy" impression. It smells like lime with black rubber tire with a tad of incense. Heart note (black rubber to me) has a very synthetic smell to it that is giving my head uncomfort feeling but not yet headache because it's very light. If stronger maybe will give me a headache.
14th December, 2016

Sì by Giorgio Armani

Very warm, sweet, powdery floral. Very popular oriental floral that you definitely smelled somewhere before. Floral but No fresh floral Detected. Can relate to many Armani fragrance because many are light citrus opening followed by light floral mixed with powdery and vanilla. when top notes fades in few minutes I can smell similarities of M by Mariah Carey and many commonality in other fragrances.

Conclusion: nice soft oriental floral yet very generic.

When I smell this fragrance...
Color I think of: caramel
Words I think of: casual, subtle, warm, sweet-powder-floral-mix.
Age that I think suits: 20-35
I find it similar in: M by Mariah Carey
Will buy it? No

fragrance house I like (if helps to know my above review):
YSL (spring fragrance, cinema) Chloe (I have all) Tom ford (rose cafe, jasmin) Keiko mecheri (jasmin), jo Malone (peony&leather, nectarine), Le Labo (vanilla), annick goutal (vanilla absolute, jasmin tea), Kai, Chanel (chance, coco, coco mademoiselle, allure, allure sensual, #5, #19), Jill Stuart (almost all), Loccitane (bergamot&chasm in), Michael kors (island).

14th December, 2016

Peony by L'Occitane

Just fresh roses, peony and a tad of sandalwood. PMy skin isn't picking up the top notes and majority of base notes. This fragrance is Very fresh, clean and feminine. Smells pleasant also very comfortable to the nostril, naybe because it's mostly natural composition? I like many types of rose scent and this is my top 3.

Sweetness: 7.8/10 (perfect sweetness for me)
Color I think of: medium non-bright hot pink
Season I'd use: spring/summer
Buy again? Yes. EDT because it's fresh and less spice. (EDP is different base notes)

Fragrances I like: Chloe de roses, bulgari pour femme rose, Tom ford cafe rose, keiko mecheri jasmin, Le Labo vanilla, Jo Malone peony, Loccitane jasmin & bergamot, YSL Paris premiere rose, shower fresh & fresh laundry by Clean etc. (I like non rose scents too!)

Scents I dislike: musk, heavy patchouli, incense, candy type, old lady type.

Scents I like: vanilla, sandalwood, rose, jasmin, semi-sweet fruity, semi-sweet floral.
27th November, 2016

David Yurman Eau de Parfum by David Yurman

This top note makes me want to vomit! This outrageous scent drives me crazy! How can anyone in world create a piece of junk like this? It is like the vomit on top of a lipstick. What a shame! The bottle is heavenly elegant and the content is devilishly disgusting!
25th November, 2008

Marina by Mazzolari

Have you tried Kenneth Cole Reaction for Woman? If the answer is Yes than you've tried Mazzolari Marina. At first I was really excited when I first tried it, until I smelled a friend who's wearing Reaction lotion, than realized it is an identical fragrance. What a disappointment for a boutique frag that duplicates a mass marketing product.
25th November, 2008

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I suspected that my nose might have been burnt off because I smell nothing but aqua. Maybe someone poured pure mineral oil into this bottle?
25th November, 2008

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

This is not an ordinary perfume. Not everyone could wear it. In fact, it has been tough on me because it is hard to wear. I have been trying to like it, and it actually has gotten better each time.

At first, it is a strong, weird rubbery smell, a really really weired rubber plus some powder.
Second time was a little milder than first. It was more like a minty powdery with some weired floral; every notes seems to be more settle.

For some reason, it just seem to get better and I can't describe this mysterious master piece.
I've just bought a sample and will try everyday this week, and I hope my verdict will raise my next review from neutral to thumbs up.
25th November, 2008