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D&G L'Impératrice 3 by Dolce & Gabbana

I just tried it on paper and it smelled like kiwi and watermelon, a bit sharp. On skin it's softer in a more polished way, but still strong. Very pretty, but it's feminine, I can't imagine straight man wearing this. It lasts very long time- dries down to musky fruity scent. It is different from many fruity perfumes out there and matches my skin well, so I'm going to get myself a bottle.
12th September, 2009

Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

Smells like Juicy Couture, but lasts longer (Juicy Couture lasts up to two hours only). Similarity with Juicy is only with the top notes. Fairy Dust top notes are a bit bitter that Juicy's - there it's more aquatic feeling and a bit stronger too. Dry-down of Fairy Dust is also cute and really suits the name- sweet, but not sugary- the flower sweetness. packaging is simply beautiful and bottle cute too- minimalistic- nothing to add.
11th April, 2009

Be...Sensual by Avon

It appears nice if you look up the notes, in person bottle looks cute too. Smells kinda artificial, but lasting power... this is the most lasting thing ever! I sprayed one time to my wrist in the middle of day and took a shower in evening - and after shower it was still there. The notes : kiwi, rose and amber.
11th April, 2009
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Island Vibe by Avon

This is very Escada summer-fragrance type scent. It doesn't smell like Paris Hilton at all in my opinion (I have them both). Lasting power is good on me. It really suits summer, but this perfume is not very fresh. For this price it is great, but in general nothing special.
11th April, 2009

Just Me by Paris Hilton

This perfume is just so good! I love it! It has a spicy note with some fresh ones.
19th January, 2009