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31 rue Cambon Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I'm a habitual fabric-sprayer when it comes to 'fumes; and it is not until a few hours after I sprayed this one on that I can really appreciate its depth. It is as complex and well-balanced as Mitsouko - I imagine this is "Mitsouko sans oakmoss, but more oriental and orris!"

But I got ahead of myself. As for the opening - it's just beautiful. Opens like a great opera in that grand French manner, but not too dense like the awful 24 Faubourg or even the Yvresse (both were scrubbers on me).

Smelling the complex drydown is akin to finding out that the beautiful 30-something brunette in an impeccable Chanel suit who is quietly sipping a cocktail at an upscale hotel bar is also a fierce human-rights lawyer with a Doctorate and has a small tribal tattoo on a discreet location on her body. :)

Let's just say I liked it so much, I voted with my money and I ponied up for a full bottle. It is simply the most expensive perfume I ever owned on a per-ml basis so yes it hurts the wallet, but it is soo worth it.
07th June, 2010 (last edited: 05th July, 2010)

L'Instant Magic by Guerlain

What is not to love about this perfume? From its fresh fruity-peppy start to its powdery-musky ending, it's a masterpiece on what I consider a "fragile beauty" perfume is, and should be.

It's quite unisex that I've gotten away wearing it and have it misidentified by women as a men's scent.

I'm surprised by all of the negative reviews, but I suppose chacun son gout.
28th March, 2010

Émeraude by Coty

I may never have smelled Emeraude vintage in the past, so this is Emeraude 2009. All that comment about how horrible this is for a drugstore scent is undeserved.

As for this vs Shalimar:

I have on my left wrist Emeraude 2009, and Shalimar EDT on my right. It's an hour after spraying. While Shalimar's more rich and concentrated the way you expect a Guerlain should be, I actually prefer to wear Emeraude 2009 as it would be more suited to more variable weather. I can't imagine wearing Shalimar on a warm spring day, but could probably just skate by with Emeraude. Plus keep in mind Emeraude is the same price as Old Spice, so of course my expectations are going to be lower.

PS I don't notice the "poop" angle in Emeraude that I notice in Shalimar, which to me is one fact in Emeraude's favor.
24th July, 2009
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Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

This review is for the EDT, which is the superior version of the two.

The first words that came to mind upon smelling this on a smelling strip were:

- Radiant
- Seraphic

On wearing, it feels like the radiance of the sun at noon in an early spring day.

It also smells like a niche perfume (Tocca's Cleopatra). Does not smell like SJP's Lovely at all to me (not too impressed with that one).

This is marketed a feminine? Could've a fooled female coworker who thought it's a men's.

Note: Tried the EDT. Not impressed with the EDP - cannot smell the EDP much at all, even after a few hours. The EDT lasts for 6-8 hours.
06th March, 2009 (last edited: 19th August, 2009)

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

I did think of it as smelling like "Very Expensive Soap", but since I smiled when I smelled this - I bought it. Wore it all day yesterday - lovely all the way from top to base.

There's the Homme version but I much prefer this one. My beef with the Homme version is that the Homme is a half-hearted effort at masculinizing it even though this one is perfectly lovely in itself as a unisex.
19th January, 2009