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David Yurman Eau de Parfum by David Yurman

This top note makes me want to vomit! This outrageous scent drives me crazy! How can anyone in world create a piece of junk like this? It is like the vomit on top of a lipstick. What a shame! The bottle is heavenly elegant and the content is devilishly disgusting!
25th November, 2008

Marina by Mazzolari

Have you tried Kenneth Cole Reaction for Woman? If the answer is Yes than you've tried Mazzolari Marina. At first I was really excited when I first tried it, until I smelled a friend who's wearing Reaction lotion, than realized it is an identical fragrance. What a disappointment for a boutique frag that duplicates a mass marketing product.
25th November, 2008

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I suspected that my nose might have been burnt off because I smell nothing but aqua. Maybe someone poured pure mineral oil into this bottle?
25th November, 2008
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White Patchouli by Tom Ford

This is not an ordinary perfume. Not everyone could wear it. In fact, it has been tough on me because it is hard to wear. I have been trying to like it, and it actually has gotten better each time.

At first, it is a strong, weird rubbery smell, a really really weired rubber plus some powder.
Second time was a little milder than first. It was more like a minty powdery with some weired floral; every notes seems to be more settle.

For some reason, it just seem to get better and I can't describe this mysterious master piece.
I've just bought a sample and will try everyday this week, and I hope my verdict will raise my next review from neutral to thumbs up.
25th November, 2008

Vanille Coco by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This is a great summer fragrance at first. It is chocolate rather than coconut.

One day it turned into a unpleasant vanilla rubber tire. It is like Pink Sugar by Aqualina. Both has a calender; if it isn't the right season, it turns from a delicious vanilla choco pie into vanilla rubber band.

I prefer Vanille Extreme, Vanille Apricot or the plain Vanille Passion. (At least they don't play much of attitudes with the calender.)
25th November, 2008

Paris Roses des Vergers by Yves Saint Laurent

This is also my second favorite of Paris Springtime. This give a little more "modern" over the traditional. It is very sweet (not foody) the pear kicks in, but leaves adequate of aquatic (which I don't know it comes from) notes blends with roses. If you like pear then get this, if not, get Bois des Roses.
23rd November, 2008

Paris Jardins Romantiques by Yves Saint Laurent

All Paris springtime fragrance smells identical after 10 minutes. All do not last long. Needs continuous re-apply every 30 minutes or so.
23rd November, 2008

Paris Roses Enchantées by Yves Saint Laurent

My second favorite of Paris Springtime. It opens with violet which I like but again, along with my other Paris review I repeat, they dry down very very similar almost identical. I still like my Paris Bois de Roses the best. It is just more springtime with fresh roses.
23rd November, 2008

Paris Premières Roses by Yves Saint Laurent

Smells like blends of fresh roses and half dried rose petal which I do not like. All Paris springtime fragrances smells identical after 10 minutes and needs to re-apply every 30 minutes. I own Paris Bois de Roses which is my favorite because it is more spring time to me with fresh roses only. (Yes, after 10 minutes it smells the same to the rest of them, sadly to say)
14th November, 2008 (last edited: 23rd November, 2008)

Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe

I applied Mare to myself which I realize this is a men's cologne which I do not like it on me!

However, I think this is a great scent for female olfactory, because I think Mare would smell sexy on a man.

As far as the perfume goes, the floral do not appear on my skin, rather the clean sea salt and a crisp avocado. I do not detect ginger lily.

I tried this perfume in winter 08. I think this fragrance works better in summer. I will try again summer 09.
13th November, 2008

Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company

Smells a little old. It is suitable for mid thirties and up. Jasmin de Nuit does not have much of jasmine in it. Maybe on the dry down, there's a hint of jasmine.
It is a nice blended sweet floral with spices, cinnamon and a nice sandalwood that makes it powdery for the base notes. Really feminine. I give 3-4 out of 5 stars for longitivity.
12th November, 2008

To Twirl All Girly by Pilar and Lucy

What a strong scent! This Eau De Parfum has the strength like parfum oil.

At opening is strong.... I can't tell what is it because if I had to get closer to the parfum I will get a headache. I waited 5 minutes for the top note to settle. What I got is a beautiful sweet, peachy, vanilla, gardenia blend of a fun, sexy fragrance.

Inspired by the classic photo of Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate with her billowing skirt, this scent is the essence of fun, flirtation and effortless glamour. Seductive, but soft. (
12th November, 2008

Shanghai Butterfly by Nanette Lepore

It is a nice fragrance except it smells like a duplicate version of Light Blue. Light Blue has grapefruit through from top to the heart notes. Shanghai Butterfly (SB) has less citrus opening. When both merge to the heart notes, it is almost identical except Light Blue is cleaner and crispier, and SB is sweeter and slightly intense in floral. Lasting power is similar for both perfume on my skin.

SB will still receive thumbs up because it is a nice fragrance.
10th November, 2008
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Daisy by Marc Jacobs

It's weired because I detect citrus "apple" in the opening. Than turns into soft floral, and then powdery at the end. It's a fun fragrance, and it's best use in summer days.
09th November, 2008

Nanette Lepore by Nanette Lepore

At first glance I thought it is one of those ordinary fragrance. As it progress to the heart note, it has become very aquatic which I love. Think about Aqua and Pink combo. It's a fun perfume!
09th November, 2008

Acqua di Sale by Profumum

I wished some cucumber was even in my skin. 100% Licorice or, the Chinese analgesic oil, or the Chinese bug repellent. I guess I'm not as disappointed than some of you because unisex rarely work for my chemistry.
09th November, 2008

Jewels of Blu by Miriam Mirani - Aqaba

Jewels of Blu is so beautiful. If you love aldehyde like No. 5, Touch by Burbury, Gucci Rush, than you would love this fragrance.

Very feminine. The opening is sweet, the heart is sweet and very aquatic, and the basenotes are subtle vanilla. I didn't detect patchouli on my skin. Highly recommended for those of you like sweet scent.
09th November, 2008

Vanilia by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The vanilla note in this bottle is non gourmand typed, also smells old. Reminds me of the Susanne Lang's fragrances, that three key elements have become one. It's mono scented. Nothing exciting, rather boring. It smells old on my skin.
09th November, 2008

Angel by Thierry Mugler

What a surprise with such exotic sweet whose untamed and wild scent. The feeling of sexiness and compliments when you wear Angel is heavenly. It opens with a powdery white chocolates, and quickly melts into honey, and ends with light musky.

I love everything about Angel except the base note bergamot which smells exactly like Musk by Coty. It gives me goosebumps. I'm glad the "musk" is easily vanish when I reapply the parfum.

I think this parfum can be unisex sometime depend on weather or season. One morning I applied and smells great as usual, but the same day afternoon when I reapplied again, I got powdery man's cologne.
09th November, 2008

Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

What a elegant scent! The violet opening with rose and jasmine to powdery is totally loving. Very feminine. Suitable for night and office use.

This scent also reminds me of the "cards" I used to collect when young, The Sailer's Girl I think this is the name. All the cards are scented and smells exactly like Bvlgari Pour Femme. Brings me good memories!
09th November, 2008

Trouble by Boucheron

Trouble smells almost identical to Cinema by YSL. Smells luxurious, and expensive. There are a lot of things going on in this perfume. This complexity is preferred for winter or night use.

The opening is soft fruity-floral, like cutting a fresh pineapple with a dozen of flowers next to it. Next, the middle note is soft floral that symbolizes feminism. Lastly, the warm vanilla leaves your skin subtle and sweet as a base note.
15th October, 2008 (last edited: 29th June, 2014)

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

The licorice notes in Jasmin Noir has the lead. I like sweet/powdery/floral/oriental fragrances. Now I'd like to move to less sweeter scent. I love the Viole de Jasmin, but it lasts 60 seconds and it's time to re-apply.

When Jasmin Noir came out just this month, I thought it is a intense version of Viole de Jasmin. Boy I was wrong, because this smells like... here's the formula: Raid + hint of dry mossy wood = Jasmin Noir. I find Bvlgari's fragrances smells luxurious, feminine and I love them. I own a couple of them such as Pour Femme, Rose Essential, and was hoping Noir would add to my wardrope.

Maybe I need to give a try for few times.

*let me add some side note*
My gal friend has once mistakenly sprayed "hair spray" (she thought was hair spray) and it was "Raid" that she had picked up! I didn't get to see her that particular day, but I think she might smell like Noir that day!
12th October, 2008 (last edited: 15th October, 2008)

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Try the eau de parfum of this version because it smells more delicate than eau de toilette version. EDT seems to have a note missing, unlike the EDP has complex notes. EDT gives me headache EVERYTIME I use it.
12th October, 2008

Candie's by Candie's

Can a perfume smell any cheaper than this? It can smell unisex sometimes.
12th October, 2008

Touch for Women by Burberry

The aldehyde note is similar to Jewels of Blu, Gucci Rush and No. 5. So if you like the above mentioned perfume, you should give a try. I think this is feminine but I'm not a big fan of aldehyde as of now; am working on it.
12th October, 2008

Burberry for Women by Burberry

The musk in this perfume is so disgusting and its so powerful I can't even take it off even after showering myself.
12th October, 2008

Vanilla Champagne by Susanne Lang

Do you love Chanel No.5? Do you adore Gucci No. 2? Are you that aldehyde fanatic? If the answers are yes, you may love this. This feminine fragrant is almost suducing, men would crash over..WARNING: Men may follow this scent! Another master piece S.L. created is almost unbeLOVable. Good for office and fancy night out! Only I had to give this fragrance neutral because the aldehyde is almost synthetically plasty and makes me dizzy. I might try another month and see.
30th October, 2007

Lotus Blossom by Susanne Lang

Light scent. Mild and lotus and feminine neutral powdery.. Very well blended, hints of euphoria minus the opening and the finishing. It's so well blended that I can't smell any top notes or base notes. It's a really nice fragrant to layring with something that give more characteristics.
30th October, 2007

Cashmere by Susanne Lang

Do you adore Cashmere mist by Donna Karen? Do you like L'air du temps by Nina Ricci? It's almost similar, so feminine and powdery. With many S.L.'s fragrance, I do not smell much of the opening and finishing notes. Her fragrance is so well blended, a amusing middle notes. Either wearing it alone or layering is just perfect! A neutral thumb is giving due to my BF's complaint that I smell like an elder lady..
30th October, 2007

Vanilla Coconut by Susanne Lang

Just who created this wonderful scent? Thanks to S.L. This total femme fragrance is a master piece of light, femme and pleasant powdery with hints of milky cream. Very well blended to each other where it does not smell like Vanilla AND Coconut, instead it just blends together. That hints of vanilla, powder, creamy..all in one. Couple of S.L. fragrance that I noticed that her fragrance is so well blended, I had hard time figure out the top and base notes. Smells like middle note only. Master piece; if you adore semi sweet fragrant.
30th October, 2007