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Gendarme V by Gendarme

Gen V is far more sophisticated than the original - I keep sniffing my collar and think I may just have finally found my "signature scent". It's gentle, clean, green, unique, pleasant and sexy. The secret to this scent is the masterful blend of citrus over a "polite" base of base vetiver and tonka bean. Citrus top notes fly off in the majority of formulations leaving a heavy handed base to mope around and keep any remaining top notes firmly under their thumb. But the lemonbalm middle freshens for a long time, and stands up to the the vetiver-tonka duo which could easily dominate. But Gendarme has chosen to a pair of gentlemen for a proper base, not a couple of bruisers who throw their weight around. To make up for their polished nature, basil rounds out the base nicely, so smoothly blended in, you have to whiff deeply and use fine discression to separate any one of the three. A perfect acccord. The middle notes are played by another virtuoso trio. Reviews quote a "sweeter than Gendarme original" reflection, resulting from the floral ylang ylang. The sweetness of a wild flower is perfectly tamed by a domesticated civet, or is it the other way around? A wild civet adds the necessary masculine note to balance a sensuous woman who would otherwise attract all the attention. Either way, the floral-animal-citrus waltzes in the middle as another expert accord. The perfection is topped with classic citrus notes, however, like an epicurian, Gendarme's recipe calls for more lemon than orange (as good gastronomists know the best way to conmplement basil), garnishing the plate with freshness and brightening the atmosphere of the entire restaurant. The acidity of my skin mutes the first impression of this delicious concoction, leaving the civet to pad thru the grass and basil while nibbling on tonka beans. So be sure to spritz your collar or garment where body moisture assures you can savor the cooking of this master chef. Youll be hungry again in 4 hours, but when meals are this good, you always look forward to eating again! A masterpiece.
24th June, 2004

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

I once heard a study on the radio of the top 10 things that turn a woman on, and turn a woman off. Number 3 on the off survey was cologne (between the sexes, women have the better sense of smell genetically over men). So you can imagine my wife has not exactly appreciated my newfound hobby acquiring new scents. But of all the elixers Ive tried so far, there is only one that she has outright commented on stating "mmm, that's good...what is that?" and that was Chanel Pour Monsier. She found it VERY sexy - alluring, and wanted to nuzzle me that night in bed as precious hints of the day remained on my neck. Many of the comments here are men's impressions, (and mine would not be much different - it's not the favorite of what I have), but if women like the scent, (especially your wife), that can influence one's decision to buy a bottle or not. It is truly a harmonic chord for its various notes. Sophisticated, (and apparently sexy too!).
21st June, 2004

Echo by Davidoff

This scent seems to get mixed reviews. I can't decide whether to get this or Kenzo L'eau, so I'll get both. Women really like it, but on the site men's reviews have panned it. It goes on sharp, bright, clean and with a floral "spike" due to the synthetic make up (after all, what in the world are 'living liquid air', 'metal aldehyde', and 'white suede' anyway?) which may account for the thumbs down. I've tried two samples now, and found it dries down to an ever present, pleasant, sterile, metallic-spice. It mellows slightly on skin, so to keep that sparkly clean, modern chrome, uptodate aura in your office, be sure to spritz a bit on your collar too. One female coworker asked me outright what I was wearing that day (a first). I asked if she thought it was too feminine, fearing the morning's sweet onset was still too loud, and she said no, it was so fresh she was considering it for her boyfriend! I'm one for experimentation, and intend to acquire this for another reason - believe it or not to mix in with some older, dated tired colognes Ive had around for too long. Theyre tired (you know, Laruen Polo, Lauder Metropolis, Rabane Tenere, Aramis, Laurent Kouros) and this could be just the thing to wake them up! Modern molecular synthesis meets natural distillation of the 60's and 70's!
05th June, 2004
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